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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/rust


Sorry for very late reply.

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> Leonardo Taccari <> writes:
>> Hello Ryo,
>> Ryo ONODERA writes:
>>> [...]
>>> cargo requires root CA certificates, bump PKGREVISON
>>> * NetBSD base has no root CA certificate, depend on mozilla-rootcerts-openssl.
>>> [...]
>> Can this be avoided and instead depends on mozilla-rootcerts pointing
>> cargo to corresponding certificates if really needed?
>> While mozilla-rootcerts-openssl could be pretty handy it automatically
>> populate /etc/ssl/certs and in some situations this can be not
>> desiderable.
> Agreed.   I think it's not ok for any package to depend on
> mozilla-rootcerts-openssl so that trust anchors are not configured
> behind the user's back.
> (It's fine for rust to depend on mozilla-rootcerts, which causes the
> certs to be present but not configured as trust anchors, and to
> configure them within the rust build.)

www/firefox-70 requires cargo with root CAs.
I should make www/firefox buildable even if build environment is
offline, of course.
However it is difficult for now.

Anyway I will remove the dependency and bump PKGREVISION soon.

Thank you.

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