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Re: package updates

On 19/06/07, Blair Sadewitz <> wrote:
Speaking of new packages, does anyone use audio/jack?  I added a a
package for 0.103.0 to wip (wip/jack) a while ago, but I never got to
test it.  If someone could try this and let me know if it works (I
can't test it right now), I'd appreciate it.

I compiled it lat time when you mentioned it (off list). I don't know
how to use it, though...

12:27 (root~lisa) /home/ci
% jackd -d portaudio
jackd 0.103.0
Copyright 2001-2005 Paul Davis and others.
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; see the file COPYING for details

JACK compiled with System V SHM support.
loading driver ..
JCA: portaudio driver version : 101
JCA: creating portaudio driver ... 1024|48000
JCA: Pa_Initialize OK
JCA: Driver name required
JCA: Number of devices = 1
JCA: Look for default driver
JCA: ---------------------------------------------- #0
Name         = /dev/audio
JCA: Max Inputs = 2 JCA: Max Outputs = 2
JCA: Sample Rates =JCA:  96000.00,JCA:  48000.00,JCA:  44100.00,JCA:
32000.00,JCA:  24000.00,JCA:  22050.00,JCA:  16000.00,JCA:
11025.00,JCA:   8000.00,JCA:
JCA: Native Sample Formats = JCA: paUInt8, JCA: paInt16, JCA:
JCA: Pa_GetDefaultOutputDeviceID() 0
JCA: Pa_GetDefaultInputDeviceID() 0
JCA: --------------------------------------------------
JCA: CoreAudio driver /dev/audio will be loaded
JCA: inputDeviceID 0
JCA: outputDeviceID 0
JCA: driver->capture_nchannels 2
JCA: driver->playback_nchannels 2
JCA: chan_in, chan_out -1 -1
JCA: driver->capture_nchannels 2
JCA: driver->playback_nchannels 2




Chavdar Ivanov

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