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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/www/py-aiohttp py-aiohttp: updated to 3.6.0

branches:  trunk
changeset: 339127:1afba891f421
user:      adam <>
date:      Sat Sep 07 07:09:27 2019 +0000

py-aiohttp: updated to 3.6.0

- Add support for Named Pipes (Site and Connector) under Windows. This feature requires Proactor event loop to work.
- Removed `Transfer-Encoding: chunked` header from websocket responses to be compatible with more http proxy servers.
- Accept non-GET request for starting websocket handshake on server side.

- Raise a ClientResponseError instead of an AssertionError for a blank
  HTTP Reason Phrase.
- Fix an issue where cookies would sometimes not be set during a redirect.
- Change normalize_path_middleware to use 308 redirect instead of 301.
  This behavior should prevent clients from being unable to use PUT/POST
  methods on endpoints that are redirected because of a trailing slash.
- Drop the processed task from ``all_tasks()`` list early. It prevents logging about a task with unhandled exception when the server is used in conjunction with ````.
- ``Signal`` type annotation changed from `Signal[Callable[['TraceConfig'], Awaitable[None]]]` to `Signal[Callable[ClientSession, SimpleNamespace, ...]`.
- Use sanitized URL as Location header in redirects
- Improve typing annotations for along with changes required
  by mypy in files that references
- Close session created inside ``aiohttp.request`` when unhandled exception occurs
- Cleanup per-chunk data in generic data read. Memory leak fixed.
- Use correct type for add_view and family
- Fix _keepalive field in __slots__ of web_protocol.RequestHandler.
- Properly handle ConnectionResetError, to silence the "Cannot write to closing
  transport" exception when clients disconnect uncleanly.
- Suppress pytest warnings due to test util classes
- Fix overshadowing of overlapped subbaps prefixes.
- Fixed return type annotation for WSMessage.json()
- Properly expose TooManyRedirects publicly as documented.
- Fix missing brackets for IPv6 in proxy CONNECT request
- Make the signature of `aiohttp.test_utils.TestClient.request` match `asyncio.ClientSession.request` according to the docs
- Use correct style for re-exported imports, makes mypy ``--strict`` mode happy.
- Fixed type annotation for add_view method of UrlDispatcher to accept any subclass of View
- Made cython HTTP parser set Reason-Phrase of the response to an empty string if it is missing.
- Add URL to the string representation of ClientResponseError.
- Accept istr keys in LooseHeaders type hints.
- Fixed race conditions in _resolve_host caching and throttling when tracing is enabled.
- For URLs like "unix://localhost/..." set Host HTTP header to "localhost" instead of "localhost:None".


 www/py-aiohttp/Makefile |   4 ++--
 www/py-aiohttp/distinfo |  10 +++++-----
 2 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

diffs (27 lines):

diff -r df6d9462a225 -r 1afba891f421 www/py-aiohttp/Makefile
--- a/www/py-aiohttp/Makefile   Sat Sep 07 07:02:13 2019 +0000
+++ b/www/py-aiohttp/Makefile   Sat Sep 07 07:09:27 2019 +0000
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.38 2019/04/26 13:14:20 maya Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.39 2019/09/07 07:09:27 adam Exp $
-DISTNAME=      aiohttp-3.5.4
+DISTNAME=      aiohttp-3.6.0
 CATEGORIES=    www python
diff -r df6d9462a225 -r 1afba891f421 www/py-aiohttp/distinfo
--- a/www/py-aiohttp/distinfo   Sat Sep 07 07:02:13 2019 +0000
+++ b/www/py-aiohttp/distinfo   Sat Sep 07 07:09:27 2019 +0000
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.36 2019/01/15 22:12:20 adam Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.37 2019/09/07 07:09:27 adam Exp $
-SHA1 (aiohttp-3.5.4.tar.gz) = f64f337e6a5f6956c3d2b28d992fcdde316bca14
-RMD160 (aiohttp-3.5.4.tar.gz) = dbbd6a9edc93631784ac714a55aaf52675b8f121
-SHA512 (aiohttp-3.5.4.tar.gz) = 9bc31457029f7db5bbfe1e213c1f428bf90ac96d83b6d2c8838261a3910ab9f7632a4299618377acb1bed04b0cbb4b4f6d9ee814495c05f210ed9bb4f4c61714
-Size (aiohttp-3.5.4.tar.gz) = 1097647 bytes
+SHA1 (aiohttp-3.6.0.tar.gz) = 512f22458acaaece733945b3a72732a6c05773f4
+RMD160 (aiohttp-3.6.0.tar.gz) = 6763677d053fec4552fcabe30130d4de2e1220a2
+SHA512 (aiohttp-3.6.0.tar.gz) = 90a0c55b5f20fc7cc14d138fca93206a7b64ac069fbd81c77b5373985236c0c09b44bd167be58129ce2e4f2bdefe59891d6d52938f9fe04c462d4aea6af67d9d
+Size (aiohttp-3.6.0.tar.gz) = 1110800 bytes

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