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Re: databases/libpqxx update

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Ignatios Souvatzis wrote:
>>    However, I have no idea how to tell cvs to delete files so it'll end
>> up in the output of the "cvs diff". How does one do that?
> is the new patch-aa really about the same source file, that the old
> patch-aa changed? then
> mv ../work/.new_patches/patch-aa patch-aa
> rm patch-ab
> cvs rm patch-ab
> cvs commit

   Granted, I don't know how cvs works -- but I don't have commit
privileges, so I assume that this won't work.

> if the new patch-aa is about a different file, you should call it
> patch-ac (or whichever name is unused...)
> then 
> rm patch-aa patch-ab
> cvs rm patch-aa patch-ab
> cvs add patch-ac
> cvs commit

   Aha! I thought the first patch had to be named patch-aa, and so on?
But anyway -- does this mean that it's not possible for me (without
commit privileges) to create a diff which specifies which files to delete?

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Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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