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devel/libsigsegv update breaks everything


Someone(tm) updated the library, but didn't test it:

In file included from spvw.d:546:
spvw_sigsegv.d: In function 'stackoverflow_handler':
spvw_sigsegv.d:94: error: too few arguments to function 'sigsegv_leave_handler'
*** Error code 1

From what I've heard, we're close to freeze, somewhat like in 3 days.

From the result of "grep -rF devel/libsigsegv /usr/pkgsrc" it is
easy to see, that CLISP is the only libsigsegv consumer.
Now we risk to ship such unique packages as Maxima and OpenAxiom
in broken state for at least 3 monthes.

I do not like that.

First, I don't like that _again_ the freeze isn't announced to
independent maintainers within reasonable time before it's coming.
This leaves me in unfavourable position.

Second, I don't like that the library is updated without enough testing,
given that the library is of very limited use, it could be done pretty

To all CLISP, Maxima and OpenAxiom users I recommend downgrading
devel/libsigsegv package to the state before its recent update on
6. Septemper 2008, or switch to ECL, which is less mature.


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