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Re: Starting firefox & thunderbird

On Mon, Jun 25, 2007 at 05:03:33AM +0200, Jan Danielsson wrote:
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> Hello all,
>    Running NetBSD/amd64 3.1, pkgsrc-current..
>    A few days ago, I performed a few updates to my packages. Now,
> Firefox and Thunderbird are behaving flaky at startup. I'd guess about
> half of the time I try to start them, they simply don't show up. The
> processes are running, but I get no visual window.
>    The processes are easily killed (no -9 required), but it's quite
> annoying having to go through the hassle..
>    It may just have been bad luck, but when I had GIMP running, it was
> almost impossible to start Thunderbird.
>    This all happened with the updates, afaict. I had no problems
> prior to the update.

Do they generate any output when started from an xterm?


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