Subject: Re: jadetex problem when buliding pkgsrc guide
To: Klaus Heinz <>
From: Min Sik Kim <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 06/11/2007 20:54:37
On Jun 11, 2007, at 5:14 PM, Klaus Heinz wrote:

> Mark E. Perkins wrote:
>> mktexlsr(1) was the answer... Thanks, Roland.
>> I guess mktexlsr was not run when tex-jadetex was installed.  The  
>> do-install
>> in Makefile has nothing for it, and I do not find anything  
>> in .work.log, either.
> See PR pkg/29776. Somehow the fix was removed in revision 1.5 of the
> PLIST. is supposed to take care of updating ls-R databases.  See  
print/teTeX/ and print/teTeX/files/texmf.tmpl.