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updates for multimedia pkgs x264-devel and gst-plugins0.10-ffmpeg


Attached are updates to gst-plugins-ffmpeg (0.10.5) and x264-devel (20080913).

Concerns:  I needed to add -Wl,-Bsymbolic as per the configure script
in order to resolve text relocs in the x86 assembler code.  What's the
best way to handle this for other platforms (without gnu binutils)?
If there isn't any special way, we'll just have to add workarounds to

Also, gst-plugins-ffmpeg now builds the included ffmpeg library with
the ffmpeg build system (blech).  Despite the fact that they
explicitly warn you not to do this, IMHO we should ignore them on this
and link against our own ffmpeg.
How else could we ensure that it works reliably?

Opinions on this are welcome.



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