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Re: ATI Mobility Radeon X1700 video card supported by X?

On 04/07/07, Alasdair Reed <> wrote:
On Tue, Jul 03, 2007 at 10:18:11AM +1000, Alasdair Reed wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 02, 2007 at 07:15:33PM -0400, Blair Sadewitz wrote:
> > There is also xf86-video-avivo, which is in the early stages of
> > development, but still may be better than VESA.  If you want to try
> > it, I could package it in pkgsrc-wip.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > --Blair
> That would be great, I would like to try it. Couple of questions though.
> 1. I am using current branch of pkgsrc and wip is not included in that as far 
as I can see (in /usr/pkgsrc) how do  I access it.

Get it from, say,

Extract it under /usr/pkgsrc.

You can then run 'cvs up -dPA' to upgrade to the latest bits.

> 2. When I get it is it just a case of installing it via pkgsrc and then 
editing XF86Config or will it involve re-configuring the kernel?

I see you are using X11_TYPE=native from XF86Config remark. You will
have to switch to X11_TYPE=xorg, or if you are a little more
adventurous, to X11_TYPE=modular and use the packages from
wip/modular-xorg... to get what you need.

Kernel configuration will be required if you want to try DRI - but it
probably is a tall order for this new card.

> Thanks for the offer.
> Regards,
> Alasdair


Chavdar Ivanov

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