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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/www/libmicrohttpd Update libmicrohttpd to 0.9.65.

branches:  trunk
changeset: 336411:ffe255cbfd49
user:      bsiegert <>
date:      Sat Jul 13 16:19:27 2019 +0000

Update libmicrohttpd to 0.9.65.

>From ng0 via pkgsrc-wip.

Fri Jul 05 2019 22:30:40 MSK
        Releasing libmicrohttpd 0.9.65. -EG

Sun Jun 23 2019 21:27:43 MSK
        Many fixes and improvements for connection-specific memory pool:
        * Added asserts;
        * Added testing of reallocation;
        * Reallocation code rewritten to avoid extra allocation, when
          possible to reuse already allocated memory;
        * Large memory pools aligned to system page size;
        * Large memory pools on W32 are cleared more securely after use,
          optimised usage of system memory.
        Better handled connection's memory shortage situations:
        * error response could be sent to client even if all buffer space
          was used;
        * if buffer space become low when receiving, do not allocate last
          buffer space and use small receive blocks instead.
        Improved sending speed by using all available buffer space for
        sending. -EG

Sun Jun 09 2019 20:27:04 MSK
        Releasing libmicrohttpd 0.9.64. -EG

Sun Jun 09 2019 20:03:16 MSK
        Updated HTTP headers, methods and status codes from registries,
        Added scripts to import new headers, methods and status codes from
        Minor doxyget comment fix,
        Added missing MSVS project files to tarball.
        Reodered includes in microhttpd.h -EG

Mon 03 Jun 2019 11:45:52 PM CEST
        Apply MHD_-prefix to hash functions, even if they are not in the
        officially exported API. -CG/DB

Sun Jun 02 01:52:11 MSK 2019
        Support usage of SOCK_NOSIGPIPE on Solaris 11.4 and NetBSD 7+,
        finally avoid SIGPIPE on Solaris. -EG

Sat Jun 01 22:51:50 MSK 2019
        Do not report errors if AF_UNIX socket is used on *BSD. -EG

Thu May 30 23:32:09 MSK 2019
        Improved detection of 'getsockname()' in configure.
        Avoided using 'getsockname()' in code if not detected. -EG

Sun May 26 23:32:49 MSK 2019
        Fixed some tests on W32. -EG

Sun May 26 23:05:42 MSK 2019
        Better detection of sockaddr member in configure, fixed build on *BSD,
        Fixed compiler warnings,
        Updated and fixed libcurl tests. -EG

Tue May 21 22:12:43 MSK 2019
        Fixed doxygen comments,
        Avoid dropping 'const' qualifier in macros,
        Fixed some compiler warnings,
        Properly support automatic port detections on some platforms,
        Added checks for too long TLS parameters strings. -EG

Tue May 21 17:52:48 MSK 2019
        Spelling fixes. -EG

Mon May 20 15:39:35 MSK 2019
        Compiler warning fixes. -EG/CG
        Fixed example for non-64bits platforms. -EG

Web May 15 23:51:49 MSK 2019
        Optimized and improved processing speed by using precalculated and
        already calculated lengths of strings. -EG

Web May 15 14:54:00 MSK 2019
        Fixed build from source on GNU Hurd. -EG

Mon May  6 11:58:00 MSK 2019
        Updated README and COPYING files. MHD remains LGPLv2.1-licensed. -EG

Fri May  3 20:08:00 MSK 2019
        Store connection's keys and values with sizes;
        Speedup keys search be comparing key length first;
        Added functions for working with keys and values with binary zeros;
        Fixed test_postprocessor_amp to fail on problems. -EG

Wed May  1 16:40:00 MSK 2019
        Reverted change of MHD_KeyValueIterator, implemented MHD_KeyValueIteratorN
        with sizes for connection's key and value to get keys and values
        with binary zeros. -EG

Mon 29 Apr 2019 01:26:39 AM BRT
        Fixed signed/unsigned comparison in example http_chunked_compression.c. -SC/TR

Sun Apr 21 16:40:00 MSK 2019
        Improved compatibility with MSVC compilers;
        Fixed MHD compilation by Clang/LLVM in VS;
        Used MSVC intrinsics for bit rotations and bytes swap;
        Added project files for VS2019. -EG

Fri Apr 19 23:00:00 MSK 2019
        Rewritten SHA-256 calculations from scratch to avoid changing LGPL version;
        Added usage of GCC/Clang built-ins for bytes swap to significantly improve
        speed of MD5 and SHA-256 calculation on platforms with known endianness.
        Added test for SHA-256 calculations. -EG

Wed Apr 17 20:52:00 MSK 2019
        Refactoring of mhd5.c: optimized, dead code removed;
        Faster MD5 calculation on little endian platforms;
        Bit manipulations moved to separate header file.
        Added tests for MD5 calculations. -EG

Mon 15 Apr 2019 05:33:52 PM CEST

Thu Apr 11 11:37:00 MSK 2019
        Fixed MSVC 'Release' builds;
        Fixed usage of MSVC's assert. -EG

Wed Apr 10 14:31:00 MSK 2019
        Improved shell compatibility for 'bootstrap', removed bash-ism.
        Added wrapper script ''. -EG

Mon 08 Apr 2019 03:06:05 PM CEST
        Fix close() checks as suggested by MK on the mailinglist
        (#3926). -MK/CG

Wed 20 Mar 2019 10:20:24 AM CET
        Adding additional "value_length" argument to MHD_KeyValueIterator
        callback to support binary zeros in values.  This is done in a
        backwards-compatible way, but may require adding a cast to existing
        code to avoid a compiler warning. -CG

Sun Feb 10 21:00:37 BRT 2019
        Added example for how to compress a chunked HTTP response. -SC

Sun 10 Feb 2019 05:03:44 PM CET
        Releasing libmicrohttpd 0.9.63. -CG

Sat 09 Feb 2019 01:51:02 PM CET
        Extended test_get to test URI logging and query string parsing
        to avoid regression fixed in previous patch in the future. -CG

Thu Feb  7 16:16:12 CET 2019
        Preliminary patch for the raw query string issue, to be tested. -CG

Tue Jan  8 02:57:21 BRT 2019
        Added minimal example for how to compress HTTP response. -SC

Wed Dec 19 00:06:03 CET 2018
        Check for GNUTLS_E_AGAIN instead of GNUTLS_E_INTERRUPTED when
        giving up on a TLS connection. -LM/CG

Thu Dec 13 22:48:14 CET 2018
        Fix connection timeout logic if in thread-per-connection mode the
        working thread takes longer than the timeout to queue the response. -CG

Tue Dec 11 09:58:32 CET 2018
        Add logic to avoid VLA arrays with compilers that do not support them. -CG

Sat Dec  8 23:15:53 CET 2018
        Fixed missing WSA_FLAG_OVERLAPPED which can cause W32 to block on
        socket races when using threadpool. (See very detailed description
        of the issue in the libmicrohttpd mailinglist post of today.) -JM

Sat Dec  8 22:53:56 CET 2018
        Added test for RFC 7616 and documented new API.
        Releasing libmicrohttpd 0.9.62. -CG

Sat Dec  8 17:34:58 CET 2018
        Adding support for RFC 7616, experimental, needs
        testing and documentation still! -CG

Fri Dec  7 12:37:17 CET 2018
        Add option to build MHD without any threads
        and MHD_FEATURE_THREADS to test for it.  -CG

Thu Dec  6 13:25:08 BRT 2018
        Renamed all occurrences from _model(s)_ to _mode(s)_. -SC

Thu Dec  6 12:50:11 BRT 2018
        Optimized the function MHD_create_response_from_callback() for
        Windows by increasing its internal buffer size and allowed to customize
        it via macro MHD_FD_BLOCK_SIZE. -SC

Thu Dec  6 02:11:15 BRT 2018
        Referenced the gnutls_load_file() function in the HTTPs examples. -SC

Wed Dec  5 18:08:59 CET 2018
        Fix regression causing URLs to be unescaped twice. -CG

Sun Nov 18 13:08:11 CET 2018
        Parse arguments with (properly) escaped URLs correctly.
        (making things work with recent cURL changes, #5473).
        Replace sprintf with snprintf in testcases.
        Releasing libmicrohttpd 0.9.61. -CG

Wed Nov 14 14:01:21 CET 2018
        Fix build issue with GnuTLS < 3.0. -CG

Mon Nov 12 19:50:43 CET 2018
        Fix #5473 (test case failure due to change in libcurl). -eworm

Thu Nov  8 14:53:27 CET 2018
        Add MHD_create_response_from_buffer_with_free_callback. -CG

Tue Nov  6 19:43:47 CET 2018
        Upgrading to gettext 0.19.8.
        Releasing libmicrohttpd 0.9.60. -CG

Thu Nov  1 16:29:59 CET 2018
        Enable using epoll() without listen socket. -JB

Sat Oct 20 12:44:16 CEST 2018
        In thread-per-connection mode, signal main thread for
        thread termination for instant clean-up and application
        notification about closed connections. -CG

Tue Oct 16 20:43:41 CEST 2018
        Add MHD_RF_HTTP_VERSION_1_0_RESPONSE option to make MHD
        act more like an HTTP/1.0 server. -GH

Fri Oct  5 18:44:45 CEST 2018
        MHD_add_response_header() now prevents applications from
        setting a "Transfer-Encoding" header to values other than
        "identity" or "chunked" as other transfer encodings are
        not supported by MHD. (Note that usually MHD will pick the
        transfer encoding correctly automatically, but applications
        can use the header to force a particular behavior.)
        Fixing #5411 (never set Content-length if Transfer-Encoding
        is given). -CG

Sat Jul 14 11:42:15 CEST 2018
        Add MHD_OPTION_GNUTLS_PSK_CRED_HANDLER to allow use of PSK with
        TLS connections. -CG/TM

Sat Jul 14 11:03:37 CEST 2018
        Integrate patch for checking digest authentication based on
        a digest, allowing servers to store passwords only hashed.
        Adding new function MHD_digest_auth_check_digest(). -CG/DB

Sat Mar 10 12:15:35 CET 2018
        Upgrade to gettext- Switching to more canonical
        gettext integration. -CG

Fri Mar  2 21:44:24 CET 2018
        Ensure MHD_RequestCompletedCallback is always called from
        the correct thread (even on shutdown and for upgraded connections). -CG

Tue Feb 27 23:27:02 CET 2018
        Ensure MHD_RequestCompletedCallback is also called for
        upgraded connections. -CG

Fri Feb 16 03:09:33 CET 2018
        Fixing #5278 as suggested by reporter. -CG/texec

Thu Feb  1 10:12:22 CET 2018
        Releasing GNU libicrohttpd 0.9.59. -CG

Thu Feb  1 08:39:50 CET 2018
        Fix masking operation. -CG/silvioprog

Mon Jan 29 17:33:54 CET 2018
        Fix deadlock when failing to prepare chunked response
        (#5260). -CG/ghaderer

Thu Jan  4 12:24:33 CET 2018
        Fix __clang_major__ related warnings for non-clang
        compilers reported by Tim on the mailinglist. -CG

Mon Dec 11 17:11:00 MSK 2017
        Fixed tests on platforms with huge number of CPUs.
        Doxygen configuration was updated.
        Various doxygen fixes. -EG

Mon Dec 07 21:08:00 MSK 2017
        Releasing GNU libmicrohttpd 0.9.58. -EG

Mon Dec 07 16:01:00 MSK 2017
        Fixed HTTPS tests on modern platforms. -EG

Mon Dec 04 15:43:00 MSK 2017
        Minor documentation installation fixes. -EG

Mon Nov 27 22:58:38 CET 2017
        Tolerate AF_UNIX when trying to determine our binding port
        from socket.  Use `sockaddr_storage` instead of trying to
        guess the sockaddr type before calling getsockname(). -CG


 www/libmicrohttpd/Makefile |  13 +++++++------
 www/libmicrohttpd/PLIST    |   3 ++-
 www/libmicrohttpd/distinfo |  10 +++++-----
 3 files changed, 14 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)

diffs (62 lines):

diff -r 48c39f5e4b82 -r ffe255cbfd49 www/libmicrohttpd/Makefile
--- a/www/libmicrohttpd/Makefile        Sat Jul 13 16:04:28 2019 +0000
+++ b/www/libmicrohttpd/Makefile        Sat Jul 13 16:19:27 2019 +0000
@@ -1,23 +1,24 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.41 2019/07/01 04:08:52 ryoon Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.42 2019/07/13 16:19:27 bsiegert Exp $
-DISTNAME=      libmicrohttpd-0.9.57
+DISTNAME=      libmicrohttpd-0.9.65
 MASTER_SITES=  ${MASTER_SITE_GNU:=libmicrohttpd/}
 COMMENT=       Small C library to run an HTTP server as part of another app
 LICENSE=       gnu-lgpl-v2.1
 USE_LIBTOOL=           yes
-USE_TOOLS+=            pkg-config
+USE_TOOLS+=            pkg-config gettext
 GNU_CONFIGURE=         yes
 INFO_FILES=            yes
 TEST_TARGET=           check
+CONFIGURE_ARGS+=       --enable-nls
+.include "../../devel/gettext-lib/"
 .include "../../security/libgcrypt/"
 .include "../../security/gnutls/"
 .include "../../www/curl/"
diff -r 48c39f5e4b82 -r ffe255cbfd49 www/libmicrohttpd/PLIST
--- a/www/libmicrohttpd/PLIST   Sat Jul 13 16:04:28 2019 +0000
+++ b/www/libmicrohttpd/PLIST   Sat Jul 13 16:19:27 2019 +0000
@@ -1,7 +1,8 @@
-@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.4 2015/11/21 09:33:45 wiz Exp $
+@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.5 2019/07/13 16:19:27 bsiegert Exp $
diff -r 48c39f5e4b82 -r ffe255cbfd49 www/libmicrohttpd/distinfo
--- a/www/libmicrohttpd/distinfo        Sat Jul 13 16:04:28 2019 +0000
+++ b/www/libmicrohttpd/distinfo        Sat Jul 13 16:19:27 2019 +0000
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.25 2017/11/29 14:05:44 wiz Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.26 2019/07/13 16:19:27 bsiegert Exp $
-SHA1 (libmicrohttpd-0.9.57.tar.gz) = 4c878e72039cff747355ce3c2d9a8fe05bb6c9cb
-RMD160 (libmicrohttpd-0.9.57.tar.gz) = e97779436e49d0f43f4885fd423fc347dae25bab
-SHA512 (libmicrohttpd-0.9.57.tar.gz) = 996a59b1bc950320f21df095d3e24e1e6a6e4204095eb84e7dc5e5ed296b1dbe553459b227ba6cc93f60721f1975f778ece8c7c1c10e9168d030fba46675eed3
-Size (libmicrohttpd-0.9.57.tar.gz) = 1332713 bytes
+SHA1 (libmicrohttpd-0.9.65.tar.gz) = 6b157559cefb62a7e0368bbbc60443a0924e8f74
+RMD160 (libmicrohttpd-0.9.65.tar.gz) = b7567604f3afda355e4db5b6cb88df5051f77f1c
+SHA512 (libmicrohttpd-0.9.65.tar.gz) = 751b7a5970cef07f260660254bfdeda4882e9e28d5cbdfbfed50e2c4583caf8f19c96ede6d368babc4223e7fbdf85d85eec37dc96abf333377dc13d6a9c6be12
+Size (libmicrohttpd-0.9.65.tar.gz) = 1633346 bytes

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