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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/SOPE

David Holland <> wrote:

>  > I am not sure. SOGo wants SOPE 2 anyway.
> Can you try to find out? Given that what's currently in www/sope isn't
> used by anything in pkgsrc and also doesn't build, if it's outdated or
> dead upstream or whatever perhaps the best thing to do is to replace
> it...

sope-4.3.8's maintenance/ChangeLog last change is from 2005-06-08 
SOPE-2.0.0b1's ChangeLog first change is from 2010-07-29

I seems that sope-4.3.8 is the older version, despite the higher version
number. Changing the name s/sope/SOPE/ seems therefore a good idea so
that version tracking does not get confused. And IMO this framework is
better in devel than in www.

Since nobody depends on it and it is broken, I would just delete

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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