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Re: typo3-dependencies: Why apache?

On Fri, September 26, 2008 11:13, Adam Hoka wrote:
> Volkmar Seifert wrote:
>>> That's why I don't think CMSs belong to the pkg manager. :)
>> Well...this is neither helpful, nor the question...We can discuss the
>> pros and cons of that point, too, but probably better in a different
>> thread... :)
>> Anyway, I hope there'll be different solution that to install it
>> manually by by-passing pkgsrc.
>> - Volkmar
> Ah, sorry. :)

Your welcome :)

> We could remove the webserver dependency and only leave PHP, but would
> that make sense?

I just though about the same thing, while sending the other reply to

It would make sense, as long as one does not install php without a
webserver. But who would that? PHP as a standalone scripting
language...okay, it is possible, but is it done?

How does Squirrelmail do these checks?

- Volkmar


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