Subject: Re: jadetex problem when buliding pkgsrc guide
To: None <>
From: Mark E. Perkins <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 06/11/2007 19:03:59
On 2007/06/11 11:42, Klaus Heinz wrote:
> Roland Illig wrote:
>> Just run mktexlsr(1). It solved the problem for some people, maybe you 
>> are lucky, too.
> Is this an old error popping up again or did it never go away? As far as
> I remember the package is supposed to do this automatically.
> ciao
>      Klaus

mktexlsr(1) was the answer... Thanks, Roland.

I guess mktexlsr was not run when tex-jadetex was installed.  The do-install
in Makefile has nothing for it, and I do not find anything in .work.log, either.