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Re: How to check the availability of all binary packages before installing them?

> I can not check against installed packages and just want to check
> the binary packages and have no extracted pkgsrc here.
wip/pkg_summary-utils can do what you want and much more.
Fragment of wip/pkg_summary-utils/files/README file.

Close to 'pkg_chk -ubn'

   pkg_info -X '*' > packages.txt
   pkg_cmp_summary -p packages.txt /usr/pkgsrc/pkg_summary.txt |
      awk '$1 !~ /^[+=]$/'

/usr/pkgsrc/pkg_summary.txt is uncompressed pkg_config(5)
which can be downloaded from ftp://

See other examples in README file

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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