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Re: packages(7) man page on non-NetBSD?

On 2007/06/08 19:42, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> Yes, let's add it. I have been asked about it a few times outside of 
> NetBSD lists too.
> I understand we don't want to waste time duplicating documentation, but I 
> still think the man page should be extended to be a least useful to 
> novice. Pointing a beginner to our pkgsrc Guide may be overwhelming :)
> I have a pkgsrc.7 that some others on some mailing list helped write.

I agree that a novice-friendly man page is a GoodThing(tm).  Another way to
solve the problem would be to include some or all of the man page level
material in an introductory section of the Guide.

The new Guide does not have a section that gives the forest-level view (the
all-in-one-place summary of important variables and targets and the order in
which the various phases are run) that packages.7 did (it's all there, but its
 spread across 110+ pages).  Adding a section with a few summary pages (call
it Section 0: Forest-level view of trees that follow 8-) ) for the uninitiated
would be a nice addition.  And yes, I can help. ;-)


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