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branches:  trunk
changeset: 346109:7b6b208d1d0a
user:      ryoon <>
date:      Sat Dec 28 23:31:47 2019 +0000

Update to

List of fixed bugs

Bugs fixed compared to 6.3.4 rc1:

    rhbz#1775544 [abrt] libreoffice-core: (anonymous namespace)::signalHandlerFunction(): soffice.bin killed by SIGABRT [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#99711 Sidebar Position and Size displays incorrect width and height when units in mm [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#124513 Calc: Unable to reference cells in another workbook using mouse from Function Wizard [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#127403 BASIC editor: black code after select [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#128499 FILESAVE: DOC: Formatting in TOC is lost after RT [L??szl?? N??meth]
    tdf#128598 FILEOPEN: Certain syntax of opening file from samba share results in Document in Use dialog [Stephan Bergmann]
    tdf#128659 Cannot add AutoCorrect entries once the user/autocorr/acor_xx-XX.dat file is created [Noel Grandin]
    tdf#128698 MySQL/MariaDB direct Connection: time-values not written to table [Julien Nabet]
    tdf#128748 Endless loop with query parameter on wrong input [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#128845 EDITING: cannot modify a bibliography entry after creating it [Noel Grandin]
    tdf#128862 CRASH: Unable to open tables in HSQLDB odb-files with apostrophe " ' " character in table name [Julien Nabet]
    tdf#128898 import text from file with text-decode failed [Noel Grandin]
    tdf#128985 FILESAVE, FILEOPEN: Style text directionss revert to RTL on save and re-open [Tam??s Zolnai]
    tdf#129027 The Manage Names dialog is no longer resizable in LibreOffice 6.3.3 [Caol??n McNamara, Xisco Fauli]
    tdf#129107 Objects in Array and Other Variables Disappear After Redimensioning [Noel Grandin]
    tdf#129191 FORMATTING: Default font for headers/footers in CSV-like file changed from 6.3.3 and up [Caol??n McNamara]
List of fixed bugs

Bugs fixed compared to 6.3.3 (rc2):

    ofz#14989 Z_NEED_DICT related infinite loop [Caol??n McNamara]
    ofz#18454 bad-cast to SwDrawContact from SwFlyDrawContact [Caol??n McNamara]
    ofz#18467 check against end of buffer [Caol??n McNamara]
    ofz#18646 ensure we are inside valid range [Caol??n McNamara]
    ofz#18683 NotifyFreeObj override is not helpful [Caol??n McNamara]
    ofz#19010 wrong start of range [Caol??n McNamara]
    rhbz#1766990 [abrt] libreoffice-core: (anonymous namespace)::signalHandlerFunction(): soffice.bin killed by SIGABRT [Caol??n McNamara]
    rhbz#1773525 The number of saved searches in the Find & Replace dialog does not change from default of 10 when edited. [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#42112 EMF+ Fileopen: Embedded grouped diagram from particular DOC still doesn't preview arrows correctly (diagram opens fine if extracted from MSO) [Bartosz Kosiorek]
    tdf#42316 Creating a new document from a template removes the signature from all Macros [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#49813 Enhanced autofilter popup window (Data > Filter > Auto Filter) should be resizeable (too narrow) (width too small) [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#79007 FILEOPEN PPTX Shapes with washout mode are not displayed [Xisco Fauli]
    tdf#93300 Style formatting overrides direct formatting when using conditional formatting [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#97038 FILEOPEN DOCX Image aligned to page instead of table [Xisco Fauli]
    tdf#99115 SVG Insert: Styles defined globally (with *) aren't handle correctly [Xisco Fauli]
    tdf#103092 FILESAVE: Calc: wrong position for rotated pictures to 270 degree after save [Regina Henschel]
    tdf#104017 FILESAVE: DOC: New rows are displayed on table after RT [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#108350 DOCX files must use C-fonts on IMPORT by default [Justin Luth]
    tdf#108452 UI: the curve tool pointer is invisible on a black background (GTK3) [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#109219 Mailmerge: cannot use CSV with space in the file name as Address List with MM Wizard [Michael Weghorn]
    tdf#115967 Distorted formulas on printing to PDF or exporting to PDF for RTL text [Xisco Fauli]
    tdf#116071 FILESAVE: .doc style is lost after saving file as .odt [Justin Luth]
    tdf#117658 equations appear twice in pptx import [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#117715 Settings from Conditional formatting should overwrite direct formatting (only number formatting remained in Comment 4) [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#118036 FILEOPEN: horizontal line in background is missing [Luke Deller]
    tdf#120315 FILEOPEN DOCX: Incorrect merged cells in writer table [Bakos Attila]
    tdf#121661 FILESAVE DOCX Hyphenation zone created with Word resets default value [Samuel Mehrbrodt]
    tdf#121963 button flashing - mouse wheel zooming breaks [Armin Le Grand]
    tdf#122232 UI: Pressing Enter in a protected sheet doesn't jump to next row in every case [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#122570 Doesn't work Enter key in Autofilter window in Calc [Jim Raykowski]
    tdf#123266 Improve the cursor/pointer images [Rizal Muttaqin]
    tdf#123851 Crash on start with KDE integration installed [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#123926 Clip-path elements of imported/inserted SVG images aren't displayed correctly [Xisco Fauli]
    tdf#124267 User interface toolbar: shortcut key not rendered for Save as button enabled in toolbar [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#124270 Editing: Err:522 on copying of rows with "Calc: threaded" enabled ( steps in comment 6 ) [Dennis Francis]
    tdf#124367 FILEOPEN DOCX table cell content flow changes [Bakos Attila]
    tdf#124708 CRASH: Selecting all and deleting [Muhammet Kara]
    tdf#124729 Impress reliably crashes on THIS PowerPoint document in Linux [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#124770 FILEOPEN DOCX: Wrong horizontal spacing [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#124986 FILEOPEN DOCX: "text:variable-set" field has trailing quotation marks in "office:string-value" [brinzing]
    tdf#125038 specific DOCX: additional entries from MERGEFIELD not visible in Word are shown in LO Writer [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#125449 Changing percent gradient or color changes chart wall gradient color to black and white [Gabor Kelemen, Katarina Behrens]
    tdf#125778 FILESAVE DOCX Page break before TOC disappears [Justin Luth]
    tdf#125917 calc freezes when using data validity [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#126021 Calc - the time required to save some files (in xls or xlsx format) is up to 20x longer in 6.2.4 versus 6.1.6 [Noel Grandin]
    tdf#126060 PPTX: FILEOPEN: Vertical text shown horizontally [G??l??ah K??se]
    tdf#126293 Save icon changes size when document gets modified [Michael Meeks]
    tdf#126324 PPTX: FILEOPEN: what's shown as a past year in MSO is shown as today's date in LO [Tamas Bunth]
    tdf#126767 Autofill doesn't overwrite data in continuously filled cells [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#126942 Headings in Navigator Flicker [Jim Raykowski]
    tdf#126994 When I make any modification in a .docx file from Microsoft Office 2013, the page break is lost [Justin Luth]
    tdf#127129 FILEOPEN PPTX: font highlight is lost in table cells [Xisco Fauli]
    tdf#127164 Undo list is populated wrongly with "Delete slides" actions [Mike Kaganski]
    tdf#127317 Make text of tips of the day selectable [Heiko Tietze]
    tdf#127411 Broken mouse status in Impress status bar [Noel Grandin]
    tdf#127412 FILEOPEN: ODT: z-order of shapes is interpredactDoc uno command [Rizal Muttaqin]
    tdf#127645 LibreOffice Crashes or Freezes, if an Update of an Extension is Available [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#127741 FILEOPEN DOCX Hyperlink made in Word does not change color when clicked on in Writer [T??nde T?ter Slides and Close, as it used to, but returns to 1 during presentation [Samuel 
    tdf#127961 Auto-correction append/prepend NNBS (U+202F) to ?? ?? for correct typography of French language double quotation use [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#127964 Fit used to work as in Excel previously [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#127993 Correct word in spell check is greyed out in making it difficult to read [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#127994 Tip of the day dialog get resized horizontally on every tip (gtk3) [Heiko Tietze]
    tdf#128010 'JRE Required' message pops up when assigning BASIC Macro to customized menu. [Mike Kaganski]
    tdf#128016 FILEOPEN DOCX: Category labels are duplicated. [Balazs Varga]
    tdf#128077 Always reproducible complete crash/lock of all LibreOffice windows - data loss! [Noel Grandin]
    tdf#128096 FILESAVE: PPTX: Highlight not saved [Xisco Fauli]
    tdf#128104 macOS: Spell checker dialog in Writer does not accept non-US keyboard entries, e.g., ?????? [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#128111 pg_attrdef.adrsrc doesn't exist anymore from postgresql 12 [Julien Nabet]
    tdf#128130 UI: shortcuts missing for sections Options and Source and Destination in dialog Pivot Table Layout [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#128137 UI: Editing the field "Range or formula expression" of dialog Manage Names is broken: cursor jumps to start and more... [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#128148 Mail merge: Fields in headers not correctly replaced if header only from page 2 on [Michael Weghorn]
    tdf#128218 FunctionAccess.callFunction returns object type where 'Double' result is expected. [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#128230 Disabling of password protected change tracking is possible [Gabor Kelemen]
    tdf#128313 LibreOffice Calc Editing Find&replace results in Failure to respond - Program hangs [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#128318 [l10n] Not translatable button label in paragraph style dialog [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#128335 CRASH: cutting textboxes [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#128359 Assertion failure when inserting column after the last one [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#128393 gtk3: insert -> fields -> more fields crashes [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#128399 FILEOPEN DOCX: Can't select text in table with rotated text [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#128431 Synchronize padding in header borders it is not working [Jim Raykowski]
    tdf#128434 Memory leak when converting many documents from *.docx to *.pdf [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#128441 Crash in: mergedlo.dll (nvidia with device 0x2182 + Win10) [Julien Nabet]
    tdf#128447 XLSX: comment is displayed by default even without the <x:Visible/> tag [Justin Luth]
    tdf#128454 There is no easy way to delete a table in impress on iOS [Tor Lillqvist]
    tdf#128460 Exported Writer input fields are not imported correctly from docx [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#128476 Active Window drop-down in Navigation View Hogs Screen [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#128495 Print dialog box in Writer is too tall for screen so the button is off the bottom [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#128504 FILESAVE: ODT: Text becomes an hyperlink after RT [T??nde T??th]
    tdf#128530 (Korean Version Only) Two icons have reversed each other. [Julien Nabet]
    tdf#128538 Restart in safe mode: Open containig folder doesn't work and Show user profile gets a error message [Stephan Bergmann]
    tdf#128603 CRASH: Cutting a textbox in a reopened document [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#128608 FILEOPEN: DOC: Row in table has incorrect background color [Justin Luth]
    tdf#128625 UI Multiple radio buttons selected in Error Bars dialog (non-gtk3) [Gabor Kelemen, Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#128631 GTK3: No mouse interaction with security warning dialog in embedded file [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#128632 FILEOPEN: Image in embedded file not displayed at import time [Miklos Vajna]
    tdf#128649 FILESAVE: XLSX: Calc save to xlsx flawed [Eike Rathke]
    tdf#128679 Missing 32px*32px (Extra Large) Colibre Korean Icon [Rizal Muttaqin]
    tdf#128689 Request to Localize More Formatting Icons into Korean UI [Rizal Muttaqin]
    tdf#128700 Fileopen DOC: table content from header not shown due to table width [Justin Luth]
    tdf#128710 Extension hangs under VCLPLUGIN=kf5 [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    tdf#128748 Endless loop with query parameter on wrong input [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#128758 Scrollbar in Extension Manager doesn't appear at first [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#128802 customize toolbar with drag and drop causes crash [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#128811 Alignment option "Distributed" not working in calc. [Caol??n McNamara]
    tdf#128812 LibreOffice - calc - specific xlsx document (almost) any operation (FILEOPEN, FORMATTING) takes about 1 min [Noel Grandin]


 misc/libreoffice/Makefile |   4 ++--
 misc/libreoffice/distinfo |  34 +++++++++++++++++-----------------
 2 files changed, 19 insertions(+), 19 deletions(-)

diffs (60 lines):

diff -r ab37c211b332 -r 7b6b208d1d0a misc/libreoffice/Makefile
--- a/misc/libreoffice/Makefile Sat Dec 28 23:22:44 2019 +0000
+++ b/misc/libreoffice/Makefile Sat Dec 28 23:31:47 2019 +0000
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.215 2019/12/01 04:59:43 ryoon Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.216 2019/12/28 23:31:47 ryoon Exp $
-VERREL=                6.3.3
+VERREL=                6.3.4
 VERRC=         2
 VER=           ${VERREL}.${VERRC}
 DISTNAME=      libreoffice-${VER}
diff -r ab37c211b332 -r 7b6b208d1d0a misc/libreoffice/distinfo
--- a/misc/libreoffice/distinfo Sat Dec 28 23:22:44 2019 +0000
+++ b/misc/libreoffice/distinfo Sat Dec 28 23:31:47 2019 +0000
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.90 2019/11/15 13:26:02 ryoon Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.91 2019/12/28 23:31:47 ryoon Exp $
 SHA1 (libreoffice/0168229624cfac409e766913506961a8-ucpp-1.3.2.tar.gz) = 452eba922e4f41603539c9dc39947d2271e47093
 RMD160 (libreoffice/0168229624cfac409e766913506961a8-ucpp-1.3.2.tar.gz) = dbeb7a7f8c89961ca2e544b810345d025561866b
@@ -172,22 +172,22 @@
 RMD160 (libreoffice/libre-hebrew-1.0.tar.gz) = e44c35266105eb06023bd75d16f8f297c63e886d
 SHA512 (libreoffice/libre-hebrew-1.0.tar.gz) = 609c8ef29a1eab9b027ea04abf14949e9a204cf826fb0a792dadd8a83fc49ac9610a0b3a2bd4b8988e615688c63d0ec08a89436134980b2a9667e8966a75a795
 Size (libreoffice/libre-hebrew-1.0.tar.gz) = 531276 bytes
-SHA1 (libreoffice/libreoffice- = 6531192b9c0ef8f3c69a53498fdcd96160e26c2c
-RMD160 (libreoffice/libreoffice- = 2bc8e95c5551e2b73d62d30f510249d81211eab8
-SHA512 (libreoffice/libreoffice- = 4809ce26c48419e1e8408bdd71e7aeec3940bad150afeb90034013fbe8757c37417da3a996f8935aac3103806e14bd47dee7e560051d6718a75e6b869a2b1934
-Size (libreoffice/libreoffice- = 224944844 bytes
-SHA1 (libreoffice/libreoffice-dictionaries- = d2700543e1bcc1ed3f344ee78627aecc77a73f4f
-RMD160 (libreoffice/libreoffice-dictionaries- = c59e9c898f6a67ca4b0f51aa1b336e4acd3b1e77
-SHA512 (libreoffice/libreoffice-dictionaries- = d87b609f0d2f07423861e841634b1f9c76daf589591fb44f38e026a7c1cd3ac72ca5c7633634e1534cbf3fa965ad642b8cf014d94401937cde405457a4ec9b55
-Size (libreoffice/libreoffice-dictionaries- = 45895340 bytes
-SHA1 (libreoffice/libreoffice-help- = 7792df5a472881ee2fdd25edf5b8c545c795e5de
-RMD160 (libreoffice/libreoffice-help- = e4df19bfd563ab536067a68d483615678735feef
-SHA512 (libreoffice/libreoffice-help- = c4d994c4047aeee5e35207228e2b62ccc7d7303ae8fcbfb52cbf73950f232ad8d45953ee364379d3834e79c59ab79df920ec624ebe4b7214f955c2bd89af7cee
-Size (libreoffice/libreoffice-help- = 13192080 bytes
-SHA1 (libreoffice/libreoffice-translations- = a2c557ae48ea560e2a57f3ac48f6f15ca24cf65c
-RMD160 (libreoffice/libreoffice-translations- = c024a006d6636e532a4d1b7aabf3c87905d47d85
-SHA512 (libreoffice/libreoffice-translations- = 645b90d63a7d4327312f1c5591fc38b58617403294d5685451c347b4d77ec4c3b6cbb3e5acf23d80d32e42eea39ea4a59deeaec63e59feb7ebf34d5b93f7f5c6
-Size (libreoffice/libreoffice-translations- = 146440936 bytes
+SHA1 (libreoffice/libreoffice- = d7fcc2c5eb58c67083232715bd098cbd6d66855d
+RMD160 (libreoffice/libreoffice- = 08b1a6a5d213371d6350b7b06d43aac61fd91f81
+SHA512 (libreoffice/libreoffice- = 2ed687ae805da36635419729066a2924f1e38a6b0f8d2692c42b366450a261012adfcd8a5d7915d9cfd292d07519fc32c596cdb56d7be6b12a49618b18d6f3d2
+Size (libreoffice/libreoffice- = 225632492 bytes
+SHA1 (libreoffice/libreoffice-dictionaries- = 5548a7d61064c1b1c91c2a6ed5eac72e6ca066ad
+RMD160 (libreoffice/libreoffice-dictionaries- = 93d61e5b80e3c03a49149ad7f29e2adbbee26cf8
+SHA512 (libreoffice/libreoffice-dictionaries- = 7e396d313122a30294b979c1d17799d3b9f8a6c5d40ed14d34283ab5cf96023d21aafd51a750298c4a859e77e57381f3523dda2f43c87c2ac9bb45aa3cf525c6
+Size (libreoffice/libreoffice-dictionaries- = 45904440 bytes
+SHA1 (libreoffice/libreoffice-help- = 32742d4267f4cd900ce61690b8fc476a6c4d6b69
+RMD160 (libreoffice/libreoffice-help- = 342804c953b50af335eaba76cd67c796dcb0fc63
+SHA512 (libreoffice/libreoffice-help- = 8c74c82c7d73adb1523300d1f7500769f5a623fdba60b440a63c122cbfeb631a6a34ecbcb115b0154a6957be1918306f7d0c1f465030f8e8cfd5c9a1acad17c9
+Size (libreoffice/libreoffice-help- = 13191636 bytes
+SHA1 (libreoffice/libreoffice-translations- = eca5cb4af83b1f3d5bfa0e4b566104d33af037d7
+RMD160 (libreoffice/libreoffice-translations- = 6fa367773375b462cb0a443c2708be7aa9b4a245
+SHA512 (libreoffice/libreoffice-translations- = 5199df82139318e9c8d7cd3e41bb99177c5726f7571ce5acacd40b5fbe32ced7efb606897f794dd0f271483595cb0bfc50f8c2750638b15a4a97889a0791e51d
+Size (libreoffice/libreoffice-translations- = 146597392 bytes
 SHA1 (libreoffice/lxml-4.1.1.tgz) = 154279bc5939d7099697887ea15c5ca921abeaeb
 RMD160 (libreoffice/lxml-4.1.1.tgz) = 9d093324e4dd188f9885f2e4d3c19988e709dbbc
 SHA512 (libreoffice/lxml-4.1.1.tgz) = 9542e5206f9b2f9e072c52ef8e6cf44d1aaae8ae3e7ca7e820c1fac12e716503308ccb3cebc52155b4c93799f3ebca247781fc491524d004378bd26f5cddb9d1

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