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TeXLive for Net/FreeBSD


Firstly I would like to apologise for the cross-post.  I wouldn't
usually do this, but as the message for both lists is identical, It
would have looked like a cross post (even if it wasn't)...

I have just finished porting TeXLive (A modern TeX distribution to
replace the old teTeX port) to OpenBSD. During the porting process I
documented the how/why and what's of the port; a) So that I can
remember how to do it when the next release of texlive comes out and
b) So that the other BSD's might find the information useful for a
port as our ports (or pkgsrc for NetBSD) systems are similar(ish).

Here are the reason I personaly chose to port TeXLive:
- No sparc64 binaries on the TeXLive DVD
- TeXLive more modern than teTeX
- XeteX support
- ConTeXt support
- More comprehensive macro collection
- pkg_add convenience

There is a whole load of information and source code relating to the
OpenBSD port on my webpage

Hope it might help. If not, disregard this mail.

I am not on list, so if you do want to contact me, you should reply to
my personal email address.

Best Regards



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