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Re: How to add optional dependencies?

Adrian Portelli wrote:
Jens Rehsack wrote:
Why not just use the framework for this ?
If I understand you correctly, you mean adding a file like the attached
one (for devel/p5-Module-Build - unfinished one).
I would prefer some auto-detection, if possible ...

Once you specify 'PKG_OPTIONS.p5-Module-Build= Module-Signature' you're
effectively getting that.  IMHO in pkgsrc the tendency is to steer away
from  'automagic' dependencies and get users to specify which optional
components of packages they would like activated.  Otherwise, if you're
not careful, you end up introducing hidden dependencies.

On the one hand, you're absolutely right. On the other hand, the Perl-Modules has those hidden dependencies. The detect them during their configuration phase (usually 'perl Makefile.PL') and activate them. If I now record the hidden dependencies, I document them. That was the idea behind ...

Finally it's up to the administrators care, if all hidden dependencies are listed in, (s)he can choose all installed ones.


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