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Re: Problem with depending on sysutils/file

OBATA Akio wrote:

On Thu, 18 Sep 2008 17:29:25 +0900, Jens Rehsack <> 

Jens Rehsack wrote:
Hi all,

I'm creating a small perl module to use libmagic to avoid massive forking.
Because we're using in our environment, I created a small pkg (Perl module
is not uploaded to CPAN, so it can't work for anyone except us!) and added
 > .include "../../sysutils/file/"
before the
 > .include "../../lang/perl5/"
line, which is more or less mandatory for each perl pkg. But bmake didn't
recognize the dependency. On our RHEL4 machines, the OS has an file-4.10,
which may be found and accepted, because sysutils/file/
requires older versions for compatibility:
 > BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.file+=    file>=4.09
 > BUILDLINK_ABI_DEPENDS.file+=    file>=4.09nb1
I increased these numbers up to the current version of file (4.26 - patch
attached until current steps), but no change - sysutils/file is not added
to dependencies.

Any idea what I must do to get a reliable dependency added?

It is because builtin libmagic is picked up.

USE_BUILTIN.file=       no

Change sysutils/file/ to detect version of builtin file package
if you are really want to avoid pick up old builtin version.

I'll see what I can do tomorrow.
FreeBSD's Mk/ should help ;)
But the more I use pkgsrc, the more I like the basic design ...

The next problem is, if I simply install sysutils/file and install my
File::Magic module, it links against /opt/pkgsrc/lib/ and
displays a dynamic linker error, when this file
is not available (but /usr/lib64/ is).

I don't know you File::Magic module, but why you can not use 

The same reason why I discarded File::Type - another implementation of the same thing. But Micheal Hendricks <> pointed me to File::LibMagic which makes a great job and is much more advanced than my newbie-start with XS ;-)
The pkg for it is built, I submit it when I solved the sysutils/file thing.

Thanks for your assistance (again).


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