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Re: gnome-icon-theme now requires build dependency of libgnome

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
On a few system I have gnome-icon-theme without libgnome. (The window managers are jwm or xfce.)

But this morning I noticed that gnome-icon-theme 2.24.0nb1 adds build dependency of graphics/librsvg which depends on libcroco which uses libgnomeui.

So if you have old enough (but still good enough) gnome-icon-theme, you don't need libgnome but on a new install if pkgsrc, you will need it.

Anyway to make gnome-icon-theme build without libgnome? (Or maybe it just don't matter since for long build only and not run-time usage.)

rsvg-convert is used to convert the distributor logo svg in ${FILESDIR} to png thumbnails, I guess you could just pre-generate those.


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