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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/games/supertuxkart supertuxkart: Update to 1.0

branches:  trunk
changeset: 335777:947c610e5609
user:      nia <>
date:      Mon Jul 01 10:56:20 2019 +0000

supertuxkart: Update to 1.0

## SuperTuxKart 1.0 (20. April 2019)
### Networking
* Networking support for normal race, time trial, free for all, capture the flag and soccer by Benau and hiker :
    * Access to a global server list, possibility to also create a LAN server
    * Track voting system to allow players to decide where the race will be
    * Communication between server and clients to exchange inputs and general game data
    * A lot of work on rewind code to make sure server and client are well synchronized
    * Chat lobby for general server information and discussion among players between races
    * Support for handicap, which can be changed before each game
* Spectating option for players having entered a server while a race or game is underway by Benau
* Option to join live an active game in FFA, CTF and soccer by Benau
* Global rankings by Benau (communication with main server) and Alayan (ranking formula)

### Race gameplay and physics
* New game mode Capture the Flag by Benau (online multiplayer only)
* New game mode Free for All by Benau
* Free for All available in offline mode with AI, by Mrxx99
* Revised kart characteristics for better balance between light, medium and heavy karts by Alayan
* Better random item distribution for various numbers of karts by Alayan and hiker
* Fix position interpolation causing some incorrect lapline validation by Auria
* Fix kart being uncontrollable and hovering when landing on some downward slopes by hiker
* Mitigate a physics issue which could send a kart flying on collisions by hiker
* Make kart turn radius based on kart class instead of kart model length (which made Adiumy unplayable and caused AI issues) by Alayan
* Revisited slipstreaming with boost easier to obtain, especially in curves, but not as strong as in 0.9.3 when the zipper boost was incorrectly activated, by Alayan
* Minor gameplay improvements (level 1 skid boost doesn't interrupt level 2 boost, fairer rubber-banding in low difficulties, boosted AI for some karts for more challenge in GPs, small balance change 
of GP points, more useful and consistent handicap option...)
* Start boost/penalty moved to the set phase for smoother networking
* Terrain slowdown works again as intended on several tracks where it was missing

### AI
* Improved powerup and nitro handling in AI by Alayan

### General
* Option to disable light scattering (for improved FPS), used in graphics level 3, by Partmedia
* Unlockable SuperTux challenges in Story Mode by Alayan
* Improvements to ghost replays (more data saved, live time difference, replay comparison, egg hunt replays) by Alayan
* Kart color customization by Benau
* Multithreading contention fixes by Benau
* Local multiplayer improvements by Fantasmos
* Major revamp of the achievement system to make adding new achievements much easier and flexible, also fixing some related bugs by Alayan
* Store up to 5 highscores for a track/difficulty/mode/kart number combination, instead of 3
* Smooth turning for non-keyboard inputs for improved consistency between input mode by deveee
* Updated standard replays by Alayan
* Visual improvements (new skidding particles, better rescue, bubblegum flashing before ending)
* Audio improvements (crash sound depending on speed/direction, no crash sound on rescue walls, sound cue in nitro challenges)
* Fix STK incorrectly connecting to the server when the internet option is disabled by Auria
* Updated WiiUse library
* Many bugfixes

### Android
* Gyroscope support by Pelya
* Numerous improvements to input on Android, including screen keyboard, keyboard, gamepads, by deveee
* Android TV support
* Improved UI and font scaling by deveee
* More compact APK thanks to png optimization, allows to have several tracks more than the 0.9.3 APK, by deveee and Alayan
* Wayland support and many other smaller improvements and fixes

### User Interface
* New networking user interface by Benau and hiker
* Race UI improvements (new speedometer, nitro gauge, bigger minimap, minimap display options, more legible text with outlines and for some bigger font) by Alayan
* New coal skin by Alayan
* Support for collapsing widgets in UI by Mrxx99
* Multidirectional keyboard navigation in menus by Alayan
* Alternating background darkness in lists to enhance readability by Benau
* Support text breaks into multiple line in lists, e.g. in the addons menu, by Alayan
* Improved help menu with lateral tabs and a lot more information by Alayan
* Improved option menu with lateral tabs and a separate language tab by Alayan
* Many improvements to the ghost replay selection list (give access to egg hunt replays, kart icon shown in the list, replay's game version shown, hide player number column by default) and dialog 
(allow replay comparison, show track picture, show information about the selected replays) by Alayan
* Control configurations can be disabled without being deleted by Alayan
* Other significant enhancements (detailed progress of multi-goal achievements, reset password button, clearer checkbox status, milliseconds displayed in time-trials and egg hunts, nitro efficiency 
in the kart selection screen, better track info screen, better warnings when trying to do an online action with internet access disabled, hour support for GP time, default resolutions can't be used 
in fullscreen if unsupported by the monitor...)
* Many bugfixes and small enhancements mostly by deveee and Alayan

### Tracks and modeling
#### Tracks
* Black Forest by Sven Andreas Belting, replacing Green Valley
* Ravenbridge Mansion by samuncle, replacing Black Hill Mansion
* Las Dunas Soccer by samuncle
* Candela City arena by Benau based on samuncle's track
* Unwanted shortcuts and exploits found by several players and fixed mostly by Auria in many tracks :
    * Antediluvian Abyss, Around the Lighthouse, Fort Magma, Grand Paradisio Island, Hacienda, Minigolf, Nessie's Pond, Northern Resort, The Old Mine, Oliver's Math Class, Shifting Sands, STK 
Enterprise, XR591
* Smoothness issues causing collisions and kart slowdown fixed by Auria :
    * Nessie's Pond, Old Mine, Shifting Sands, Volcano Island, XR591
* Item (boxes, nitro, bananas) positions improvement by Alayan and theThomasPat :
    * Around the Lighthouse, Black Forest, Candela City, Hacienda, Minigolf, Northern Resort, Oliver's Math Class, STK Enterprise, The Old Mine, Volcano Island, Zen Garden
#### Karts
* New version of Beastie by Jymis
* New version of Kiki by Benau

## SuperTuxKart 0.9.3 (28. October 2017)
* Reduced RAM and VRAM usage, reducing load times by Auria and Benau
* New mesh format optimized for space and hardware skinning
* Code refactoring of both render pipeline by Benau and Elderme
* Physics improvements and various physics bugfixes by hiker
* Kart GFX improvements (exhaust and headlight)
* In-game screen recording powered by libopenglrecorder
* High quality mipmap generation by Stragus
* New smoother camera by Auria
* New grand prix win scene
* Gamepad configuration bugfixes
* 3 Strikes Battles : added spare tire karts
* Visual representation of the start line in all tracks
* Various improvements (starting boost effect, wall driving fixes, parachutes, GP points, help page for bananas, cannon fixes, colorization shader)
### Tracks and modeling
#### Karts
* Kiki by Benau
* New versions of Wilber and Hexley by Jymis
* New version of Konqi by Benau
#### Tracks
* All tracks drivable in reverse, with arrows pointing in the correct direction
* Candela City by samuncle (replace Shiny Suburbs)
* Cornfield Crossing by samuncle (replace Bovine Barnyard)
* New battle track Las Dunas Arena by samuncle

## SuperTuxKart 0.9.2 (1. July 2016)
* Ghost replay races by Benau
* Battle mode AI by Benau
* Soccer mode AI by Benau
* TTF font rendering by Benau
* New ruby and forest skins by Benau
* Kart properties refactor by Flakebi
* Scripting work under the hood
* Work on the track editor by mhp
* Tweak to challenges
* New farm track song by 0zone0ne and Krobonil
* Bugfixes
### Tracks and modeling
#### Tracks
* Antediluvian Abysses by samuncle (replace Subsea)
* Volcano Island by Ponzino
* New icy soccer field by samuncle and Benau

## SuperTuxKart 0.9.1 (17. October 2015)
* Many bug fixes
* Started to use scripting in tracks
* Significant audio performance improvements
* Tweak to challenges
### Tracks and modeling
#### Tracks
* Better support for driving tracks in reverse
* Smaller tweaks and improvements to several tracks including
    * Math class
    * XR591
    * Fort Magma
    * Gran Paradiso Island
    * Subsea

## SupertTuxKart 0.9 (24. April 2015)
* Fully shader-based rendering engine
* Online login which allows to:
    * connect with friends and see when they are playing
    * vote for addons
    * collect online achievements
* Grand Prix editor, including creation of random GPs
* Different kart physics
### Tracks and modeling
#### Karts
* New karts Amanda and Gavroche by XGhost
* New and improved Tux, Adiumy, Sara the Wizard and the Racer, Xue
#### Tracks
* Cocoa Temple by samuncle (replace Amazonian Journey)
* Gran Paradiso Island by samuncle (replace The Island)
* Graphical improvements to many other tracks


 games/supertuxkart/DESCR                                                                |    24 +-
 games/supertuxkart/Makefile                                                             |    84 +-
 games/supertuxkart/PLIST                                                                |  5330 +++++++--
 games/supertuxkart/distinfo                                                             |    18 +-
 games/supertuxkart/patches/patch-CMakeLists.txt                                         |    28 -
 games/supertuxkart/patches/patch-lib_irrlicht_source_Irrlicht_COSOperator.cpp           |    14 -
 games/supertuxkart/patches/patch-lib_irrlicht_source_Irrlicht_COpenGLExtensionHandler.h |    39 -
 games/supertuxkart/patches/patch-lib_irrlicht_source_Irrlicht_Makefile                  |    44 -
 games/supertuxkart/patches/patch-lib_irrlicht_source_Irrlicht_os.cpp                    |    22 -
 games/supertuxkart/patches/patch-src_utils_log.hpp                                      |    14 +-
 games/supertuxkart/patches/patch-src_utils_random__generator.hpp                        |    12 -
 11 files changed, 3903 insertions(+), 1726 deletions(-)

diffs (truncated from 6667 to 300 lines):

diff -r 4f31d7e62419 -r 947c610e5609 games/supertuxkart/DESCR
--- a/games/supertuxkart/DESCR  Mon Jul 01 10:51:10 2019 +0000
+++ b/games/supertuxkart/DESCR  Mon Jul 01 10:56:20 2019 +0000
@@ -1,14 +1,12 @@
-SuperTuxKart is a free 3d kart racing game; we want to make the
-game fun more than we want to make it realistic. You can play with
-up to 4 friends on one PC, racing against each other or just try
-to beat the computer.
+SuperTuxKart is a 3D open-source arcade racer with a variety
+characters, tracks, and modes to play. Our aim is to create a game
+that is more fun than realistic, and provide an enjoyable experience
+for all ages.
-See the great lighthouse or drive through the sand and visit the
-pyramids. Race underground or in space, watching the stars passing
-by. Have some rest under the palms on the beach (watching the other
-karts overtaking you :) ). But don't eat the bananas! Watch for
-bowling balls, plungers, bubble gum and cakes thrown by opponents.
-You can do a single race against other karts, compete in one of
-several Grand Prix, try to beat the high score in time trials on
-your own, play battle mode against your friends, and more!
+In Story mode, you must face the evil Nolok, and defeat him in
+order to make the Mascot Kingdom safe once again! You can race by
+yourself against the computer, compete in several Grand Prix cups,
+or try to beat your fastest time in Time Trial mode. You can also
+race or battle with up to eight friends on a single computer, play
+on a local network or play online with other players all over the
diff -r 4f31d7e62419 -r 947c610e5609 games/supertuxkart/Makefile
--- a/games/supertuxkart/Makefile       Mon Jul 01 10:51:10 2019 +0000
+++ b/games/supertuxkart/Makefile       Mon Jul 01 10:56:20 2019 +0000
@@ -1,74 +1,42 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.24 2019/07/01 04:08:17 ryoon Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.25 2019/07/01 10:56:20 nia Exp $
-DISTNAME=      supertuxkart-0.8.1-src
+VERSION=       1.0
+DISTNAME=      supertuxkart-${VERSION}-src
 PKGNAME=       ${DISTNAME:S/-src//}
 CATEGORIES=    games
-EXTRACT_SUFX=  .tar.bz2
+EXTRACT_SUFX=  .tar.xz
 COMMENT=       Free 3D kart racing game
-#LICENSE=      gnu-gpl-v3 AND Creative-Commons-Attribution AND Creative-Commons-BY-SA AND Creative-Commons-Sampling+ AND FreeArt License AND SoundSnap license AND Public Domain AND Image*After terms
-WRKSRC=                        ${WRKDIR}/SuperTuxKart-0.8.1
-USE_CMAKE=             yes
-USE_LANGUAGES=         c c++
-USE_TOOLS+=            gmake
+LICENSE=       gnu-gpl-v3
-NOT_PAX_ASLR_SAFE+=    bin/supertuxkart
-NOT_PAX_MPROTECT_SAFE+=        bin/supertuxkart
-# Debug nob for STK
-SUBST_CLASSES+=                        dos_eol
-SUBST_MESSAGE.dos_eol=         Removing DOS line-ends
-SUBST_STAGE.dos_eol=           post-extract
-SUBST_FILES.dos_eol=           lib/irrlicht/source/Irrlicht/Makefile
-SUBST_FILES.dos_eol+=          lib/irrlicht/source/Irrlicht/os.cpp
-SUBST_FILES.dos_eol+=          lib/irrlicht/source/Irrlicht/COSOperator.cpp
-SUBST_FILES.dos_eol+=          lib/irrlicht/source/Irrlicht/CIrrDeviceLinux.cpp
-SUBST_FILTER_CMD.dos_eol=      ${TR} -d '\r'
+WRKSRC=                        ${WRKDIR}/supertuxkart-${VERSION}
+USE_CMAKE=             yes
+USE_LANGUAGES=         c c++
+USE_TOOLS+=            cmake pkg-config
-.include "../../mk/"
-.if ${OPSYS} != "Linux"
-SUBST_CLASSES+=                js
-SUBST_STAGE.js=                pre-configure
-SUBST_MESSAGE.js=      Disable Linux joystick support.
-SUBST_FILES.js+=       lib/irrlicht/include/IrrCompileConfig.h
-SUBST_SED.js+=         -e '/define.*_IRR_COMPILE_WITH_JOYSTICK_EVENTS_/d'
-# for irrlicht debugging
-#      cd ${WRKSRC}/lib/irrlicht/source/Irrlicht && \
-#              ${MAKE_ENV} DEBUG=1 make ${_MAKE_JOBS}
-       cd ${WRKSRC}/lib/irrlicht/source/Irrlicht && \
-               ${MAKE_ENV} NDEBUG=1 make ${_MAKE_JOBS}
 .include "../../archivers/bzip2/"
+.include "../../audio/libvorbis/"
 .include "../../audio/openal-soft/"
-.include "../../audio/libvorbis/"
 .include "../../converters/fribidi/"
-.include "../../devel/SDL/"
-.include "../../devel/zlib/"
-.include "../../games/plib/"
+.include "../../graphics/freetype2/"
+.include "../../graphics/glew/"
+.include "../../graphics/glu/"
+.include "../../graphics/hicolor-icon-theme/"
+.include "../../graphics/MesaLib/"
+.include "../../graphics/png/"
+.include "../../net/enet/"
+.include "../../security/nettle/"
+.include "../../www/curl/"
+.if ${OPSYS} != "Darwin"
+.  include "../../x11/libX11/"
+.  include "../../x11/libXrandr/"
 .include "../../mk/"
-.include "../../graphics/png/"
-.include "../../multimedia/libogg/"
-.include "../../sysutils/desktop-file-utils/"
-.include "../../www/curl/"
-.include "../../x11/libXxf86vm/"
+.include "../../mk/"
 .include "../../mk/"
diff -r 4f31d7e62419 -r 947c610e5609 games/supertuxkart/PLIST
--- a/games/supertuxkart/PLIST  Mon Jul 01 10:51:10 2019 +0000
+++ b/games/supertuxkart/PLIST  Mon Jul 01 10:56:20 2019 +0000
@@ -1,22 +1,26 @@
-@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.3 2014/01/01 02:46:49 ryoon Exp $
+@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.4 2019/07/01 10:56:20 nia Exp $
@@ -26,46 +30,425 @@

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