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Re: Problems Building net/net-snmp in pkgsrc - need help please

On Mon, Feb 27, 2006 at 03:22:10PM -0500, wrote:
> It is curious that libtool is getting an argument /usr/lib/ 
> .. I would have expected -llibbeecrypt, and then it would find it via the 
> -L path, which has my $LOCALBASE/lib dir on it ...
> I don't see anything in config.log that looks for beecrypt.  In fact, of 
> all the stuff in net-snmp-5.3.0 the only thng I find that references 
> beecrypt is dist/net-snmp.spec which has it in a "Requries:" line.  Sure 
> seems like configure should test for this if it uses it (?)
> Thinking that wrappers might be missing, I tried adding 
> include "../../security/beecrypt/" to 
> net/net-snmp/Makefile
> but I get the same error.
> Anyone out there have any ideas what to try next?

Can you grep the *.la files in /usr/lib and ${LOCALBASE}/lib for
"/usr/lib/"?  Sometimes, those references mistakenly
get embedded in other *.la files, which usually doesn't break the
original package that installed those *.la files, but breaks building
dependent packages.


        -- Johnny Lam <>

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