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Preview for SAP NWRFC pkg's


at first, thanks for all the feedback I got on my request whether submit some SAP related pkg's on Sun, 14 Sep 2008, here is the preview. It represents the current state of work and is tested on AIX only (Linux follows in the next weeks).

As Jonathan Groll correctly quotes, it's neither possible to distribute SAP binaries nor sources from SAP. That's why all distfiles must be fetched manually using SAP download manager (which requires an account and this requires an SAP certificate).

An open point is the wrong used C preprocessor, which is provided by ExtUtils::MakeMaker - and takes the wrong one - and the C compiler is not wrapped (pkgsrc didn't detect cc_r). All required tools, which are not provided via environment (in this case: /opt/room/pkgsrc/lang/perl5/work/perl-5.8.8/.wrapper/bin/cpp) are taken from the values perl detected on it's own during it's configure step. I hope I can get some help here, because I do not know how to really fix this.

Further more the wrong ld wrapper is chosen, it removed all -L/path/to/lib parameters which prevents ld from adding the location of found libraries to the RPATH of the generated executable (or shared object, respectively).

Best regards,

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