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Re: How to build 64 bit binaries on Darwin?

Louis Guillaume wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to build packages on an OS X machine (Intel Core2 Duo
> Processors.)
> Everything seems to work fine if I build "normally", but everything also
> builds 32-bit binaries. So I have a couple questions...
> 1. How do I get pkgsrc to build 64-bit binaries by default?
>    I've tried setting `ABI = 64' in bootstrap and in mk.conf
>    I've tried setting `CFLAGS += -arch x86_64' in mk.conf
>    Neither of these works. The former doesn't seem to do anything.
> 2. How can I select a 64-bit build for one package and not another?
> Any help would be fantastic. Thanks,
> Louis

I messed round with fat binaries on Darwin a while ago so looking at
that this is all you should need:

CFLAGS+=  -arch x86_64
LDFLAGS+= -arch x86_64

For 2) I'm not sure but I have seen some posts of mk.conf magic in the
past where a setting was made to apply to one package but not all.  I'm
not sure how to do it myself but there should be something if you search
through the mail archives.


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