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p2c - pkgsrc2cpan version compare


I used to run the pkgsrc2cpan version report on a regulary basis and
linked it at my dev page at I restructed a few things,
included pkgsrc-wip into the report and rewrote the output.

Check it out at:

What it does?

Basically this tool gets all the version numbers from our pkgsrc and
pkgsrc-wip p5-* packages and compares them to CPAN. If there is a
difference the module will be listed in the report as "updateable". I
included some useful links on the webpage which makes it easier for
the maintainers to update the modules (like links to CPAN, link to

Maintainer things
If you are a maintainer you can use the YAML export and a small script
which notifies you in case of updates. Check out the faq page at and look at the code examples for
usage. It's really simple.

What's the vision about this?

I really would like to see an active Perl community inside the NetBSD
community. We all need Perl occasionally some of us even depend on the
packages for the different modules. Updating a package and maintaining
it is quite cheap and doesn't take to much of your time. Right now we
have 233 modules which can be updated to newer versions, let's start
with it.

I am about to write a small guide which will be linked at the FAQ
section of p2c and show the basic things in maintaining Perl modules.


Ulrich Habel
The NetBSD packages collection (pkgsrc)

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