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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/net/mtr mtr: update to 0.93.

branches:  trunk
changeset: 337941:be1d5cc4a73d
user:      wiz <>
date:      Fri Aug 16 09:41:47 2019 +0000

mtr: update to 0.93.

    Adam (1):
          Update README

    Adrien Gallou?t (1):
          Add a help line for the t command in curses

    Alexander Blesius (1):
          convert README to markdown

    Arkadiusz Mi?kiewicz (2):
          Also try SOCK_RAW/IPPROTO_ICMP when other fail.
          mtr to a unreachable host is possible again.

    Ben Williams (2):
          added UI hotkeys description (from internal help) to NOTES section in mtr man page
          renamed NOTES to INTERACTIVE CONTROL as per discussion in pull request

    Chonggang Li (4):
          mtr-packet: use ICMP and UDP without privilege on linux
          mtr-packet: fix Windows compilation
          mtr-packet: fix compilation on OS X
          mtr-packet: fix a bug causing IPv6 raw socket not working

    Markus K?tter (7):
          set udp checksum
          automake - configure show build options
          sockaddr - unify access to sockaddr_in/6 port & address
          probe - use INET6_ADDRSTRLEN
          probe - extend matching to src/dst host&port
          sockaddr - save a cast accessing the port
          construct - fix set port

    Matt Kimball (7):
          mtr-packet: report ICMP destination unreachable probes as "no route to host"
          ui: display "no route to host" error as host entry rather than abort
          json: Fix malformed json when the "hubs" list is empty
          commandline: Added --interface for using a named network interface
          Link portability/error.c with mtr-packet when missing on MacOS
          Mention Python mtrpacket package in mtr-packet man page
          Rework Cygwin mtr-packet to respond to signals (such as SIGTERM)

    R.E. Wolff (15):
          fixed some outdated text in README.
          minor changes top help Windows compilation on 32 bit machines
          fix #204 : added exec of mtr-packet in the place where mtr was started
                from. Quick and dirty, There is probably a better place to declare variables.
          Alternative 'skip uid 0 checks on cygwin' to adpoliak's implmentation
          fix stupid typo. Thanks adpoliak!
          possible fix for mac terminal 100% problem
          Sami Kerola: prevent MTR reporting unknown revision
          Merge branch 'master' of
          fixed split like for macos
          better fix. to dave's problem.
          -f equals -m fix from yvs2014
          rewritten weiyixuan's patch
          fixed typo
          Netbsd build fixes thanks to yvs2014
          Merge branch 'master' of

    Robert Scheck (1):
          Update incorrect FSF address

    Rogier Wolff (3):
          Fixed issue #286
          Manpage fix for Darwin by Matt. Rewritten by REW
          Added parentheses

    SaintBol (9):
          Update protocols.h
          Update deconstruct_unix.c
          Update probe.c
          Update probe.h
          Update cmdpipe.c
          Update curses.c
          Update mtr.h
          Update report.c

    Sami Kerola (1):
          mtr-packet: make address-not-available errors less likely

    Samuel Henrique (1):
          [typo] s/allows to/allows one to/

    Tobias Rittweiler (2):
          Add a .dir-locals.el file for Emacs.
          Replace perror(...); exit(...); by error(...);

    divinity76 (1):
          use setup.exe's package manager mode, replacing apt-cyg

    tk (1):
          Fix typo (resove -> resolve)

    weiyixuan (3):
          Option -y can not work properly
          Option --ipinfo 1 can not work properly
          for tcp, fix : bind port failed, try next sequence


 net/mtr/Makefile |   5 ++---
 net/mtr/distinfo |  10 +++++-----
 2 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

diffs (28 lines):

diff -r 27ab10bcc2e0 -r be1d5cc4a73d net/mtr/Makefile
--- a/net/mtr/Makefile  Fri Aug 16 09:40:40 2019 +0000
+++ b/net/mtr/Makefile  Fri Aug 16 09:41:47 2019 +0000
@@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.107 2019/07/21 22:25:32 wiz Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.108 2019/08/16 09:41:47 wiz Exp $
-DISTNAME=      mtr-0.92
+DISTNAME=      mtr-0.93
diff -r 27ab10bcc2e0 -r be1d5cc4a73d net/mtr/distinfo
--- a/net/mtr/distinfo  Fri Aug 16 09:40:40 2019 +0000
+++ b/net/mtr/distinfo  Fri Aug 16 09:41:47 2019 +0000
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.49 2017/06/27 12:22:38 wiz Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.50 2019/08/16 09:41:47 wiz Exp $
-SHA1 (mtr-0.92.tar.gz) = 3d568bf712bb1257390375c6953589004aa56c39
-RMD160 (mtr-0.92.tar.gz) = 7a697e13abfb12e50af43c6d493098dc0a7fe803
-SHA512 (mtr-0.92.tar.gz) = d362a418b6c17fd2d08da1ed9e033fa3330e4c0497e1bb0644f6193d23f4e20dd8ee181942c2a20ec0025a8b96c521394a21be5a1d9036f8a0a8c4cddfbe381f
-Size (mtr-0.92.tar.gz) = 296430 bytes
+SHA1 (mtr-0.93.tar.gz) = 853cfaf0a9822e7add3eb82ccdb360e84f36ffa5
+RMD160 (mtr-0.93.tar.gz) = 221c6c7edfb1769dbc9a61405be9c8e1e1c89c2f
+SHA512 (mtr-0.93.tar.gz) = 046e98a661bd6248ce819411ceb6e2b875b92877de38523594898df507836c113573cf40d7d4cc548370f515abe99e0aa4d8b3ba44ad54dd00f8e93c8a96c021
+Size (mtr-0.93.tar.gz) = 291015 bytes

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