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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc Added CeCiLL-B license.

branches:  trunk
changeset: 335869:ebf38c74beb8
user:      jaapb <>
date:      Tue Jul 02 09:28:12 2019 +0000

Added CeCiLL-B license.

This is a free software license according to the FSF:


 licenses/cecill-b-v1                     |  514 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 mk/                            |    3 +-
 pkgtools/pkg_install/files/lib/license.c |    3 +-
 3 files changed, 518 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diffs (truncated from 552 to 300 lines):

diff -r ce3c155c2743 -r ebf38c74beb8 licenses/cecill-b-v1
--- /dev/null   Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
+++ b/licenses/cecill-b-v1      Tue Jul 02 09:28:12 2019 +0000
@@ -0,0 +1,514 @@
+    Notice
+This Agreement is a Free Software license agreement that is the result
+of discussions between its authors in order to ensure compliance with
+the two main principles guiding its drafting:
+    * firstly, compliance with the principles governing the distribution
+      of Free Software: access to source code, broad rights granted to
+      users,
+    * secondly, the election of a governing law, French law, with which
+      it is conformant, both as regards the law of torts and
+      intellectual property law, and the protection that it offers to
+      both authors and holders of the economic rights over software.
+The authors of the CeCILL-B (for Ce[a] C[nrs] I[nria] L[ogiciel] L[ibre])
+license are: 
+Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique - CEA, a public scientific, technical
+and industrial research establishment, having its principal place of
+business at 25 rue Leblanc, immeuble Le Ponant D, 75015 Paris, France.
+Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique - CNRS, a public scientific
+and technological establishment, having its principal place of business
+at 3 rue Michel-Ange, 75794 Paris cedex 16, France.
+Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique -
+INRIA, a public scientific and technological establishment, having its
+principal place of business at Domaine de Voluceau, Rocquencourt, BP
+105, 78153 Le Chesnay cedex, France.
+    Preamble
+This Agreement is an open source software license intended to give users
+significant freedom to modify and redistribute the software licensed
+The exercising of this freedom is conditional upon a strong obligation
+of giving credits for everybody that distributes a software
+incorporating a software ruled by the current license so as all
+contributions to be properly identified and acknowledged.
+In consideration of access to the source code and the rights to copy,
+modify and redistribute granted by the license, users are provided only
+with a limited warranty and the software's author, the holder of the
+economic rights, and the successive licensors only have limited liability.
+In this respect, the risks associated with loading, using, modifying
+and/or developing or reproducing the software by the user are brought to
+the user's attention, given its Free Software status, which may make it
+complicated to use, with the result that its use is reserved for
+developers and experienced professionals having in-depth computer
+knowledge. Users are therefore encouraged to load and test the
+suitability of the software as regards their requirements in conditions
+enabling the security of their systems and/or data to be ensured and,
+more generally, to use and operate it in the same conditions of
+security. This Agreement may be freely reproduced and published,
+provided it is not altered, and that no provisions are either added or
+removed herefrom.
+This Agreement may apply to any or all software for which the holder of
+the economic rights decides to submit the use thereof to its provisions.
+    Article 1 - DEFINITIONS
+For the purpose of this Agreement, when the following expressions
+commence with a capital letter, they shall have the following meaning:
+Agreement: means this license agreement, and its possible subsequent
+versions and annexes.
+Software: means the software in its Object Code and/or Source Code form
+and, where applicable, its documentation, "as is" when the Licensee
+accepts the Agreement.
+Initial Software: means the Software in its Source Code and possibly its
+Object Code form and, where applicable, its documentation, "as is" when
+it is first distributed under the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
+Modified Software: means the Software modified by at least one
+Source Code: means all the Software's instructions and program lines to
+which access is required so as to modify the Software.
+Object Code: means the binary files originating from the compilation of
+the Source Code.
+Holder: means the holder(s) of the economic rights over the Initial
+Licensee: means the Software user(s) having accepted the Agreement.
+Contributor: means a Licensee having made at least one Contribution.
+Licensor: means the Holder, or any other individual or legal entity, who
+distributes the Software under the Agreement.
+Contribution: means any or all modifications, corrections, translations,
+adaptations and/or new functions integrated into the Software by any or
+all Contributors, as well as any or all Internal Modules.
+Module: means a set of sources files including their documentation that
+enables supplementary functions or services in addition to those offered
+by the Software.
+External Module: means any or all Modules, not derived from the
+Software, so that this Module and the Software run in separate address
+spaces, with one calling the other when they are run.
+Internal Module: means any or all Module, connected to the Software so
+that they both execute in the same address space.
+Parties: mean both the Licensee and the Licensor.
+These expressions may be used both in singular and plural form.
+    Article 2 - PURPOSE
+The purpose of the Agreement is the grant by the Licensor to the
+Licensee of a non-exclusive, transferable and worldwide license for the
+Software as set forth in Article 5 hereinafter for the whole term of the
+protection granted by the rights over said Software.
+    Article 3 - ACCEPTANCE
+3.1 The Licensee shall be deemed as having accepted the terms and
+conditions of this Agreement upon the occurrence of the first of the
+following events:
+    * (i) loading the Software by any or all means, notably, by
+      downloading from a remote server, or by loading from a physical
+      medium;
+    * (ii) the first time the Licensee exercises any of the rights
+      granted hereunder.
+3.2 One copy of the Agreement, containing a notice relating to the
+characteristics of the Software, to the limited warranty, and to the
+fact that its use is restricted to experienced users has been provided
+to the Licensee prior to its acceptance as set forth in Article 3.1
+hereinabove, and the Licensee hereby acknowledges that it has read and
+understood it.
+The Agreement shall become effective on the date when it is accepted by
+the Licensee as set forth in Article 3.1.
+      4.2 TERM
+The Agreement shall remain in force for the entire legal term of
+protection of the economic rights over the Software.
+The Licensor hereby grants to the Licensee, who accepts, the following
+rights over the Software for any or all use, and for the term of the
+Agreement, on the basis of the terms and conditions set forth hereinafter.
+Besides, if the Licensor owns or comes to own one or more patents
+protecting all or part of the functions of the Software or of its
+components, the Licensor undertakes not to enforce the rights granted by
+these patents against successive Licensees using, exploiting or
+modifying the Software. If these patents are transferred, the Licensor
+undertakes to have the transferees subscribe to the obligations set
+forth in this paragraph.
+      5.1 RIGHT OF USE
+The Licensee is authorized to use the Software, without any limitation
+as to its fields of application, with it being hereinafter specified
+that this comprises:
+   1. permanent or temporary reproduction of all or part of the Software
+      by any or all means and in any or all form.
+   2. loading, displaying, running, or storing the Software on any or
+      all medium.
+   3. entitlement to observe, study or test its operation so as to
+      determine the ideas and principles behind any or all constituent
+      elements of said Software. This shall apply when the Licensee
+      carries out any or all loading, displaying, running, transmission
+      or storage operation as regards the Software, that it is entitled
+      to carry out hereunder.
+The right to make Contributions includes the right to translate, adapt,
+arrange, or make any or all modifications to the Software, and the right
+to reproduce the resulting software.
+The Licensee is authorized to make any or all Contributions to the
+Software provided that it includes an explicit notice that it is the
+author of said Contribution and indicates the date of the creation thereof.
+In particular, the right of distribution includes the right to publish,
+transmit and communicate the Software to the general public on any or
+all medium, and by any or all means, and the right to market, either in
+consideration of a fee, or free of charge, one or more copies of the
+Software by any means.
+The Licensee is further authorized to distribute copies of the modified
+or unmodified Software to third parties according to the terms and
+conditions set forth hereinafter.
+The Licensee is authorized to distribute true copies of the Software in
+Source Code or Object Code form, provided that said distribution
+complies with all the provisions of the Agreement and is accompanied by:
+   1. a copy of the Agreement,
+   2. a notice relating to the limitation of both the Licensor's
+      warranty and liability as set forth in Articles 8 and 9,
+and that, in the event that only the Object Code of the Software is
+redistributed, the Licensee allows effective access to the full Source
+Code of the Software at a minimum during the entire period of its
+distribution of the Software, it being understood that the additional
+cost of acquiring the Source Code shall not exceed the cost of
+transferring the data.
+If the Licensee makes any Contribution to the Software, the resulting
+Modified Software may be distributed under a license agreement other
+than this Agreement subject to compliance with the provisions of Article
+When the Licensee has developed an External Module, the terms and
+conditions of this Agreement do not apply to said External Module, that
+may be distributed under a separate license agreement.
+        5.3.4 CREDITS
+Any Licensee who may distribute a Modified Software hereby expressly
+agrees to:
+   1. indicate in the related documentation that it is based on the
+      Software licensed hereunder, and reproduce the intellectual
+      property notice for the Software,
+   2. ensure that written indications of the Software intended use,
+      intellectual property notice and license hereunder are included in
+      easily accessible format from the Modified Software interface,
+   3. mention, on a freely accessible website describing the Modified
+      Software, at least throughout the distribution term thereof, that
+      it is based on the Software licensed hereunder, and reproduce the
+      Software intellectual property notice,
+   4. where it is distributed to a third party that may distribute a
+      Modified Software without having to make its source code
+      available, make its best efforts to ensure that said third party
+      agrees to comply with the obligations set forth in this Article .
+If the Software, whether or not modified, is distributed with an
+External Module designed for use in connection with the Software, the
+Licensee shall submit said External Module to the foregoing obligations.
+Where a Modified Software contains a Contribution subject to the CeCILL
+license, the provisions set forth in Article 5.3.4 shall be optional.
+A Modified Software may be distributed under the CeCILL-C license. In
+such a case the provisions set forth in Article 5.3.4 shall be optional.

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