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x11/kdebase3 and anti-aliased fonts

Hi, I've built and installed x11/kdebase3 on SPARC Solaris 10. For some reason I can't get ani-aliased fonts. I've gone to Control Center -> Appearance and Themes -> Fonts and enabled anti-aliasing, but even if I log out of kde and then log in again, the fonts are not anti-aliased. Does anyone know where the problem might be?

I believe you need to have anti-aliased fonts installed first, e.g.
the fonts/ms-ttf package in pkgsrc.  I could be wrong, but that's what
I've always done first.  (I'm speaking as a NetBSD user, I don't use

A Google search turned up the following link about Solaris, KDE, and
anti-aliased fonts:

Hope this helps,


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