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Problems Building security/beecrypt

Hi pkgsrc-users:

Posing my experiences with security/beecrypt for your info and feedback ... here goes:

I have run into a problem building security/beecrypt in pkgsrg.
My host is Red Hat Linux Enterprise Workstation Release 3 Update 6
My pkgsrc metadata is as of 2006-02-19.

Basically, when beecrypt builds its python bindings, its configure script finds "python" on the path, and queries this python for include and lib paths.  This is done with no knowledge whatsoever of all the nifty data provided by pkgsrc's lang/python/

In my case, I have built python2.4 in pkgsrc, but my system has python2.2 in /usr/bin/python.  Since beecrypt's configure has no knowledge of the info provides, it finds /usr/bin/python, and tries to install the bindings to /usr/lib/python2.2/* which I don't have permission to install to.

I fixed this problem (for me) by the following:
1) in lang/python24/Makefile, add post-install target as follows:
        ${LN} -fs ${PREFIX}/bin/python2.4 python
so that pkgsrc's python2.4 is found via the generic name "python" in my pkgsrc bin dir


2) In security/beecrypt/Makefile, add:
#include "../../lang/python/"
so that the wrapper phase sets up the .buildlink stuff for python.

I'm sure this isn't the _right_way_ to fix it ... it seems to me that beecrypt's configure needs to be made pkgsrc aware.

Tim Noell
Lexmark International, Inc.

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