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Re: security/stunnel won't build

Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
> Following up my own post...
> I can make the error go away by turning off the libwrap option, which
> is fine for me but disables functionality that others may need.
> Besides, it's enabled by default.  I can also make it go away by
> patching the configure script; however, pkglint objects to doing things
> like that.  Presumably, the right thing to do is to patch one of the
> proto-Makefiles, but I don't understand the automake/autoconf stuff
> well enough to figure it out.
>               --Steve Bellovin,

I bumped into this on OpenSolaris and locally added a extra libwrap
option to to disable it via ./configure.  Interestingly I
don't come across this building it on netbsd-4.  This sounds like it
needs to be looked into.


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