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CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/nim

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   nikita
Date:           Sun Aug  9 22:11:29 UTC 2020

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/lang/nim: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
nim: Update to 1.2.6

Changelog extracted from the unspecific on the 1.2.6 tag.
Unable to get a Changelog diff for 1.2.4 and 1.2.6.

# v1.4.0 - yyyy-mm-dd

## Standard library additions and changes

  For `net` and `nativesockets`, an `inheritable` flag has been added to all
  `proc`s that create sockets, allowing the user to control whether the
  resulting socket is inheritable. This flag is provided to ease the writing of
  multi-process servers, where sockets inheritance is desired.

  For a transistion period, define `nimInheritHandles` to enable file handle
  inheritance by default. This flag does **not** affect the `selectors` module
  due to the differing semantics between operating systems.

  `system.setInheritable` and `nativesockets.setInheritable` is also introduced
  for setting file handle or socket inheritance. Not all platform have these
  `proc`s defined.

- The file descriptors created for internal bookkeeping by `ioselector_kqueue`
  and `ioselector_epoll` will no longer be leaked to child processes.

- `strutils.formatFloat` with `precision = 0` has been restored to the version
  1 behaviour that produces a trailing dot, e.g. `formatFloat(3.14159, precision = 0)`
  is now `3.`, not `3`.
- `critbits` adds `commonPrefixLen`.

- `relativePath(rel, abs)` and `relativePath(abs, rel)` used to silently give wrong results
  (see #13222); instead they now use `getCurrentDir` to resolve those cases,
  and this can now throw in edge cases where `getCurrentDir` throws.
  `relativePath` also now works for js with `-d:nodejs`.

- JavaScript and NimScript standard library changes: `streams.StringStream` is
  now supported in JavaScript, with the limitation that any buffer `pointer`s
  used must be castable to `ptr string`, any incompatible pointer type will not
  work. The `lexbase` and `streams` modules used to fail to compile on
  NimScript due to a bug, but this has been fixed.

  The following modules now compile on both JS and NimScript: `parsecsv`,
  `parsecfg`, `parsesql`, `xmlparser`, `htmlparser` and `ropes`. Additionally
  supported for JS is `cstrutils.startsWith` and `cstrutils.endsWith`, for
  NimScript: `json`, `parsejson`, `strtabs` and `unidecode`.

- Added `streams.readStr` and `streams.peekStr` overloads to
  accept an existing string to modify, which avoids memory
  allocations, similar to `streams.readLine` (#13857).

- Added high-level `asyncnet.sendTo` and `asyncnet.recvFrom`. UDP functionality.

- `paramCount` & `paramStr` are now defined in os.nim instead of nimscript.nim for nimscript/nimble.
- `dollars.$` now works for unsigned ints with `nim js`

- Improvements to the `bitops` module, including bitslices, non-mutating versions
  of the original masking functions, `mask`/`masked`, and varargs support for
  `bitand`, `bitor`, and `bitxor`.

- `sugar.=>` and `sugar.->` changes: Previously `(x, y: int)` was transformed
  into `(x: auto, y: int)`, it now becomes `(x: int, y: int)` in consistency
  with regular proc definitions (although you cannot use semicolons).

  Pragmas and using a name are now allowed on the lefthand side of `=>`. Here
  is an aggregate example of these changes:
  import sugar

  foo(x, y: int) {.noSideEffect.} => x + y

  # is transformed into

  proc foo(x: int, y: int): auto {.noSideEffect.} = x + y
- The fields of `times.DateTime` are now private, and are accessed with getters and deprecated setters.

- The `times` module now handles the default value for `DateTime` more consistently. Most procs raise an assertion error when given
  an uninitialized `DateTime`, the exceptions are `==` and `$` (which returns `"Uninitialized DateTime"`). The proc `times.isInitialized`
  has been added which can be used to check if a `DateTime` has been initialized.

- Fix a bug where calling `close` on io streams in osproc.startProcess was a noop and led to
  hangs if a process had both reads from stdin and writes (eg to stdout).

- The callback that is passed to `system.onThreadDestruction` must now be `.raises: []`.
- The callback that is assigned to `system.onUnhandledException` must now be `.gcsafe`.

- `osproc.execCmdEx` now takes an optional `input` for stdin, `workingDir` and `env`

- Added a `ssl_config` module containing lists of secure ciphers as recommended by
  [Mozilla OpSec](

- `net.newContext` now defaults to the list of ciphers targeting
  ["Intermediate compatibility"](
  per Mozilla's recommendation instead of `ALL`. This change should protect
  users from the use of weak and insecure ciphers while still provides
  adequate compatibility with the majority of the Internet.

- A new module `std/jsonutils` with hookable `jsonTo,toJson,fromJson` operations for json
  serialization/deserialization of custom types was added.

- A new proc `heapqueue.find[T](heap: HeapQueue[T], x: T): int` to get index of element ``x``
  was added.
- Added `rstgen.rstToLatex` convenience proc for `renderRstToOut` and `initRstGenerator`
  with `outLatex` output.
- Added `os.normalizeExe`, e.g.: `koch` => `./koch`.
- `macros.newLit` now preserves named vs unnamed tuples; use `-d:nimHasWorkaround14720`
  to keep old behavior.
- Added `random.gauss`, that uses the ratio of uniforms method of sampling from a Gaussian distribution.
- Added `typetraits.elementType` to get element type of an iterable.
- `typetraits.$` changes: `$(int,)` is now `"(int,)"` instead of `"(int)"`;
  `$tuple[]` is now `"tuple[]"` instead of `"tuple"`;
  `$((int, float), int)` is now `"((int, float), int)"` instead of `"(tuple of (int, float), int)"`
- Added `macros.extractDocCommentsAndRunnables` helper

- `strformat.fmt` and `strformat.&` support `= specifier`. `fmt"{expr=}"` now
  expands to `fmt"expr={expr}"`.
- deprecations: `os.existsDir` => `dirExists`, `os.existsFile` => `fileExists`

- Added `jsre` module, [Regular Expressions for the JavaScript target.](
- Made `maxLines` argument `Positive` in `logging.newRollingFileLogger`,
  because negative values will result in a new file being created for each logged
  line which doesn't make sense.
- Changed `log` in `logging` to use proper log level on JavaScript target,
  e.g. `debug` uses `console.debug`, `info` uses ``, `warn` uses `console.warn`, etc.
- Tables, HashSets, SharedTables and deques don't require anymore that the passed
  initial size must be a power of two - this is done internally.
  Proc `rightSize` for Tables and HashSets is deprecated, as it is not needed anymore.
  `` takes `val: int` again not `val: Positive`; I.e. it can "count down" again.
- Removed deprecated symbols from `macros` module, deprecated as far back as `0.15`.

## Language changes
- In newruntime it is now allowed to assign discriminator field without restrictions as long as case object doesn't have custom destructor. Discriminator value doesn't have to be a constant either. 
If you have custom destructor for case object and you do want to freely assign discriminator fields, it is recommended to refactor object into 2 objects like this:
    MyObj = object
      case kind: bool
        of true: y: ptr UncheckedArray[float]
        of false: z: seq[int]

  proc `=destroy`(x: MyObj) =
    if x.kind and x.y != nil:
      x.y = nil
  Refactor into:
    MySubObj = object
      val: ptr UncheckedArray[float]
    MyObj = object
      case kind: bool
      of true: y: MySubObj
      of false: z: seq[int]

  proc `=destroy`(x: MySubObj) =
    if x.val != nil:
      x.val = nil

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.16 -r1.17 pkgsrc/lang/nim/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.11 -r1.12 pkgsrc/lang/nim/PLIST
cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/lang/nim/
cvs rdiff -u -r1.12 -r1.13 pkgsrc/lang/nim/distinfo

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

Modified files:

Index: pkgsrc/lang/nim/Makefile
diff -u pkgsrc/lang/nim/Makefile:1.16 pkgsrc/lang/nim/Makefile:1.17
--- pkgsrc/lang/nim/Makefile:1.16       Sun Jun 21 07:43:29 2020
+++ pkgsrc/lang/nim/Makefile    Sun Aug  9 22:11:29 2020
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.16 2020/06/21 07:43:29 ryoon Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.17 2020/08/09 22:11:29 nikita Exp $
-DISTNAME=      nim-1.2.2
+DISTNAME=      nim-1.2.6
 CATEGORIES=    lang
 EXTRACT_SUFX=  .tar.xz
@@ -25,9 +25,9 @@ do-build:
        printf '#! %s\nexec %s _=%s/nim/bin/nim %s/nim/bin/nim "$$@"\n' \
                "${SH}" "${SETENV}" "${PREFIX}" "${PREFIX}" \
                > ${WRKSRC}/
-       cd ${WRKSRC} && ${PKGSRC_SETENV} ${MAKE_ENV} ./bin/nim c --skipUserCfg --skipParentCfg koch
-       cd ${WRKSRC} && ${PKGSRC_SETENV} ${MAKE_ENV} ./koch boot -d:release --skipUserCfg --skipParentCfg
-       cd ${WRKSRC} && ${PKGSRC_SETENV} ${MAKE_ENV} ./koch tools --skipUserCfg --skipParentCfg
+       cd ${WRKSRC} && ${PKGSRC_SETENV} ${MAKE_ENV} ./bin/nim c --skipUserCfg --skipParentCfg --parallelBuild:${_MAKE_JOBS_N} koch
+       cd ${WRKSRC} && ${PKGSRC_SETENV} ${MAKE_ENV} ./koch boot --parallelBuild:${_MAKE_JOBS_N} -d:release --skipUserCfg --skipParentCfg
+       cd ${WRKSRC} && ${PKGSRC_SETENV} ${MAKE_ENV} ./koch --stable tools --parallelBuild:${_MAKE_JOBS_N} --skipUserCfg --skipParentCfg
        cd ${WRKSRC} && sh ./ ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}
@@ -38,9 +38,11 @@ do-install:
        ${INSTALL} ${WRKSRC}/bin/nimpretty ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/nimpretty
        ${INSTALL} ${WRKSRC}/bin/nimsuggest ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/nimsuggest
        ${INSTALL} ${WRKSRC}/bin/testament ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/testament
+       ${INSTALL} ${WRKSRC}/bin/nim-gdb ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/nim-gdb
+       ${INSTALL} ${WRKSRC}/bin/nim-gdb.bash ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/nim-gdb.bash
        cd ${WRKSRC} && ./bin/nim compile koch.nim
-       cd ${WRKSRC} && LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${PREFIX}/lib ./koch tests
+       cd ${WRKSRC} && LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${PREFIX}/lib ./koch test --parallelBuild:${_MAKE_JOBS_N}
 .include "../../mk/"

Index: pkgsrc/lang/nim/PLIST
diff -u pkgsrc/lang/nim/PLIST:1.11 pkgsrc/lang/nim/PLIST:1.12
--- pkgsrc/lang/nim/PLIST:1.11  Sun Jun 21 07:43:29 2020
+++ pkgsrc/lang/nim/PLIST       Sun Aug  9 22:11:29 2020
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.11 2020/06/21 07:43:29 ryoon Exp $
+@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.12 2020/08/09 22:11:29 nikita Exp $
@@ -6,9 +6,9 @@ bin/nimgrep
@@ -275,6 +275,7 @@ nim/lib/pure/htmlgen.nim

Index: pkgsrc/lang/nim/
diff -u pkgsrc/lang/nim/ pkgsrc/lang/nim/
--- pkgsrc/lang/nim/   Sun Jun 21 07:43:29 2020
+++ pkgsrc/lang/nim/       Sun Aug  9 22:11:29 2020
@@ -1,12 +1,12 @@
-# $NetBSD:,v 1.2 2020/06/21 07:43:29 ryoon Exp $
+# $NetBSD:,v 1.3 2020/08/09 22:11:29 nikita Exp $
 BUILDLINK_TREE+=       nim
 .if !defined(NIM_BUILDLINK3_MK)
-BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.nim=     nim>=1.2.0
-BUILDLINK_ABI_DEPENDS.nim?=    nim>=1.2.0
+BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.nim=     nim>=1.2.6
+BUILDLINK_ABI_DEPENDS.nim?=    nim>=1.2.6
 BUILDLINK_PKGSRCDIR.nim?=      ../../lang/nim

Index: pkgsrc/lang/nim/distinfo
diff -u pkgsrc/lang/nim/distinfo:1.12 pkgsrc/lang/nim/distinfo:1.13
--- pkgsrc/lang/nim/distinfo:1.12       Sun Jun 21 07:43:29 2020
+++ pkgsrc/lang/nim/distinfo    Sun Aug  9 22:11:29 2020
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.12 2020/06/21 07:43:29 ryoon Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.13 2020/08/09 22:11:29 nikita Exp $
-SHA1 (nim-1.2.2.tar.xz) = ffda7d9d9750339e27a20f803a214ca840348034
-RMD160 (nim-1.2.2.tar.xz) = 01202dce1e08cc7cfbccdb6b405b4e09eb0a3d5d
-SHA512 (nim-1.2.2.tar.xz) = 95f7b03a091113382298d438d27641cf612fc187a29bda66c3b88a4b6d29f5c20a33dd22c63cbd402f4ccd921bf05fbd144a8bea9c6155ab865b4b5d14b93a13
-Size (nim-1.2.2.tar.xz) = 5680316 bytes
+SHA1 (nim-1.2.6.tar.xz) = 1f8718eda5a6a6954e3f5c791b1f36e9a6e19bba
+RMD160 (nim-1.2.6.tar.xz) = a09d358db1a1febb6324f06caaa693706d680a26
+SHA512 (nim-1.2.6.tar.xz) = ef59bbb0d4b05bd13624ea7da7182f1d73ffb31c7b34f5928b7e0411809fd70d1898fba9bb02441dc9ce802cd8accaf59448aef5b457e64de73c2ffbbcd53fbc
+Size (nim-1.2.6.tar.xz) = 5688752 bytes
 SHA1 (patch-bin_nim-gdb) = 0d4e9ae4cc8687ca7821891b63808fa1d175069c

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