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Re: jadetex problem when buliding pkgsrc guide

Mark E. Perkins wrote:
I'm trying to build the PDF version of the pkgsrc guide, which seems to take
the steps TeX -> dvi -> PS -> PDF.  The .tex file is created, but then running
jadetex on pkgsrc.tex fails (see below).

I haven't done anything active with TeX in many years, so I'm kinda lost.  Do
I need to add something to /usr/pkg/share/texmf/web2c/fmtutil.cnf?
/usr/pkg/share/texmf/web2c/jadetex.fmt exists, but fmtutil.cnf does not have a
jadetex entry (and trying the "obvious" insertion of a line that looks similar
to the etex gets me the same errors).

Can someone point me at the right solution?

Just run mktexlsr(1). It solved the problem for some people, maybe you are lucky, too.


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