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Re: pkgsrc questions

On Mon, Feb 27, 2006 at 11:52:26AM -0700, Bob Bagwill wrote:
> 1. ask the pkgsrc developers to add a "help" target that would output a
> short blurb and list of the other targets in a package?

See the proposed pkgsrc man page the other day. IMO this doesn't belong
into the system, but the pkgsrc guide or a man page.

> 2. have a "show-depends" target that would show all the dependencies,
> and their installation states, and conflicts?

The first part is done by "show-depends-dirs" and
"show-all-depends-dirs. pkg_chk might help for that latter.

> 3. be able to set a setting that would inhibit doing a fetch/install for
> all dependencies?

Use DEPENDS_TARGET for that.

> 4. get a hint about how big a packages and all its dependencies will be?

Does this really matter? First of all, this is highly platform
dependent. It also changes all the time. If you want a rough estimate,
check the binary packages.


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