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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/devel/ncurses ncurses: update to 6.2.

branches:  trunk
changeset: 412310:a25b61e8b259
user:      wiz <>
date:      Wed Mar 04 14:04:22 2020 +0000

ncurses: update to 6.2.

20200212 6.2 release for upload to
        + update release notes
        + minor build-fixes, mostly to test-package scripts

        + modify check for sizeof(wchar_t) to ensure it gives useful result
          when cross-compiling.
        + drop assumption in configure script that Cygwin's linker is broken.
        + define NCURSES_BROKEN_LINKER if the broken-linker feature is used,
          to simplify configure-checks for ncurses-examples.

        + reassert copyright on ncurses, per discussion in ncurses FAQ:

        + modify comparison in make_hash.c to correct a special case in
          collision handling for Caps-hpux11
        + add testing utility report_hashing to check hash-tables used for
          terminfo and termcap names.
        + fix a missing prototype for _nc_free_and_exit().
        + update a few comments about tack 1.07
        + use an awk script to split too-long pathnames used in Ada95 sample
          programs for explain.txt

        + expanded description of XM in user_caps.5
        + improve xm example for xterm+x11mouse, xterm+sm+1006 -TD
        + add history section to curs_slk.3x and curs_terminfo.3x manpages.
        + update alacritty entries for 0.4.0 (prompted by patch by
          Christian Durr) -TD
        + correct spelling errors found with codespell.
        + fix for test/configure, from xterm #352.

        + improve configure macros which check for the X11/Intrinsic.h header,
          to accommodate recent MacOS changes.
        + suppress gcc's -Winline warning; it has not been useful for some time
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + modify a couple of macros in aclocal.m4 to allow autoconf 2.69 to
          "work", to help illustrate discussion in

        + fix some warnings from autoheader-252

        + in, move the RPATH_LIST and PRIVATE_LIBS assignments
          past the various prefix/libdir assignments, to allow for using those
          symbols, e.g., as done via CF_SHARED_OPTS.
        + improve ncurses*-config and pc-files by filtering out linker-specs.
        + modify test-package to more closely match Fedora's configuration
          for PIE/PIC feature and debug-packages.

        + correct pathname used in Ada95 sample programs for explain.txt, to
          work with test-packages.
        + improve tracemunch:
          + keep track of TERMINAL* values
          + if tracing was first turned on after initialization, attempt to
            show distinct screen, window and terminal names anyway.
        + ensure that GCC_NORETURN is defined in term.h, because the prototype
          for exit_terminfo() uses it (report by Werner Fink).

        + add exit_curses() and exit_terminfo() to replace internal symbols for

        + fix a few warnings for test-package builds
        + add curses_trace(), to replace trace().

        + add portability section to curs_getcchar manpage (prompted by
          discussion with Nick Black).
        + improve portability discussion of ACS characters in curs_addch
        + improve typography for double-quotes in manpages.

        + fix typo for MinGW rpm test-package.
        + workaround in rpm specs for NFS problems in Fedora 31.

        + modify ncurses/ to fix a case where Debian/testing changes
          to the ld --as-needed configuration broke ncurses-examples test
        + drop library-dependency on psapi for MinGW port, since win_driver.c
          defines PSAPI_VERSION to 2, making it use GetProcessImageFileName
          from kernel32.dll (prompted by patch by Simon Sobish, cf: 20140503).

        + add warning-check in tic for terminals with parm_dch vs parm_ich.
        + drop ich1 from rxvt-basic, Eterm and mlterm to improve compatibility
          with old non-curses programs -TD
        + reviewed st 0.8.2, updated some details -TD
        + use ansi+rep several places -TD
        + corrected tic's check for ich1 (report by Sebastian J. Bronner,
          cf: 20020901).

        + check parameter of set_escdelay, return ERR if negative.
        + check parameter of set_tabsize, return ERR if not greater than zero
          (report/patch by Anthony Sottile).
        + revise CF_ADD_LIBS macro to prepend rather than append libraries.
        + add "xterm-mono" to help packagers (report by Sven Joachim) -TD

        + add a note in man/curs_add_wch.3x about Unicode terminology for the
          line-drawing characters (report by Nick Black).
        + improve comment in lib_tgoto.c regarding the use of \200 where a
          \0 would be intended by the caller (report by "64 bit", cf: 20000923).
        + modify linux-16color to accommodate Linux console driver change in
          early 2018 (report by Dino Petrucci).

        + modify make_hash to not require --disable-leaks, to simplify building
          with address-sanitizer.
        + modify tic to exit if it cannot remove a conflicting name, because
          treating that as a partial success can cause an infinite loop in
          use-resolution (report/testcase by Hongxu Chen, cf: 20111001).

        + improve buffer-checks in captoinfo.c, for some cases when the
          input string is shorter than expected.
        > fix two errata in tic (report/testcases by Hongxu Chen):
        + check for missing character after backslash in write_it
        + check for missing characters after "%>" when converting from termcap
          syntax (cf: 980530).

        + amend recent changes to ncurses*-config and pc-files to filter out
          Debian linker-flags (report by Sven Joachim, cf: 20150516).
        + clarify relationship between tic, infocmp and captoinfo in manpage.
        + check for invalid hashcode in _nc_find_type_entry and
        > fix several errata in tic (reports/testcases by "zjuchenyuan"):
        + check for invalid hashcode in _nc_find_entry.
        + check for missing character after backslash in fmt_entry
        + check for acsc with odd length in dump_entry in check for one-one
          mapping (cf: 20060415);
        + check length when converting from old AIX box_chars_1 capability,
          overlooked in changes to eliminate strcpy (cf: 20001007).

        + modify the ncurse*-config and pc-files to more closely match for the
          -I and -l options.

        + amend the ncurses*-config and pc-files to take into account the rpath
          hack which differed between those files.
        + improve -L option filtering in ncurses*-config
        + improve recovery from error when reading command-character in
          test/ncurses.c, showing the relevant error message and not exiting on
          EINTR (cf: 20180922)

        + add a note in resizeterm manpage about top-level windows which touch
          the screen's borders.
        + modify configure-checks for gnat to identify each of the tools path
          and version.

        + build-fixes for Ada95 configure-script and corresponding test package

        + add --with-ada-libname option and modify Ada95 configuration to
          allow renaming the "AdaCurses" library (prompted by proposed changes
          by Pascal Pignard).
        + modify configure script to distinguish gcc from icc and clang when
          the --enable-warnings option is not used, to avoid unnecessary
          warnings about unrecognized inline options (report by Sven Joachim).

        + build-fixes for configuration using --program-suffix with Ada95,
          noticed with MacOS but applicable to other platforms without
          libpanelw, etc.

        + fix some cppcheck warnings, mostly style, in ncurses test-programs.

        + amend 20181208 changes for wbkgd() and wbkgrnd(), fixing a few
          details where it still differed from SVr4.
        + fix some cppcheck warnings, mostly style, in ncurses test-programs.

        + fix a few more coverity warnings.

        + improve loop limits in _nc_scroll_window() to handle a case where
          the scrolled data is a pad which is taller than the window (patch
          by Rob King).
        + amend the change to screen, because tmux relies upon that entry
          and does not support that feature (Debian #933572) -TD
        + updated ms-terminal entry & notes -TD
        + updated kitty entry & notes -TD
        + updated alacritty+common entry & notes -TD
        + use xterm+sl-twm for consistency -TD

        + fix a few more coverity warnings.
        + more documentation updates based on tctest.

        + fix a few coverity warnings.
        + documentation updates based on tctest.

        + fix a few warnings for gcc 4.x
        + add some portability/historical details to the tic, toe and infocmp
          manual pages.
        + correct fix for broken link from terminfo(5) to tabs(1) manpage
          (report by Sven Joachim).

        + change reset's behavior for margins to simply clear soft-margins if
          possible, rather than clearing and then setting them according to the
          terminal's width (suggested by Thomas Wolff).
        + correct order of one wbkgd versus start_color call in test/padview.c

        + add domterm -TD
        + improve comments for recent changes, add alias xterm.js -TD

        + add --with-tic-path and --with-infocmp-path to work around problems
          building fallback source using pre-6.0 tic/infocmp.
        + add a check in tic for paired indn/rin
        + correct a buffer-limit in write_entry.c for systems that use caseless
        + add ms-terminal -TD
        + add vscode, vscode-direct -TD

        + improve the tabs.1 manual page to distinguish the PWB/Unix and 7th
          Edition versions of the tabs utility.
        + add configure check for getenv() to work around implementation shown
          in Emscripten #6766, use that to optionally suppress START_TRACE
          macro, whose call to getenv() may not work properly (report by Ilya
          Ig Petrov).
        + modify initialization functions to avoid relying upon persistent
          data for the result from getenv().
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + expand the portability section of the man/tabs.1 manual page.
        + regenerate HTML manpages.

        + add mintty, mintty-direct (adapted from patch by Thomas Wolff).
          Some of the suggested user-defined capabilities are commented-out,
          to allow builds with ncurses 5.9 and 6.0
        + add Smol/Rmol for tmux, vte-2018 (patch by Nicholas Marriott).
        + add rs1 to konsole, mlterm -TD
        + modify _nc_merge_entry() to make a copy of the data which it merges,
          to avoid modifying the source-data when aligning extended names.

        + modify an internal call to vid_puts to pass extended color pairs
          e.g., from tty_update.c and lib_mvcur.c (report by Niegodziwy Beru).
        + improve manual page description of init_tabs capability and TABSIZE

        + modify reset_cmd.c to allow for tabstops at intervals other than 8
          (report by Vincent Huisman).

        + update xterm-new to xterm patch #345 -TD
        + add/use xterm+keypad in xterm-new (report by Alain D D Williams) -TD
        + update terminator entry -TD
        + remove hard-tabs from ti703 (report by Robert Clausecker)
        + mention meml/memu/box1 in user_caps manual page.
        + mention user_caps.5 in tic and infocmp manual pages.

        + fix a spurious blank line seen with "infocmp -1fx xterm+x11mouse"
        + add checks in repair_subwindows() to keep the current position and
          scroll-margins inside the resized subwindow.
        + add a limit check in newline_forces_scroll() for the case where the
          row is inside scroll-margins, but not at the end (report by Toshio
          Kuratomi, cf: 20170729).
        + corrected a warning message in tic for extended capabilities versus
          number of parameters.

        + improve workaround for Solaris wcwidth versus line-drawing characters
          (report by Pavel Stehule).
        + add special case in tic to validate RGB string-capability extension.
        + corrected string/parameter-field for RGB in Caps-ncurses.

        + corrected problem in terminfo load/realignment which prevented
          infocmp from comparing extended capabilities with the same name
          but different types.

        + improve ifdef's for TABSIZE variable, to help with AIX/HPUX ports.

        + check for TABSIZE variable in test/configure script.
        + used test/test_arrays.c to improve Caps.aix1 and Caps.hpux11
        + corrected filtering of comments in
        + reduce duplication across Caps* files by moving some parts which do
          not depend on order into Caps-ncurses.

        + modify,, and to handle
          split-up Caps-files.
        + build-fixes if extended-functions are disabled.

        + add "screen5", to mention italics (report by Stefan Assmann)
        + modify description of xterm+x11hilite to eliminate unused p5 -TD
        + add configure script checks to help with a port to Ultrix 3.1
          (report by Dennis Grevenstein).
          + check if "b" binary feature of fopen works
          + check for missing feature of locale.h
          + add fallback for strstr() in test-programs
          + add fallback for STDOUT_FILENO in test-programs
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + move macro for is_linetouched() inside NCURSES_NOMACROS ifndef.
        + corrected prototypes in several manpages using script to extract
          those in compilable form.
        + use _nc_copy_termtype2() rather than direct assignment in setupterm,
          in case it is called repeatedly using fallback terminfo descriptions
          (report/patch by Werner Fink).

        + regenerate llib-* files.
        + modify tic to also use new function for user-defined capability info.
        + modify _nc_parse_entry() to check if a user-defined capability has
          an unexpected type; ignore it in that case.
        + fix a special case of link-anchors in generated Ada html files.
        + use newer rel=author tag in generated html rather than rev=made,
          which did not become accepted.

        + in-progress changes to add parameter-checking for common user-defined
          capabilities in tic.
        + update MKcodes.awk and MKnames.awk to ignore the new "userdef"
          data in Caps-ncurses (cf: 20190302).

        + corrected some of the undocumented terminfo names in Caps.hpux11
        + add "Caps-ncurses" file to help with checking inconsistencies in some
          user-defined capabilities.
        + amend check for repeat_char to handle a case where setlocale() was
          called after initscr() (report by "Ampera").

        + fix typo in adds200 -TD
        + add tic check for consistent alternate character set capabilities.
        + improve check in mvcur() to decide whether to use hard-tabs, using
          xt, tbc and hts as clues.
        + replace check in reset command for obsolete "pt" capability using
          tbc and hts capabilities as clues (report by Nicolas Marriott).

        + improve manual page description of TABSIZE.
        + add test/demo_tabs program.

        + add check in tic to provide warnings for mismatched number of
          parameters in the documented user-capability extensions.

        + modify rpm test-package ".spec" file to work around naming conflict
          with Redhat's package for ncurses6.
        + modify no-leaks code in test/picsmap to avoid non-standard tdestroy.
        + amend change to configure script which altered the top-level makefile
          to avoid attempting to install the terminfo database when it was not
          configured, to allow for installing the ".pc" files which are also
          in the misc directory (report by Steve Wills).

        + change some "%define" statements in test-packages for RPMs to
          "%global" to work around changes in rpm 4.14 from recent Redhat.
        + fixes for O_INPUT_FIELD extension (patch by Leon Winter).
        + eliminate fixed buffer-size when reading $TERMCAP variable.
        + correct logic in read_entry.c which prevented $TERMCAP variable from
          being interpreted as a fallback to terminfo entry (prompted by
          Savannah #54556, cf: 20110924).

        + add a check in test/configure to work around non-ncurses termcap.h
          file in Slackware.
        + corrected flag for "seq" method of db 1.8.5 interface, needed by toe
          on some of the BSDs.
        + updated "string-hacks" feature.
        + minor improvements to manpage typography.
        + corrected conditionally-compiled limit on color pairs (report by
        + add -x option to test/pair_content, test/color_content for testing
          init_extended_pair, extended_pair_content, init_extended_color,
        + add -p option to test/pair_content, test/color_content to show the
          return values from the tested functions.
        + improve manual page curs_color.3x discussion of error returns and
        + add O_INPUT_FIELD extension to form library (patch by Leon Winter).
        + override/suppress --enable-db-install if --disable-database configure
          option was given.
        + change a too-large terminal entry in tic from a fatal error to a
          warning (prompted by discussion with Gabriele Balducci).

        + fix typo in term(5), improve explanation of format (report by Otto
        + add nsterm-direct -TD
        + use SGR 1006 mouse for konsole-base -TD
        + use SGR 1006 mouse for putty -TD
        + add ti703/ti707, ti703-w/ti707-w (Robert Clausecker)

        + add dummy "check" rule in top-level and test-Makefile to simply
          building test-packages for Arch.
        + modify configure script to avoid conflict with a non-POSIX feature
          that enables all parts of the system headers by default.  Some
          packagers have come to rely upon this behavior (FreeBSD #234049).
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + improve man/curs_mouse.3x with regard to xterm
        + modify tracemunch to accept filename parameters in addition to use
          as a pipe/filter.
        + minor optimization to reduce calls to _nc_reserve_pairs (prompted by
          discussion with Bryan Christ).
        + add test/pair_content.c and test/color_content.c
        + modify infocmp to omit filtering of "OTxx" names which are used for
          obsolete capabilities, when the output is sorted by long-names.
          Doing this helps when making a table of the short/long capability

        + several fixes for gcc8 strict compiler warnings.
        + fix a typo in comments (Aaron Gyes).
        + add nsterm-build309 to replace nsterm-256color, assigning the latter
          as an alias of nsterm, to make mouse work with nsterm-256color -TD
        + base gnome-256color entry on "gnome", not "vte", for consistency -TD
        + updates for configure macros from work on tin and xterm:
          + CF_GNU_SOURCE, allow for Cygwin's newlib when checking for the
            _DEFAULT_SOURCE symbol.
          + CF_VA_COPY, add fallback check if neither va_copy/__va_copy is
            supported, to try copying the pointers for va_list, or as an array.
            Also add another fallback check, for __builtin_va_copy(), which
            could be used with AIX xlc in c89 mode.

        + modify wbkgd() and wbkgrnd() to improve compatibility with SVr4
          curses, changing the way the window rendition is updated when the
          background character is modified (report by Valery Ushakov).

        + add midnightbsd to CF_XOPEN_SOURCE macro (patch by Urs Jansen).
        + add "@" command to test/ncurses F-test, to allow rapid jump to
          different character pages.
        + update config.guess, config.sub from

        + build-fix (reports by Chih-Hsuan Yen, Sven Joachim).

        + check --with-fallbacks option to ensure there is a value, and add
          the fallback information to top-level Makefile summary.
        + add some traces in initialization to show whether a fallback entry is
        + build-fix for test/movewindow with ncurses-examples on Solaris.
        + add "-l" option to test/background, to dump screen contents in a form
          that lets different curses implementations be compared.
        + modify the initialization checks for mouse so that the xterm+sm+1006
          block will work with terminal descriptions not mentioning xterm
          (report by Tomas Janousek).

        + ignore the hex/b64 $TERMINFO in toe's listing.
        + correct a status-check in _nc_read_tic_entry() so that if reading
          a hex/b64 $TERMINFO, and the $TERM does not match, fall-through to
          the compiled-in search list.

        + several workarounds to ensure proper C compiler used in parts of
          Ada95 tree.
        + update config.guess, config.sub from

        + add OpenGL clients alacritty and kitty -TD
        + add Smulx for tmux, vte-2018 -Nicholas Marriott

        + ignore $TERMINFO as a default value in configure script if it came
          from the infocmp -Q option.
        + allow value for --with-versioned-syms to be a relative pathname
        + add a couple of broken-linker symbols to the list of versioned
          symbols to help with link-time optimization versus weak symbols.
        + apply shift/control/alt logic when decoding xterm's 1006 mode to
          wheel-mouse events (Redhat #1610681).

        + amend change from 20180818, which undid a fix for the $INSTALL value
          to make it an absolute path.

        + improve a configure check to work with newer optimizers (report by
          Denis Pronin, Gentoo #606142).
        + fix typo in tput.c (Sven Joachim, cf: 20180825).

        + fix typo in tvi955 -TD
        + corrected acsc for regent60 -TD
        + add alias n7900 -TD
        + corrected acsc for tvi950 -TD
        + remove bogus kf0 from tvi950 -TD
        + added function-key definitions to agree with Televideo 950 manual -TD
        + add bel to tvi950 -TD
        + add shifted function-keys to regent60 -TD
        + renumber regent40 function-keys to match manual -TD
        + add cd (clr_eos) to adds200 -TD

        + build-fix: remove a _tracef call which was used for debugging (report
          by Chris Clayton).

        + ignore interrupted system-call in test/ncurses's command-line, e.g.,
          if the terminal were resized.
        + add shift/control/alt logic for decoding xterm's 1006 mode (Redhat
          #1610681, cf: 20141011).
        + modify rpm test-packages to not use --disable-relink with Redhat,
          since Fedora 28's tools do not work with that feature.

        + document --with-pcre2 configure option in INSTALL.
        + improve workaround for special case in PutAttrChar() where a cell is
          marked as alternate-character set, to handle a case where the
          character in the cell does not correspond to any of the ASCII
          fallbacks (report by Leon Winter, cf: 20180505).
        + amend change to form library which attempted to avoid unnecessary
          update of cursor position in non-public fields, to simply disable
          output in this case (patch by Leon Winter, cf: 20180414).
        + improve check for LINE_MAX runtime limit, to accommodate broken
          implementations of sysconf().

        + improve manual page for wgetnstr, giving background for the length
        + define a limit for wgetnstr, wgetn_wstr when length is negative or
          "too large".
        + update configure script to autoconf 2.52.20180819 (Debian #887390).

        + add a section to tput manual page clarifying how it determines the
          terminal size (prompted by discussion with Grant Jenks).
        + add "--disable-relink" to rpm test-packages, for consistency with the
          deb test-packages.
        + split spec-file into ncurses6.spec and ncursest6.spec to work around
          toolset breakage in Fedora 28.
        + drop mention of "--disable-touching", which was not in the final
          20180818 updates.

        + build-fix for PDCurses with ncurses-examples.
        + improved CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS.
        + modify configure scripts to reduce relinking/ranlib during library
          install (Debian #903790):
          + use "install -p" when available, to avoid need for ranlib of
            static libraries.
          + modify scripts which use "--disable-relink" to add a 1-second
            sleep to work around tools which use whole-second timestamps, e.g.,
            in utime() rather than the actual file system resolution.

        + improve logic for clear with E3 extension, in case the terminal
          scrolls content onto its saved-lines before actually clearing
          the display, by clearing the saved-lines after clearing the
          display (report/patch by Nicholas Marriott).

        + improve documentation regarding feature-test macros in curses.h
        + improve documentation regarding the virtual and physical screens.
        + formatting fixes for manpages, regenerate man-html documentation.

        + build-fixes for gcc8.
        + corrected acsc for wy50 -TD
        + add wy50 and wy60 shifted function-keys as kF1 to kF16 -TD
        + remove ansi+rep mis-added to interix in 2018-02-23 -TD

        + add enum, regex examples to test/demo_forms
        + add configure check for pcre-posix library to help with MinGW port.

        + build-fixes for gcc8.
        + correct order of WINDOW._ttytype versus WINDOW._windowlist in
        + fix a case where tiparm could return null if the format-string was
          empty (Debian #902630).

        + add acsc string to vi200 (Nibby Nebbulous)
          add right/down-arrow to vi200's acsc -TD
        + add "x" to tput's getopt string so that "tput -x clear" works
          (Nicholas Marriott).
        + minor fixes prompted by anonymous report on stack overflow:
          + correct order of checks in _nc_get_locale(), for systems lacking
            locale support.
          + add "#error" in a few places to flag unsupported configurations

        + use _WIN32/_WIN64 in preference to __MINGW32__/__MINGW64__ symbols
          to simplify building with MSVC, since the former are defined in both
          compiler configurations (report by Ali Abdulkadir).
        + further improvements to configure-checks from work on dialog, i.e.,
        + update config.guess, config.sub from

        + build-fix for ncurses-examples related to gcc8-fixes (cf: 20180526).
        + reduce use of _GNU_SOURCE for current glibc where _DEFAULT_SOURCE
          combines with _XOPEN_SOURCE (Debian #900987).
        + change target configure level for _XOPEN_SOURCE to 600 to address
          use of vsscanf and setenv.
        + improved configure-checks CF_SIZECHANGE and CF_STRUCT_TERMIOS from
          work on dialog.

        + modify generated ncurses*config and ncurses.pc, ncursesw.pc, etc.,
          to list helper libraries such as gpm for static linking (Debian
        + marked vwprintw and vwscanw as deprecated; recommend using vw_printw
          and vw_scanw, respectively.

        + add RPM test-package "ncursest-examples".
        + modified RPM test-package to work with Mageia6.

        + add note in curs_util.3x about unctrl.h
        + review/improve header files to ensure that those include necessary
          files except for the previously-documented cases (report by Isaac
          Pascual Monells).
        + improved test-package scripts, adapted from byacc 1.9 20180525.
        + fix some gcc8 warnings seen in Redhat package build, but
          work around bug in gcc8 compiler warnings in comp_parse.c

        + formatting fixes for manpages, regenerate man-html documentation.
        + trim spurious whitespace from tmux in 2018-02-24 changes;
          fix some inconsistencies in/between tmux- and iterm2-entries for SGR
          (report by C Anthony Risinger)
        + improve iterm2 using some xterm features which it has adapted -TD
        + add check in pair_content() to handle the case where caller asks
          for an uninitialized pair (Debian #898658).

        + remove trailing ';' from GCC_DEPRECATED definition.
        + repair a change from 20110730 which left an error-check/warning dead.
        + fix several minor Coverity warnings.

        + add deprecation warnings for internal functions called by older
          versions of tack.
        + fix a special case in PutAttrChar() where a cell is marked as
          alternate-character set, but the terminal does not actually support
          the given graphic character.  This would happen in an older terminal
          such as vt52, which lacks most line-drawing capability.
        + use configure --with-config-suffix option to work around filename
          conflict with Debian packages versus test-packages.
        + update tracemunch to work with perl 5.26.2, which changed the rules
          for escaping regular expressions.

        + document new form-extension O_EDGE_INSERT_STAY (report by Leon
        + correct error-returns listed in manual pages for a few form functions
          (report by Leon Winter).
        + add a check in form-library for null-pointer dereference:
                unfocus_current_field (form);
                form_driver (form, REQ_VALIDATION);
          (patch by Leon Winter).

        + modify form library to optionally delay cursor movement on a field
          edge/boundary (patch by Leon Winter).
        + modify form library to avoid unnecessary update of cursor position in
          non-public fields (patch by Leon Winter).
        + remove unused _nc_import_termtype2() function.
        + also add/improve null-pointer checks in other places
        + add a null-pointer check in _nc_parse_entry to handle an error when
          a use-name is invalid syntax (report by Chung-Yi Lin).

        + clarify in manual pages that vwprintw and vwscanw are obsolete,
          not part of X/Open Curses since 2007.
        + use "const" in some prototypes rather than NCURSES_CONST where X/Open
          Curses was updated to do this, e.g., wscanw, newterm, the terminfo
          interface.  Also use "const" for consistency in the termcap
          interface, which was withdrawn by X/Open Curses in Issue 5 (2007).
          As of Issue 7, X/Open Curses still lacks "const" for certain return
          values, e.g., keyname().

        + improve terminfo write/read by modifying the fourth item of the
          extended header to denote the number of valid strings in the extended
          string table (prompted by a comment in unibilium's sources).

        + amend Scaled256() macro in test/picsmap.c to cover the full range
          0..1000 (report by Roger Pau Monne).
        + add some checks in tracemunch for undefined variables.
        + trim some redundant capabilities from st-0.7 -TD
        + trim unnecessary setf/setb from interix -TD

        + fix a check in infotocap which may not have detected a problem when
          it should have.
        + add a check in tic for the case where setf/setb are given using
          different strings, but provide identical results to setaf/setab.
        + further improve fix for terminfo.5 (patch by Kir Kolyshkin).
        + reorder loop-limit checks in winsnstr() in case the string has no
          terminating null and only the number of characters is used (patch
          by Gyorgy Jeney).

        + modify TurnOn/TurnOff macros in lib_vidattr.c and lib_vid_attr.c to
          avoid expansion of "CUR" in trace.
        + improve a few lintian warnings in test-packages.
        + modify lib_setup to avoid calling pthread_self() without first
          verifying that the address is valid, i.e., for weak symbols
          (report/patch by Werner Fink).
        + modify generated terminfo.5 to not use "expand" and related width
          on the last column of tables, making layout on wide terminals look
          better (adapted from patch by Kir Kolyshkin).
        + add a category to report_offsets, e.g., "w" for wide-character, "t"
          for threads to make the report more readable.  Reorganized the
          structures reported to make the categories more apparent.
        + simplify some ifdef's for extended-colors.
        + add NCURSES_GLOBALS and NCURSES_PRESCREEN to report_offsets, to show
          how similar the different tinfo configurations are.

        + modify _nc_resolve_uses2() to detect incompatible types when merging
          a "use=" clause of extended capabilities.  The problem was seen in a
          defective terminfo integrated from simpleterm sources in 20171111,
          compounded by repair in 20180121.
        + correct Ss/Ms interchange in st-0.7 entry (tmux #1264) -TD
        + fix remaining flash capabilities with trailing mandatory delays -TD
        + correct cut/paste in NEWS (report by Sven Joachim).

        + remove incorrect free() from 20170617 changes (report by David Macek).
        + correct type for "U8" in user_caps.5; it is a number not boolean.
        + add a null-pointer check in safe_sprintf.c (report by Steven Noonan).
        + improve fix for Debian #882620 by reusing limit2 variable (report by
          Julien Cristau, Sven Joachim).

        + modify misc/ to install/uninstall explicit list in case
          the build-directory happens to have no ".pc" files when an uninstall
          is performed (report by Jeffrey Walton).
        + deprecate safe-sprintf, since the vsnprintf function, which does what
          was needed, was standardized long ago.
        + add several development/experimental options to development packages.
        + minor reordering of options in configure script to make the threaded
          and reentrant options distinct from the other extensions which are
          normally enabled.

        + minor fixes to test/*.h to make them idempotent.
        + add/use test/parse_rgb.h to show how the "RGB" capability works.
        + add a clarification in user_caps.5 regarding "RGB" capability.
        + add extended_slk_color{,_sp} symbols to the appropriate
          package/*.{map,sym} files (report by Sven Joachim, cf: 20170401).

        + update "VERSION" file, used in shared-library naming.


 devel/ncurses/Makefile                                   |   4 +-
 devel/ncurses/Makefile.common                            |   4 +-
 devel/ncurses/PLIST                                      |   9 ++--
 devel/ncurses/                              |   4 +-
 devel/ncurses/distinfo                                   |  19 ++-------
 devel/ncurses/patches/       |  15 -------
 devel/ncurses/patches/patch-misc_terminfo.src            |  17 --------
 devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_alloc__entry.c |  20 ----------
 devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_alloc__ttype.c |  31 ----------------
 devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_comp__hash.c   |  31 ----------------
 devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_comp__parse.c  |  30 ---------------
 devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_parse__entry.c |  23 -----------
 devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_read__entry.c  |  20 ----------
 devel/ncurses/patches/patch-progs_dump__entry.c          |  29 --------------
 14 files changed, 16 insertions(+), 240 deletions(-)

diffs (truncated from 376 to 300 lines):

diff -r 0213a3aec980 -r a25b61e8b259 devel/ncurses/Makefile
--- a/devel/ncurses/Makefile    Wed Mar 04 13:52:01 2020 +0000
+++ b/devel/ncurses/Makefile    Wed Mar 04 14:04:22 2020 +0000
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.104 2020/01/11 01:39:19 kim Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.105 2020/03/04 14:04:22 wiz Exp $
 .include "Makefile.common"
 COMMENT=       CRT screen handling and optimization package
 INSTALLATION_DIRS+=    share/examples
diff -r 0213a3aec980 -r a25b61e8b259 devel/ncurses/Makefile.common
--- a/devel/ncurses/Makefile.common     Wed Mar 04 13:52:01 2020 +0000
+++ b/devel/ncurses/Makefile.common     Wed Mar 04 14:04:22 2020 +0000
@@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile.common,v 1.43 2019/11/03 10:39:20 rillig Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile.common,v 1.44 2020/03/04 14:04:22 wiz Exp $
 # used by devel/ncurses/Makefile
 # used by devel/ncursesw/Makefile
 DISTNAME=      ncurses-${NC_VERS}
-NC_VERS=       6.1
+NC_VERS=       6.2
 CATEGORIES=    devel
diff -r 0213a3aec980 -r a25b61e8b259 devel/ncurses/PLIST
--- a/devel/ncurses/PLIST       Wed Mar 04 13:52:01 2020 +0000
+++ b/devel/ncurses/PLIST       Wed Mar 04 14:04:22 2020 +0000
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.26 2018/09/15 22:47:41 wiz Exp $
+@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.27 2020/03/04 14:04:22 wiz Exp $
@@ -35,11 +35,8 @@
@@ -203,6 +200,7 @@
@@ -238,6 +236,8 @@
@@ -824,6 +824,7 @@
diff -r 0213a3aec980 -r a25b61e8b259 devel/ncurses/
--- a/devel/ncurses/       Wed Mar 04 13:52:01 2020 +0000
+++ b/devel/ncurses/       Wed Mar 04 14:04:22 2020 +0000
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# $NetBSD:,v 1.47 2018/01/07 13:04:07 rillig Exp $
+# $NetBSD:,v 1.48 2020/03/04 14:04:22 wiz Exp $
 BUILDLINK_TREE+=       ncurses
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
 # don't allow ncursesw to be used by causing linkage failure.
 .include "../../mk/"
-.if !empty(PKGPATH:Mdevel/ncursesw)
+.if ${PKGPATH} == "devel/ncursesw"
 BUILDLINK_TRANSFORM+=          l:curses:${BUILDLINK_LIBNAME.ncurses}
 .elif empty(BUILDLINK_TREE:Mncursesw)
 BUILDLINK_TRANSFORM+=          l:ncursesw:__nonexistent__
diff -r 0213a3aec980 -r a25b61e8b259 devel/ncurses/distinfo
--- a/devel/ncurses/distinfo    Wed Mar 04 13:52:01 2020 +0000
+++ b/devel/ncurses/distinfo    Wed Mar 04 14:04:22 2020 +0000
@@ -1,22 +1,13 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.37 2020/01/11 01:39:19 kim Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.38 2020/03/04 14:04:22 wiz Exp $
-SHA1 (ncurses-6.1.tar.gz) = 57acf6bc24cacd651d82541929f726f4def780cc
-RMD160 (ncurses-6.1.tar.gz) = 938235f3922f9c6ef0f1081d643ecb2da1347a17
-SHA512 (ncurses-6.1.tar.gz) = e308af43f8b7e01e98a55f4f6c4ee4d1c39ce09d95399fa555b3f0cdf5fd0db0f4c4d820b4af78a63f6cf6d8627587114a40af48cfc066134b600520808a77ee
-Size (ncurses-6.1.tar.gz) = 3365395 bytes
+SHA1 (ncurses-6.2.tar.gz) = 56e410fb77f2b5501a0b2f6a995376f3cefe1097
+RMD160 (ncurses-6.2.tar.gz) = bedfe81f33b3e55e44d14126c9c2821d7f222701
+SHA512 (ncurses-6.2.tar.gz) = 4c1333dcc30e858e8a9525d4b9aefb60000cfc727bc4a1062bace06ffc4639ad9f6e54f6bdda0e3a0e5ea14de995f96b52b3327d9ec633608792c99a1e8d840d
+Size (ncurses-6.2.tar.gz) = 3425862 bytes
 SHA1 (patch-aa) = 4523f87f39d2aa3eea07a0e55595eb9e50b74a6c
 SHA1 (patch-ab) = f4573e7a161c2f59d9828d163abe2a5ba2e4d56f
 SHA1 (patch-ac) = 08e5fa8179c7f5c65c617a55c9693745b89b42de
 SHA1 (patch-aclocal.m4) = efb1a966687d2c35fc3e3e1d5345e80aaf2822f6
 SHA1 ( = 68ff81c719ec4aa13beb962cb66d7cd6749d7af5
 SHA1 ( = 48a705b3f4de3a65c0c1c3648f5a24c5310ed3fa
-SHA1 ( = 43e4dc8abe85804513da1189aeffa5c7746ffcca
-SHA1 (patch-misc_terminfo.src) = 3423a09b0b6aac1139ab21f514c631ee8c36c2f7
 SHA1 ( = f8ce67fbd273529e4161a2820677d05a623fd527
-SHA1 (patch-ncurses_tinfo_alloc__entry.c) = a1fc6ce016f33aea422f82d4df2cd60ef352760e
-SHA1 (patch-ncurses_tinfo_alloc__ttype.c) = 6cec181b4dd24008ed62b90e6d6c508a7caccc0a
-SHA1 (patch-ncurses_tinfo_comp__hash.c) = 44c646f9fc5e6f7b3e4e4de5df0506b7bc8f8a25
-SHA1 (patch-ncurses_tinfo_comp__parse.c) = 98f9e7bbaf3aa7883a8bb2ec359fae3647e0989f
-SHA1 (patch-ncurses_tinfo_parse__entry.c) = 06d2b52e84595f8acd47ad36ded7b7d5bec95b8a
-SHA1 (patch-ncurses_tinfo_read__entry.c) = 251878d3625df25bdbb8c16f9ef619e50d786dae
-SHA1 (patch-progs_dump__entry.c) = 5cade588859c3e91287ef933253b792728df5a44
diff -r 0213a3aec980 -r a25b61e8b259 devel/ncurses/patches/
--- a/devel/ncurses/patches/        Wed Mar 04 13:52:01 2020 +0000
+++ /dev/null   Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
@@ -1,15 +0,0 @@
-$NetBSD:,v 1.1 2018/02/02 17:32:58 jperkin Exp $
-Ensure LIBDIR is quoted correctly.
---- misc/        2015-04-22 00:54:19.000000000 +0000
-+++ misc/
-@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ ENDECHO
-               then
-                       LIBDIR=
-               else
--                      LIBDIR=-L$libdir
-+                      LIBDIR="-L$libdir"
-               fi
-               if test @TINFO_NAME@ = @LIB_NAME@ ; then
-               sed -e 's,^[ ]*,,' -e 's, [ ]*, ,g' -e 's,[ ]*$,,' <<-ENDECHO
diff -r 0213a3aec980 -r a25b61e8b259 devel/ncurses/patches/patch-misc_terminfo.src
--- a/devel/ncurses/patches/patch-misc_terminfo.src     Wed Mar 04 13:52:01 2020 +0000
+++ /dev/null   Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
@@ -1,17 +0,0 @@
-$NetBSD: patch-misc_terminfo.src,v 1.1 2019/02/25 11:54:05 jperkin Exp $
-Many terminal emulators still do not support the "rep" capability, so
-avoid it for maximum portability.  Patch from OmniOS, see also
---- misc/terminfo.src.orig     2018-01-27 15:14:08.000000000 +0000
-+++ misc/terminfo.src
-@@ -4328,7 +4328,7 @@ xterm-xfree86|xterm terminal emulator (X
- xterm-new|modern xterm terminal emulator,
-       npc,
-       indn=\E[%p1%dS, kb2=\EOE, kcbt=\E[Z, kent=\EOM,
--      rin=\E[%p1%dT, use=ansi+rep, use=ecma+strikeout,
-+      rin=\E[%p1%dT, use=ecma+strikeout,
-       use=xterm+sm+1006, use=xterm+pcfkeys, use=xterm+tmux,
-       use=xterm-basic,
diff -r 0213a3aec980 -r a25b61e8b259 devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_alloc__entry.c
--- a/devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_alloc__entry.c  Wed Mar 04 13:52:01 2020 +0000
+++ /dev/null   Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
@@ -1,20 +0,0 @@
-$NetBSD: patch-ncurses_tinfo_alloc__entry.c,v 1.3 2020/01/11 01:39:19 kim Exp $
-Fix for CVE-2018-19211 cherry-picked from upstream patchlevel 20180414.
-+ add a null-pointer check in _nc_parse_entry to handle an error when
-  a use-name is invalid syntax (report by Chung-Yi Lin).
-+ also add/improve null-pointer checks in other places
---- ncurses/tinfo/alloc_entry.c
-+++ ncurses/tinfo/alloc_entry.c
-@@ -229,6 +229,9 @@ _nc_merge_entry(ENTRY * const target, ENTRY * const source)
-     TERMTYPE2 *from = &(source->tterm);
-     unsigned i;
-+    if (source == 0 || from == 0 || target == 0 || to == 0)
-+      return;
-     _nc_align_termtype(to, from);
- #endif
diff -r 0213a3aec980 -r a25b61e8b259 devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_alloc__ttype.c
--- a/devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_alloc__ttype.c  Wed Mar 04 13:52:01 2020 +0000
+++ /dev/null   Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
@@ -1,31 +0,0 @@
-$NetBSD: patch-ncurses_tinfo_alloc__ttype.c,v 1.1 2020/01/11 01:39:19 kim Exp $
-Fix for CVE-2018-19211 cherry-picked from upstream patchlevel 20180414.
-+ add a null-pointer check in _nc_parse_entry to handle an error when
-  a use-name is invalid syntax (report by Chung-Yi Lin).
-+ also add/improve null-pointer checks in other places
---- ncurses/tinfo/alloc_ttype.c
-+++ ncurses/tinfo/alloc_ttype.c
-@@ -388,12 +388,16 @@ adjust_cancels(TERMTYPE2 *to, TERMTYPE2 *from)
- _nc_align_termtype(TERMTYPE2 *to, TERMTYPE2 *from)
- {
--    int na = (int) NUM_EXT_NAMES(to);
--    int nb = (int) NUM_EXT_NAMES(from);
-+    int na;
-+    int nb;
-     char **ext_Names;
--    DEBUG(2, ("align_termtype to(%d:%s), from(%d:%s)", na, to->term_names,
--            nb, from->term_names));
-+    na = to ? ((int) NUM_EXT_NAMES(to)) : 0;
-+    nb = from ? ((int) NUM_EXT_NAMES(from)) : 0;
-+    DEBUG(2, ("align_termtype to(%d:%s), from(%d:%s)",
-+            na, to ? NonNull(to->term_names) : "?",
-+            nb, from ? NonNull(from->term_names) : "?"));
-     if (na != 0 || nb != 0) {
-       int ext_Booleans, ext_Numbers, ext_Strings;
diff -r 0213a3aec980 -r a25b61e8b259 devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_comp__hash.c
--- a/devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_comp__hash.c    Wed Mar 04 13:52:01 2020 +0000
+++ /dev/null   Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
@@ -1,31 +0,0 @@
-$NetBSD: patch-ncurses_tinfo_comp__hash.c,v 1.1 2020/01/11 01:39:19 kim Exp $
-Fix for CVE-2019-17594 cherry-picked from upstream patchlevel 20191012.
-Check for invalid hashcode in _nc_find_type_entry and nc_find_entry.
---- ncurses/tinfo/comp_hash.c
-+++ ncurses/tinfo/comp_hash.c
-@@ -63,7 +63,9 @@ _nc_find_entry(const char *string,
-     hashvalue = data->hash_of(string);
--    if (data->table_data[hashvalue] >= 0) {
-+    if (hashvalue >= 0
-+      && (unsigned) hashvalue < data->table_size
-+      && data->table_data[hashvalue] >= 0) {
-       real_table = _nc_get_table(termcap);
-       ptr = real_table + data->table_data[hashvalue];
-@@ -96,7 +98,9 @@ _nc_find_type_entry(const char *string,
-     const HashData *data = _nc_get_hash_info(termcap);
-     int hashvalue = data->hash_of(string);
--    if (data->table_data[hashvalue] >= 0) {
-+    if (hashvalue >= 0
-+      && (unsigned) hashvalue < data->table_size
-+      && data->table_data[hashvalue] >= 0) {
-       const struct name_table_entry *const table = _nc_get_table(termcap);
-       ptr = table + data->table_data[hashvalue];
diff -r 0213a3aec980 -r a25b61e8b259 devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_comp__parse.c
--- a/devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_comp__parse.c   Wed Mar 04 13:52:01 2020 +0000
+++ /dev/null   Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
@@ -1,30 +0,0 @@
-$NetBSD: patch-ncurses_tinfo_comp__parse.c,v 1.1 2020/01/11 01:39:19 kim Exp $
-Fix for CVE-2018-19211 cherry-picked from upstream patchlevel 20180414.
-+ add a null-pointer check in _nc_parse_entry to handle an error when
-  a use-name is invalid syntax (report by Chung-Yi Lin).
-+ also add/improve null-pointer checks in other places
---- ncurses/tinfo/comp_parse.c
-+++ ncurses/tinfo/comp_parse.c
-@@ -317,6 +437,9 @@ _nc_resolve_uses2(bool fullresolve, bool literal)
-           char *lookfor = qp->uses[i].name;
-           long lookline = qp->uses[i].line;
-+          if (lookfor == 0)
-+              continue;
-           foundit = FALSE;
-           _nc_set_type(child);
-@@ -394,7 +517,8 @@ _nc_resolve_uses2(bool fullresolve, bool literal)
-                    * subsequent pass.
-                    */
-                   for (i = 0; i < qp->nuses; i++)
--                      if (qp->uses[i].link->nuses) {
-+                      if (qp->uses[i].link
-+                          && qp->uses[i].link->nuses) {
-                           DEBUG(2, ("%s: use entry %d unresolved",
-                                     _nc_first_name(qp->tterm.term_names), i));
-                           goto incomplete;
diff -r 0213a3aec980 -r a25b61e8b259 devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_parse__entry.c
--- a/devel/ncurses/patches/patch-ncurses_tinfo_parse__entry.c  Wed Mar 04 13:52:01 2020 +0000
+++ /dev/null   Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
@@ -1,23 +0,0 @@
-$NetBSD: patch-ncurses_tinfo_parse__entry.c,v 1.3 2018/10/18 19:42:49 leot Exp $
- - Fixes CVE-2018-10754

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