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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/gegl

Hello Nia,

Nia Alarie writes:
> [...]
> Log Message:
> gegl: Update to 0.4.22
> [...]

The changelog for 0.4.20 release seems missing, please include all
relevant changelogs.  Here the missing part from docs/NEWS.txt:

GEGL-0.4.20 2020-01-17
Improvements and refinements of meson builds and CI. Fixing major issues
for OSX and win32.

Pass O_BINARY where relevant on windows, fixing crashes occuring when swap
is used.
Avoid 32bit overflows in computations for gegl_buffer_set and gegl_buffer_get.

Avoid running more thread jobs than there are pixels to process.
Faster teardown of buffer caches when bounding box shrinks.
only do in-place processing if ROI fits in input abyss.

Improved edge handling for gegl:distance-transform
gegl:crop removed workaround for incorrect in-place handling.

Contributors to this release
Alan Mortensen, Alex Samorukov, Christoph Reiter, Dimitris Spingos, Ell,
Jan Vesely, Jordi Mas, Julien Hardelin, Koop Mast, Marco Ciampa, Michael
Schumacher, Øyvind Kolås and woob.

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