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Re: any volunteer to make a simple pkgsrc man page?

On Fri, 24 Feb 2006, Jason White wrote:

>   An initial attempt, cobbled from bits of a couple of the pkgsrc web pages: 

Awesome. Thank you.

I have a few comments.

- maybe make "currently containing over" its own sentence.

- also it works fine with commercial software -- so "freely available" is 
not accurate.

- "Support for binary-only distributions ... NetBSD emulated platforms" 
sentence is unclear to me.

- in your "The installation prefix," sentence maybe add "configuration 
file locations, " also.

- normally man pages are sorted first by section and then alphabetically 
for your SEE ALSO section.

And as a roff style rule we attempt to follow:
each new sentence in your roff source start on a new line -- it will 
render the same, but easier to read and edit the roff source itself.
For example, move "It is" to a new line (and reformat as appropriate).

(Including your ".It" entries for manpages, put on multiple lines.)

Also mention two items (in my opinion):

- many packages provide start up scripts and default and example 
configurations and your custom configurations are not removed nor 
overwritten on deinstalls or installs.

- Most of pkgsrc can be used to install and use software without any root 

Thanks again.

 Jeremy C. Reed

                         technical support & remote administration

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