Subject: HEADS UP: clean your tree!
To: None <,>
From: Amitai Schlair <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 06/15/2007 14:22:50
Everyone using pkgsrc (both -current and the 2007Q1 branch) needs to do 
the following:

$ cd .../pkgsrc
$ cvs -q update -dP     # as usual
$ rm -rf x11/Xrandr

If for some reason you absolutely cannot update your tree right now, do 
this instead (and when you next update, do the above):

$ cd .../pkgsrc
$ test -d x11/liboldXrandr && rm -rf x11/Xrandr


Explanation for the curious: In order to allow an out-of-the-box Mac OS 
X system (with its case-insensitive filesystem) to fetch pkgsrc easily, 
a few files were moved in the CVS repository. Most of them had been in 
the Attic for years, and therefore moving them did not affect existing 
checkouts. However, Xrandr was moved to the Attic a mere two weeks ago, 
then moved in the repository shortly thereafter. Since Xrandr is no 
longer in the repository by that name, CVS isn't able to automatically 
remove it when you update. Thus it needs to be removed manually.

Further explanation for the very curious: This could have been (mostly) 
avoided by waiting several months after 
before moving Xrandr in the repository. This would ensure that nearly 
everyone with a pkgsrc checkout would cvs update sometime in the 
interim, which would remove Xrandr from their trees well in advance of 
its disappearance from the repository.