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Re: upgrading pkgsrc, and variations on the theme of bin-install

A small clarification:

The reason that I use pkgdepgraph to topologically sort the list of
packages is to avoid a variant of the problems I encountered:
Building in topological order ensures that all run-time dependencies
of packages installed on my system are installed up-to-date in the
chroot environment.

For example, if foo depends on bar, and I already have a binary
package bar-0.1.tgz, but pkgsrc-2038Q42 has bar-0.2, then if I build
foo first and bar afterward in the chroot environment, foo will cause
bar-0.1 to be installed after which the packaging system will refuse
to install bar-0.2.

Topologically sorting the packages first avoids this.  But it doesn't
help for build-time dependencies, or for run-time dependencies that
arise in the chroot environment that were not installed in the actual
system.  On the other hand, my proposed variant of bin-install would
avoid the need for topological sorting at all: the binary package
bar-0.1.tgz would just be ignored if pkgsrc-2038Q42 has bar-0.2.

(Please cc me in replies, since I'm not subscribed to the list.)

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