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Re: Testing pkgsrc for OpenBSD

Michael Kell Jensen <> wrote,

> Michael Kell Jensen wrote:
> > Hi im testing pkgsrc for openbsd (4.3)
> >
> > As far i can see most recently tested is 3.5.
> > I get and error message for tnftp
> >
> > is elf ecutable needs a.out.
> >
> Correct error message is:
> Installed package has object format ELF which differs
> from a.out, please update the tnftp package

I just looked into this as it just happened to me. pkgsrc seems to use
a.out as standard object format for all the packages which are built. If
you try to build *fill the blank*. The first packages (usually digest)
will be built using a.out format, when the next distfile is about to be
fetched pkgsrc fails on tnftp.

I'll fixed this for me - I am running a bulk on OpenBSD 4.3 right now in
order to track the issues.

Just gimme a few days in order to test it :)



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