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HEADSUP: net/isc-{dhclient4,dhcp4,dhcpd4,dhcrelay4} churn


Not long after the freeze I'll be updating the isc-dhcp 4.0.0 packages
to 4.1.0.  As a part of this I'll most likely be changing the package
names and some other internal changes.  As a result of the changes it
will make future package management easier.  In terms of user visible
changes the package names will change as follows:

isc-dhcp-base   => isc-dhcp
isc-dhcp-server => isc-dhcpd
isc-dhcp-client => isc-dhclient
isc-dhcp-relay  => isc-dhcrelay

In addition to this all rc scripts will change to look for isc_dhcpd*,
isc_client* and isc_dhcrelay* directives (i.e. it will no longer look
for the system dhcpd* flags).



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