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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/emulators/sameboy sameboy: Update to 0.12.2

branches:  trunk
changeset: 340101:675f37f4a49e
user:      nia <>
date:      Sun Sep 22 12:38:24 2019 +0000

sameboy: Update to 0.12.2

New/Improved Features

    The Quick Look previewer now produces color-corrected thumbnails
    The debugger now supports a wider range of symbol files

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes

    Fixed a bug where samples in the wave channel were treated as if they?re 0, effectively muting the channel in some cases.
    Fixed a regression that caused some PPU test ROMs to fail
    More accurate emulation of memory access conflicts on the Super Game Boy
    When emulating a Super Game Boy, built-in palettes for select games are now emulated
    Accuracy improvements to Super Game Boy?s multiplayer mode
    Super Game Boy and Game Boy Advance now have their own color correction filters

Bug Fixes

    Improvements to audio in the SDL port, affecting some machines
    Fixed a bug where the SDL port loaded the wrong boot ROM when emulating Super Game Boy 2
    Fixed broken audio on libretro when used with some RetroArch audio drivers
    Fixed a potential crash when closing a window in the Cocoa port
    Fixed libretro achievements
    Fixed major performence issues in the Cocoa port that affected some Macs, especially when emulating the original Super Game Boy

Misc Internal Changes

    The emulation core now supports emulating a Super Game Boy without high level emulation of the SNES or SFC. SameBoy is now used for Game Boy emulation by bsnes, allowing extremely accurate 
low-level emulation of Super Game Boy.
    Made it possible to compile the SDL port with older SDL versions
    Compression improvements to the CGB and AGB boot ROMs


 emulators/sameboy/Makefile.common |   4 ++--
 emulators/sameboy/distinfo        |  10 +++++-----
 2 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

diffs (29 lines):

diff -r 645ff01fe9c6 -r 675f37f4a49e emulators/sameboy/Makefile.common
--- a/emulators/sameboy/Makefile.common Sun Sep 22 12:11:06 2019 +0000
+++ b/emulators/sameboy/Makefile.common Sun Sep 22 12:38:24 2019 +0000
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile.common,v 1.1 2019/07/18 10:44:57 nia Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile.common,v 1.2 2019/09/22 12:38:24 nia Exp $
 # used by emulators/sameboy/Makefile
 # used by emulators/libretro-sameboy/Makefile
-DISTNAME=      sameboy-0.12.1
+DISTNAME=      sameboy-0.12.2
 CATEGORIES=    emulators
 GITHUB_PROJECT=        SameBoy
diff -r 645ff01fe9c6 -r 675f37f4a49e emulators/sameboy/distinfo
--- a/emulators/sameboy/distinfo        Sun Sep 22 12:11:06 2019 +0000
+++ b/emulators/sameboy/distinfo        Sun Sep 22 12:38:24 2019 +0000
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.1 2019/07/18 10:44:57 nia Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.2 2019/09/22 12:38:24 nia Exp $
-SHA1 (sameboy-0.12.1.tar.gz) = 834f746e6f6e7979a89282b6ccf6591e7a995bde
-RMD160 (sameboy-0.12.1.tar.gz) = 806694f76a86b3b347b5a5a1ca25336b3fdbfcef
-SHA512 (sameboy-0.12.1.tar.gz) = c02c2d77a514dea110c1ffee56291b69e7b44fe41975c03a8df332ed3a5417c2eec71ae1ae5c8fde27b698bd19d803f1102788e34855436ba4cd06a024bd20e6
-Size (sameboy-0.12.1.tar.gz) = 2533327 bytes
+SHA1 (sameboy-0.12.2.tar.gz) = 53610a2d308fc178866ebdfc129c28a17f0bff67
+RMD160 (sameboy-0.12.2.tar.gz) = 09f80f148973ccc7812983d0c921f0aadfce8de2
+SHA512 (sameboy-0.12.2.tar.gz) = 38319ff592fe7f3008843c27e3aa6726d54ca1f8290a1e414b35cb00dd7d90d95767413951ba3a3b21e9c7eb3b28d01ad33ad519abc81b5d5f6d30f30e21ce6a
+Size (sameboy-0.12.2.tar.gz) = 2538162 bytes

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