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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/geography/qgis Update qgis to 3.8.3. Switch to qt5.

branches:  trunk
changeset: 343086:ccbb25372781
user:      bouyer <>
date:      Tue Oct 29 19:30:11 2019 +0000

Update qgis to 3.8.3. Switch to qt5.

Changes since 2.18.28:

This release has following new features:

- 3D Features: Animation
- 3D Features: Configuration of field of view angle of camera
- 3D Features: Configuration of lights in 3D map scenes
- 3D Features: Export all frames from QGIS 3d animations as images
- 3D Features: Identification map tool for 3D views
- 3D Features: Improved navigation
- 3D Features: Rule-based 3D renderer
- 3D Features: Simple rendering of 3D linestrings
- 3D Features: Terrain generation from online source
- 3D Features: Terrain shading
- 3D Features: Wide lines and polygon edge highlighting
- Analysis Tools: Hardware acceleration for raster calculator
- Analysis Tools: New aggregate method: concatenate_unique
- Analysis Tools: Raster unique values count for processing
- Application and Project Options: Add support for user profiles
- Application and Project Options: Delete settings from the Advanced tab in options
- Application and Project Options: Mandatory layers in project
- Application and Project Options: New zipped project file format .qgz
- Application and Project Options: Saving and loading projects in Postgresql database
- Browser: Add "export to file" options for raster and vector layers within the browser
- Browser: Directly Create Geopackage and Shapefiles
- Browser: Drag'n'drop layers from layer tree view to browser dock
- Browser: Explore QGS/QGZ project files in the browser
- Browser: Native file/folder properties
- Browser: Open Terminal at Path
- Browser: Preview layers and attributes
- Browser: Project home path can be manually set
- Browser: Save/Load connections for XYZ Tiles
- Data Management: Append raster layer to an existing Geopackage
- Data Management: Auxiliary Storage Support
- Data Management: Comment option in db manager
- Data Management: Map of CRS-extent in Project properties
- Data Management: Metadata for QGIS projects
- Data Management: Metadata overhaul
- Data Management: New locator filter to search across all layers
- Data Management: Non-removable (required) layers highlighted in layer tree
- Data Management: Pan to current feature in attribute table
- Data Management: Refresh a materialized view
- Data Management: Switch Attribute Table dock mode on demand
- Data Management: Translation of QGIS projects
- Data Management: Unified data source manager dialog
- Data Management: Z and M support for offline editing
- Data Providers:  Mesh layer: allow render vectors/arrows on the user-defined grid
- Data Providers: Add auto-discovery of relations for PostgresQL
- Data Providers: Add support for arrays
- Data Providers: ArcGIS Feature Server labeling support
- Data Providers: ArcGIS Feature Server picture marker and picture fill support
- Data Providers: Automatically set default style for layers for ArcGIS Feature Server layers
- Data Providers: Binary blob support for OGR providers
- Data Providers: Boolean and binary field support for memory layers
- Data Providers: Create attribute index support for spatialite provider
- Data Providers: Data dependencies between layers
- Data Providers: Detect literal default values for spatialite provider
- Data Providers: ESRI Token Authentication support
- Data Providers: Faster Oracle queries
- Data Providers: GeoNode integration
- Data Providers: GeoPackage
- Data Providers: Improved handling of defaults
- Data Providers: JSON Support for GeoPackage
- Data Providers: JSON/JSONB Type support
- Data Providers: Load/save style in database for GPKG and Spatialite
- Data Providers: Mesh layer: New mesh layer format support
- Data Providers: Mesh layer: add function to identify value on mesh layers
- Data Providers: Mesh layer: allow to choose different vector and scalar dataset
- Data Providers: New unified 'add layer' dialog
- Data Providers: OAuth2 authentication method plugin
- Data Providers: Open service info for ArcGIS Feature Server layers
- Data Providers: Postgres provider: save primary key selection
- Data Providers: Read only support for curved Oracle geometries
- Data Providers: Restrict table list for a Oracle database connection to a preset schema
- Data Providers: SQL Server - Invalid geometry handling
- Data Providers: Support all GDAL writable raster formats for 'Save as' dialog on raster layers
- Data Providers: Support for HStore in PostGIS data provider
- Data Providers: Support for Z/M geometries in spatialite provider
- Data Providers: Support for mesh layer
- Data Providers: Unique and not-null constraint handling
- Data Providers: dxf export: support reprojection
- Data Providers: hstore support to the postgres provider
- Data Providers: support for Z/M geometries in memory provider
- Diagrams: Data definable properties
- Digitising: Add reverse line maptools
- Digitising: Automatically remove duplicate nodes
- Digitising: Chanied add vertex at endpoint
- Digitising: Check for geometry validity
- Digitising: Floating widget for advanced input next to cursor
- Digitising: GPS tracking improvements
- Digitising: Geometry Precision
- Digitising: Georeferencer enhancements
- Digitising: More angle choices in advanced digitizing dock
- Digitising: New option to avoid minimizing georeferencer when adding points
- Digitising: Topology checks while editing
- Digitising: Vertex tool can work on the current layer only
- Digitizing: Add default Z value option
- Digitizing: Move feature now benefits from Advanced Digitizing
- Digitizing: Range vertex selection in node tool
- Digitizing: Tracing with offset
- Digitizing: add functionality to copy/move feature to move feature map tool
- Expressions: Add order by support to expression aggregate and concatenation functions
- Expressions: Code completion for expression builder
- Expressions: Expose @parent variable in aggregate functions
- Expressions: File Information
- Expressions: More helpful expression builder
- Expressions: New Expression Functions
- Expressions: New expression functions
- Expressions: New expression functions and variables
- Expressions: New expression variables
- Expressions: New expression variables for map settings
- Expressions: New map expression variables
- Expressions: Square brackets to easily access map array elements
- Expressions: Support aggregation of geometry in expressions
- Expressions: item_variables expression function inside compositions
- Expressions: new global expression variable @qgis_locale
- Forms and Widgets: Add between/not between to numerical fields in select by form
- Forms and Widgets: Add layer scoped actions
- Forms and Widgets: Add zoom to features and flash features shortcuts in select by form dialog
- Forms and Widgets: Allow browsing feature list
- Forms and Widgets: Allow configuring link/unlink feature buttons on relation editor widget
- Forms and Widgets: Allow controlling labels for individual edit widgets
- Forms and Widgets: Allow using a URL for custom attribute forms (UI file)
- Forms and Widgets: Drill-down (cascading) forms
- Forms and Widgets: Field constraints can be enforced or not
- Forms and Widgets: Multi-column layout for multiselect value relation widget
- Forms and Widgets: New form widget for binary (blob) fields
- Forms and Widgets: Show field values in autocompleter in form filter mode
- Forms and Widgets: Smarter default edit widgets with plugins to pick them
- Forms and Widgets: conditional visibility for tabs and groupboxes
- General: Add a toggle action to vector layer legend items
- General: FULL screen Map via Ctrl-Shift-Tab
- General: Filtering for field values in Query Builder
- General: Flatpak
- General: Improved "missing layer" handling on project load
- General: Migrate Photo, WebView and FileName widgets to Attachment
- General: New zipped project file format .qgz is now the default format
- General: OpenCL based acceleration
- General: Optional setting for disabling version checks
- General: Possibility to configure location of the QGIS help files
- General: Remove dxf2shp converter plugin
- General: Remove orphaned oracle raster plugin
- General: Remove zonal stats plugin
- General: SVG files can be embedded in projects and symbols
- General: remove TauDEM provider from core Processing
- General: removed otb and lidartools providers from processing
- Labeling: Allow label font size in mm/pixels
- Labeling: Custom labeling toolbar is now always enabled
- Layer Legend: Change of ergonomy of the visibility of layers inside groups
- Layer Legend: Copy&Paste Group/Layers from a QGIS project to another.
- Layer Legend: Hide Deselected Layers action
- Layer Legend: Optional text on top of symbols for vector layers
- Map Composer: 3d map items
- Map Composer: Allow choice of CRS for map items
- Map Composer: Allow customization of line spacing for composer legend item labels
- Map Composer: Better formatting for scalebar text
- Map Composer: Control over drawing of composer table grid horizontal & vertical lines
- Map Composer: Control over stacking position of map overview extents
- Map Composer: Data definable controls
- Map Composer: Data defined table source for attribute table items
- Map Composer: Drag qpt to QGIS to create new composer from template
- Map Composer: Expressions inside legend item text
- Map Composer: Grid frame improvements
- Map Composer: Holding shift while drawing polyline/polygon constrains     line angles
- Map Composer: Improved handling of text and label export
- Map Composer: Layout items can "block" map labels
- Map Composer: Map Composer Overhaul
- Map Composer: Map labeling improvements
- Map Composer: New expression variables for legend items
- Map Composer: Project metadata embedded in layout exports
- Map Composer: Rework of map item extent/scale shortcuts
- Map Composer: Warnings on exports
- Map Tools: Auto "Zoom to Selection" mode for new map views
- Map Tools: Cartesian areas/lengths/perimeters in identify results
- Map Tools: Choice of simplification method for simplify map tool
- Map Tools: Identify Tool with extra options
- Map Tools: Identify tool supports mesh layers
- Map Tools: Simplify map tool can now also smooth features
- Map Tools: Store also expanded/collapsed state of nodes in map Themes
- Map Tools: Title label decoration
- Map Tools: Top/bottom centering placement for decoration items
- Map Tools: Vertex tool fixes and improvements
- Map Tools: add zoom to related feature in forms
- Notable Fixes: Support for curves in DXF export
- Plugins: Adding query history in DB Manager
- Plugins: DB Manager SQL execution in background
- Plugins: GDALTools moved to Processing
- Plugins: Offline Editing GeoPackage
- Plugins: Offline editing: Add flag to only copy selected features
- Plugins: Remove trusted status from Plugin Manager
- Plugins: Support for encrypted zips in the Plugin Manager
- Plugins: allow installing plugins from local ZIP packages
- Processing:  New algorithm for offsetting lines
- Processing:  resampling and format options in the gdaladdo algorithm
- Processing: "Array of Translated Features" algorithm
- Processing: "Array of offset (parallel) lines" algorithm
- Processing: "Categorize a layer using a style XML file" algorithm
- Processing: "Drape features to z/m" algorithms
- Processing: "Interpolate point on line" algorithm
- Processing: "Precalculated" values for model algorithm parameters
- Processing: "Raster pixels to points" algorithm
- Processing: 'Project points (Cartesian)' algorithm
- Processing: Add "Save layer styles into GeoPackage" option for Package Layers algorithm
- Processing: Add choice of simplification method to simplify
- Processing: Algorithm log can be saved/cleared/copied
- Processing: Allow rounding values in ExtentFromLayer
- Processing: Angle threshold for smooth algorithm
- Processing: Better support for Z/M dimensions and curved geometries
- Processing: Choice of units for non degree/unknown distances
- Processing: Create attribute index algorithm
- Processing: Download a file from Processing
- Processing: Dynamic parameter values for more algorithms
- Processing: Edit in place
- Processing: Explode HStore algorithm
- Processing: Export processing models as PDF/SVG
- Processing: Extract Binary Field algorithm
- Processing: Extract Z values and Extract M values algorithms
- Processing: Extract by attribute can extract for null/notnull values
- Processing: Feature filter algorithm for processing models
- Processing: Filter Vertices by M and Filter Vertices by Z algorithms
- Processing: Force right-hand-rule
- Processing: Generate raster XYZ tiles
- Processing: Generic centroid algorithm
- Processing: Geodesic line split at antimeridian algorithm
- Processing: Geodesic mode for "Join by Lines (Hub lines)" algorithm
- Processing: Import geotagged photos
- Processing: Improved 'Join by attribute table' algorithm
- Processing: Improved algorithms
- Processing: Improved processing modeler window
- Processing: Indicator for distance parameter units
- Processing: Interpolation algorithms
- Processing: Join attributes by nearest
- Processing: K Means clustering algorithm
- Processing: Line sinuosity in "Add Geometry Attributes"
- Processing: Line substring algorithm
- Processing: Load script from template
- Processing: Multi-ring buffer (constant distance) algorithm
- Processing: Network analysis algorithms
- Processing: New "segmentize" algorithms
- Processing: New 'Raster pixels to polygons' algorithm
- Processing: New 'drop geometries' algorithm
- Processing: New GDAL's rearrange band algorithm
- Processing: New algorithm "Remove duplicates by attribute"
- Processing: New algorithm for single sided buffers
- Processing: New algorithm for translating (moving) points
- Processing: New algorithm to compute geometry by expression
- Processing: New algorithm to extend lines
- Processing: New algorithm to extract specific nodes
- Processing: New algorithm to orthogonalize geometries
- Processing: New algorithm to truncate tables
- Processing: New extract by expression algorithm
- Processing: New input type for expressions
- Processing: New options to autofill batch processing dialog
- Processing: New parameter type for authentication config
- Processing: New raster unique values report algorithm
- Processing: New universal 'basic stats for field' algorithm
- Processing: Optimised points along geometry algorithm
- Processing: Option to create points on all polygon parts
- Processing: Overlap Analysis
- Processing: Port Union, Difference and Intersection algorithms to C++
- Processing: Port heatmap plugin to processing algorithm
- Processing: Python scripts which implement algorithms now execute the algorithm on drag and drop and browser double click
- Processing: Raster Surface Volume algorithm
- Processing: Raster analysis algorithms added to Processing
- Processing: Raster zonal stats algorithm
- Processing: Reclassify raster algorithms
- Processing: Resurrected model to Python script functionality
- Processing: Rotate Features algorithm
- Processing: Sample Raster Values
- Processing: Snap geometries to layer algorithm
- Processing: Sort order option for "Add Incremental Field"
- Processing: Split Lines by Maximum Length algorithm
- Processing: SplitWithLines
- Processing: Store models inside project
- Processing: Swap x/y coordinate values algorithm
- Processing: Variable width buffers
- Processing: Wedge buffer algorithm
- Processing: Zonal histogram
- Processing: add a spatialite execute SQL algorithm
- Processing: add import into spatialite algorithm
- Processing: add search to Get Scripts and Models dialog
- Processing: added ?invalid feature handling? option
- Processing: algorithm to fix invalid geometries using native makeValid() implementation
- Processing: dbscan spatial clustering algorithm
- Processing: expose zonal statistics from Zonal statistics plugin in toolbox
- Processing: improved Extract nodes algorithm
- Processing: k-neighbour concave hull
- Processing: pole of inaccessibility algorithm
- Processing: remove TauDEM provider from core Processing
- Processing: support for output geometry types in models
- Programmability: API for calculating Geodesic lines
- Programmability: API to allow drag'n'drop of custom browser items
- Programmability: Add REGEXP SQL syntax support to spatialite provider and python connections
- Programmability: Blocking (non-async) network requests
- Programmability: Custom validity checks on layout exports
- Programmability: Easier Processing algorithm creation via @alg decorator
- Programmability: Geometry class updates
- Programmability: Improved QgsLineString PyQGIS API
- Programmability: Iterate over parts of a QgsGeometry
- Programmability: New class QgsExifTools
- Programmability: New geometry API call to return a curve substring
- Programmability: PyQGIS Geometry Collection API improvements
- Programmability: QgsRasterDataProvider::sample method for efficient sampling of rasters at a given point
- Programmability: QgsSpatialIndexKDBush
- Programmability: Task manager
- Programmability: sip Module API Changes
- QGIS Server:  Support QGIS Server logs to stderr
- QGIS Server: Add ability to define min. scale for WMTS
- QGIS Server: Allow configuring size for GetLegendGraphics
- QGIS Server: Possibility to segmentize feature info geometry in server
- QGIS Server: Possibility to set ATLAS_PK in GetPrint request to print atlas sheet(s)
- QGIS Server: QGIS Server overhaul
- QGIS Server: Server Cache can be manage by plugins
- QGIS Server: WMTS 1.0.0 support
- QGIS Server: WMTS tile matrices configuration
- Rendering: Cache labeling result to avoid unnecessary redraws     when refreshing canvas
- Rendering: Custom SVG path and size for the north arrow decoration
- Rendering: Grid renderer for points displacement
- Rendering: Improved map Copyright decoration
- Rendering: Live layer support
- Rendering: Main window scale bar font size and family can be customized
- Symbology:  New "preset" colors color ramp option
- Symbology: Add Points  and Inches to available symbol units
- Symbology: Allow strings for font markers
- Symbology: Allow symbol layers to be temporarily disabled
- Symbology: Annotations can be styled using fill symbol styles
- Symbology: Average line angles for marker and hashed line
- Symbology: Better handling of .XML style libraries
- Symbology: Classify symmetric in graduated renderer
- Symbology: Control over annotation contents margins
- Symbology: Data defined symbol layer visibility
- Symbology: Mesh layer styling
- Symbology: New color ramp button widget
- Symbology: Nicer colors for new layers
- Symbology: Offset setting for point pattern fill symbol layer
- Symbology: Option for simple lines and marker lines to only render exterior ring or interior rings
- Symbology: Option to merge categories in categorized renderer
- Symbology: Optionally force right-hand-rule during polygon symbol rendering
- Symbology: Point cluster renderer
- Symbology: Raster fill can have images set to remote URLs or embedded images
- Symbology: Raster image marker
- Symbology: Raster stretch toolbar actions support for pseudocolor renderer
- Symbology: Show Project Colors in color bound data defined buttons
- Symbology: Show an alpha slider in color button drop-down menu
- Symbology: Style management re-work and upgrade
- Symbology: Style manager dialog improvements
- Symbology: Support setting of color and transparency on multiple items for raster renderers
- Symbology: Transparency support for paletted renderer
- Symbology: Use represention values for classified renderers
- Symbology: raster auto-stretching when updating canvas
- Symbology: save and restore color ramp used for singleband pseudocolor rendering
- User Interface: A new grayscale theme, "blend of gray"
- User Interface: Add an option to show user color schemes menus
- User Interface: Add support for fine-resolution mouse wheel zooming
- User Interface: Allow customizing prefix of locator filters
- User Interface: Auto selection of exported files in file manager
- User Interface: Bookmark searching in locator
- User Interface: Close and Revert Project actions
- User Interface: Color setting for map canvas north arrow decoration
- User Interface: Configurable map tips delay
- User Interface: Copy statistics panel content to clipboard button
- User Interface: Enable tabbed floating docks
- User Interface: Hyperlinks to local vector & raster datasets in the information panel
- User Interface: Improved consistency to the user interface
- User Interface: Improved map canvas' save as image
- User Interface: Indicators for embedded layers and groups
- User Interface: Layers panel: indicators for filtered map layers
- User Interface: Locator bar
- User Interface: More non-blocking, inline editing
- User Interface: Move layer or group to top of layer panel
- User Interface: Multiline selections and editing in code/expression editors
- User Interface: New "Open Directory" option for disabled welcome page projects
- User Interface: Opening of vector and raster stored on HTTP(S), FTP, or cloud services
- User Interface: Polished browser panel interface and experience
- User Interface: QML chart and drawings widget
- User Interface: Quick calculator in locator search bar
- User Interface: Save to Template Button
- User Interface: Search Settings, Options, and Project Properties pages from locator
- User Interface: Shortcuts for toggling panels
- User Interface: Style manager improvements
- User Interface: Task manager improvements
- User Interface: Toggle visibility of opened panels in main window
- User Interface: UX Improvements for Temporary Scratch Layers
- User Interface: Unsaved changes indicator in title bar
- User Interface: add search bar to the Configure Shortcuts dialog


 geography/qgis/Makefile                                                   |    30 +-
 geography/qgis/PLIST                                                      |   867 ++-
 geography/qgis/PLIST.python                                               |  3127 +---------
 geography/qgis/distinfo                                                   |    20 +-
 geography/qgis/                                                 |     7 +-
 geography/qgis/patches/patch-CMakeLists.txt                               |    29 -
 geography/qgis/patches/patch-cmake_FindGDAL.cmake                         |    25 -
 geography/qgis/patches/patch-cmake_FindGEOS.cmake                         |    25 -
 geography/qgis/patches/patch-cmake_FindPostgres.cmake                     |    50 -
 geography/qgis/patches/patch-cmake_FindQwt.cmake                          |    31 +
 geography/qgis/patches/patch-src_analysis_interpolation_qgsinterpolator.h |    12 +
 geography/qgis/patches/patch-src_core_CMakeLists.txt                      |    27 +-
 geography/qgis/patches/patch-src_core_qgsapplication.cpp                  |    50 +-
 13 files changed, 979 insertions(+), 3321 deletions(-)

diffs (truncated from 5706 to 300 lines):

diff -r 2464cb3eaf0e -r ccbb25372781 geography/qgis/Makefile
--- a/geography/qgis/Makefile   Tue Oct 29 19:17:19 2019 +0000
+++ b/geography/qgis/Makefile   Tue Oct 29 19:30:11 2019 +0000
@@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.78 2019/08/22 12:23:16 ryoon Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.79 2019/10/29 19:30:11 bouyer Exp $
-DISTNAME=      qgis-2.18.28
+DISTNAME=      qgis-3.8.3
 CATEGORIES=    geography
 EXTRACT_SUFX=  .tar.bz2
@@ -15,18 +14,15 @@
 USE_LANGUAGES=         c c++ fortran77
 USE_LIBTOOL=           yes
-USE_TOOLS+=            cmake bison flex perl
+USE_TOOLS+=            cmake bison flex perl pkg-config
 # Due to gmake specific quoting of $ and spaces in filenames, we must use gmake
 USE_TOOLS+=            gmake
 PLIST_SRC=             PLIST
 .include ""
-DEPENDS+=     qca2-ossl-[0-9]*:../../security/qca2-ossl
-DEPENDS+=     qt4-sqlite3-[0-9]*:../../x11/qt4-sqlite3
+DEPENDS+=     qca2-qt5-ossl-[0-9]*:../../security/qca2-qt5-ossl
 # This is needed to find qca2.
@@ -45,6 +41,7 @@
 SUBST_SED.xapple+=             -e 's,MACOSX_BUNDLE ,,'
 # Useful for package development:
@@ -54,9 +51,11 @@
        ${MKDIR} ${WRKSRC}/build
-.include "../../devel/qjson/"
+.include "../../archivers/libzip/"
+##.include "../../devel/qjson/"
 .include "../../geography/gdal-lib/"
 .include "../../geography/proj/"
+.include "../../graphics/exiv2/"
 .include "../../graphics/tiff/"
 .include "../../math/gsl/"
 .include "../../textproc/expat/"
@@ -64,10 +63,13 @@
 .include "../../databases/sqlite3/"
 .include "../../geography/libspatialite/"
 .include "../../geography/spatialindex/"
-.include "../../security/qca2/"
-.include "../../x11/qt4-tools/"
-.include "../../x11/qt4-libs/"
-.include "../../x11/qwt-qt4/"
-.include "../../x11/qt4-qscintilla/"
+.include "../../security/qca2-qt5/"
+.include "../../security/qt5-qtkeychain/"
+.include "../../x11/qt5-qtbase/"
+.include "../../x11/qt5-qttools/"
+.include "../../x11/qwt6-qt5/"
+.include "../../x11/qt5-qscintilla/"
+.include "../../x11/qt5-qtserialport/"
+.include "../../x11/qt5-qtlocation/"
 .include "../../mk/"
 .include "../../mk/"
diff -r 2464cb3eaf0e -r ccbb25372781 geography/qgis/PLIST
--- a/geography/qgis/PLIST      Tue Oct 29 19:17:19 2019 +0000
+++ b/geography/qgis/PLIST      Tue Oct 29 19:30:11 2019 +0000
@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
-@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.9 2018/02/19 12:51:56 ryoon Exp $
+@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.10 2019/10/29 19:30:11 bouyer Exp $
@@ -7,48 +6,66 @@
@@ -78,47 +95,62 @@
@@ -126,198 +158,224 @@

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