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CVS commit: pkgsrc/games/quakespasm

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   nia
Date:           Sun May 15 17:01:47 UTC 2022

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/games/quakespasm: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
quakespasm: update to 0.94.4

  5.1.  Changes in 0.94.4

  o  Fixed getting stuck with loading plaque upon attempting to load a
     bad save from the menu

  o  Fixed SZ_GetSpace server crashes, e.g. in ad_magna or ad_mountain

  o  Fixed intermission camera angles during demo playback

  o  Don't reset onground flag on every new server message

  o  Re-enabled title demos by default (turn off with cl_startdemos 0)

  o  Don't autoplay next demo after a timedemo

  o  Fixed bad parsing of cdtrack in hipdemo1 from Scourge of Armagon

  o  Fixed serverinfo off-by-one nummodels/numsounds for protocol 15

  o  Support for Quake 2021 update 3

  o  Implemented quad/pentagram dlights for Quake 2021 rerelease

  o  Implemented 2021 rerelease localsound builtin & svc_localsound (56)

  o  Several other improvements to Quake 2021 rerelease support

  o  Several other small fixes and improvements all over the code

  o  Updated third party code (SDL, lodepng, miniz, some of the codecs,

  o  Thanks to Andrei Drexler, 'atsb' and 'temx' for their several

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.15 -r1.16 pkgsrc/games/quakespasm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.10 -r1.11 pkgsrc/games/quakespasm/distinfo

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

Modified files:

Index: pkgsrc/games/quakespasm/Makefile
diff -u pkgsrc/games/quakespasm/Makefile:1.15 pkgsrc/games/quakespasm/Makefile:1.16
--- pkgsrc/games/quakespasm/Makefile:1.15       Mon Mar 28 10:44:16 2022
+++ pkgsrc/games/quakespasm/Makefile    Sun May 15 17:01:47 2022
@@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.15 2022/03/28 10:44:16 tnn Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.16 2022/05/15 17:01:47 nia Exp $
-DISTNAME=      quakespasm-0.94.3
+DISTNAME=      quakespasm-0.94.4
 CATEGORIES=    games

Index: pkgsrc/games/quakespasm/distinfo
diff -u pkgsrc/games/quakespasm/distinfo:1.10 pkgsrc/games/quakespasm/distinfo:1.11
--- pkgsrc/games/quakespasm/distinfo:1.10       Mon Jan 17 13:48:26 2022
+++ pkgsrc/games/quakespasm/distinfo    Sun May 15 17:01:47 2022
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.10 2022/01/17 13:48:26 nia Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.11 2022/05/15 17:01:47 nia Exp $
-BLAKE2s (quakespasm-0.94.3.tar.gz) = 3da5f409e062393163763678438d62ea499c1c58b238ce707e7c262d031fb035
-SHA512 (quakespasm-0.94.3.tar.gz) = ab592c1941e96dcf02308e3deb0ddf3aadbfa05f404042710b03ab9910b26b14f6ae63ae8e3fc49d5efe9b35286ce548644e1efa1f9a081fff66fa13328ed313
-Size (quakespasm-0.94.3.tar.gz) = 10347918 bytes
+BLAKE2s (quakespasm-0.94.4.tar.gz) = 1731e6eb963bbf5395741cfcec256252ed581a9baed661bb0279990d05f1aea6
+SHA512 (quakespasm-0.94.4.tar.gz) = 6d3bddec3153978fad44faef1c81ecb662e36e148c33cf67dea273848238af499bf3327ce8a023d44802d4f3e27ede50ccb3831102db317d6ace53155404348b
+Size (quakespasm-0.94.4.tar.gz) = 11174546 bytes
 SHA1 (patch-Makefile) = 45a7a31e3bb1865c287f3c6669a4eba120ab2b50

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