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CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/firefox45

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   ryoon
Date:           Wed May 10 14:13:26 UTC 2017

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/www/firefox45: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 45.9.0

Security fixes:
 #CVE-2017-5433: Use-after-free in SMIL animation functions
 #CVE-2017-5435: Use-after-free during transaction processing in the editor
 #CVE-2017-5436: Out-of-bounds write with malicious font in Graphite 2
 #CVE-2017-5461: Out-of-bounds write in Base64 encoding in NSS
 #CVE-2017-5459: Buffer overflow in WebGL
 #CVE-2017-5434: Use-after-free during focus handling
 #CVE-2017-5432: Use-after-free in text input selection
 #CVE-2017-5460: Use-after-free in frame selection
 #CVE-2017-5438: Use-after-free in nsAutoPtr during XSLT processing
 #CVE-2017-5439: Use-after-free in nsTArray Length() during XSLT processing
 #CVE-2017-5440: Use-after-free in txExecutionState destructor during XSLT processing
 #CVE-2017-5441: Use-after-free with selection during scroll events
 #CVE-2017-5442: Use-after-free during style changes
 #CVE-2017-5464: Memory corruption with accessibility and DOM manipulation
 #CVE-2017-5443: Out-of-bounds write during BinHex decoding
 #CVE-2017-5444: Buffer overflow while parsing application/http-index-format content
 #CVE-2017-5446: Out-of-bounds read when HTTP/2 DATA frames are sent with incorrect data
 #CVE-2017-5447: Out-of-bounds read during glyph processing
 #CVE-2017-5465: Out-of-bounds read in ConvolvePixel
 #CVE-2017-5448: Out-of-bounds write in ClearKeyDecryptor
 #CVE-2016-10196: Vulnerabilities in Libevent library
 #CVE-2017-5469: Potential Buffer overflow in flex-generated code
 #CVE-2017-5445: Uninitialized values used while parsing application/http-index-format content
 #CVE-2017-5462: DRBG flaw in NSS
 #CVE-2017-5429: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 53, Firefox ESR 45.9, and Firefox ESR 52.1

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.24 -r1.25 pkgsrc/www/firefox45/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.13 -r1.14 pkgsrc/www/firefox45/distinfo

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

Modified files:

Index: pkgsrc/www/firefox45/Makefile
diff -u pkgsrc/www/firefox45/Makefile:1.24 pkgsrc/www/firefox45/Makefile:1.25
--- pkgsrc/www/firefox45/Makefile:1.24  Sat Apr 22 21:04:02 2017
+++ pkgsrc/www/firefox45/Makefile       Wed May 10 14:13:26 2017
@@ -1,13 +1,12 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.24 2017/04/22 21:04:02 adam Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.25 2017/05/10 14:13:26 ryoon Exp $
 MOZILLA_PKG_NAME=      firefox45
-MOZ_BRANCH=    45.8
+MOZ_BRANCH=    45.9
 MOZ_BRANCH_MINOR=      .0esr
 DISTNAME=      firefox-${FIREFOX_VER}.source
 MASTER_SITES+= ${MASTER_SITE_MOZILLA:=firefox/releases/${FIREFOX_VER}/source/}
 MASTER_SITES+= ${MASTER_SITE_MOZILLA_ALL:=firefox/releases/${FIREFOX_VER}/source/}

Index: pkgsrc/www/firefox45/distinfo
diff -u pkgsrc/www/firefox45/distinfo:1.13 pkgsrc/www/firefox45/distinfo:1.14
--- pkgsrc/www/firefox45/distinfo:1.13  Sun Mar 26 03:53:34 2017
+++ pkgsrc/www/firefox45/distinfo       Wed May 10 14:13:26 2017
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.13 2017/03/26 03:53:34 ryoon Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.14 2017/05/10 14:13:26 ryoon Exp $
-SHA1 (firefox-45.8.0esr.source.tar.xz) = 7b1eb51634f9127ecf5855b487948851b9cc3323
-RMD160 (firefox-45.8.0esr.source.tar.xz) = 5040a829dd9f83e7c120249a8b8ebecb8bc8ed54
-SHA512 (firefox-45.8.0esr.source.tar.xz) = f7b5e0c659b2e824cee7f3784e2d72c562915af91c7e316ec1519305755d2126d91b74c47f96c8b4fc7377710f295545c58b2f989c65c268fc23677ef8cf5c85
-Size (firefox-45.8.0esr.source.tar.xz) = 185229628 bytes
+SHA1 (firefox-45.9.0esr.source.tar.xz) = bef87fc7c9b1b787e847b8b8744af494774a1d6b
+RMD160 (firefox-45.9.0esr.source.tar.xz) = d20e4dc4c5c7b65b590b9b46e7d46cfc4daf3a05
+SHA512 (firefox-45.9.0esr.source.tar.xz) = 2e4c1f8bca0c59ac93ab918b996e3b6cf25e7279ad5800de256aa220e670c6aaab2036c3ead4020b80e2a0e8cda3ae5fe9b270106646c625ce4fd6ecfd66d9ca
+Size (firefox-45.9.0esr.source.tar.xz) = 184597220 bytes
 SHA1 (patch-aa) = c97ef4b107ea917c2a10d1a1fdaf524d794612a0
 SHA1 (patch-ao) = f4244b8e3d89743cb97395913e8916f7121c172e
 SHA1 (patch-as) = d5d7f8250a9cd462f25d529c2a79c59a1bba9db2

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