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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/net/cacti cacti: update to 1.2.3

branches:  trunk
changeset: 322676:39cc78a8b2cf
user:      gavan <>
date:      Fri Apr 26 14:52:16 2019 +0000

cacti: update to 1.2.3

Changes since 0.8.8h:

-issue#1063: Tree View does not display the last item correctly under 'Modern'
-issue#2282: Install Wizard does not Detect RRDtool Version on Windows
-issue#2430: "New Device" menu item showing as selected incorrect when
"Devices" clicked
-issue#2435: Tree View becomes narrower and narrower when expanding/collapsing
nodes with long names
-issue#2449: Index incorrectly changed to 1 if the index is alphanumeric when
-issue#2452: Missing 'getSNMPQueries()' function when calling add_data_query.php
-issue#2453: When running add_graphs.php, cannot retrieve list of valid snmp
-issue#2460: sqltable_to_php.php does not export 'default' value of columns
-issue#2456: When attempting to display actions that can be taken, having no
actions caused error
-issue#2457: When creating a graph, undefined function prevents confirmation
from appearing
-issue#2459: ss_host_disk.php attempts to return an empty array instead of a
-issue#2463: Partial Fix: Display zombie data sources without graphs
-issue#2464: When viewing a User's effective permissions, disabled devices
should show denied
-issue#2465: Too many groups hide effective permission column when viewing
User's effective permissions
-issue#2466: Manual data source creation is broken
-issue#2469: When using Matching Objects filter within Automation Graph Rules,
unexpected redirect occurs
-issue#2471: When Creating a new Graph Template, clear the Graph Template
permissions cache
-issue#2472: Bad navigation items cause Array to string conversion errors
-issue#2474: REGEXP_SNMP_TRIM does not handle Gauge fields properly
-issue#2475: When resetting filters, multiple sort session variables do not
always reset properly
-issue#2476: When using CMD.PHP for polling, device polling time is not updated
-issue#2477: When saving a Data Input Method, Output Field name changes to
incorrect value
-issue#2478: When saving a LINEX type Graph Item, the Line Width value is too
-issue#2479: RPN function select list should be sorted when editing CDEF and
-issue#2480: RRDtool versions in Cacti not granular enough
-issue#2482: When upgrading past 1.1.34, upgrade attempts to drop a
non-existing primary key
-issue#2491: Data Source Info suggests commands RRDTool can't honor
-issue#2492: When data templates are filtered by profile, data source list does
not get same filter applied
-issue#2493: Data Source Info is not separated properly
-issue#2494: User Login History is not fully enabled for translations
-issue#2497: When linking to Graphs, unless both start and end are specified,
only defaults are used
-issue#2499: Data Source reapply names does not update name from data query or
-issue#2500: Allow Data Source repairs from the Data Source Debug and Data
Source Info pages
-issue#2502: Unable to have a min or max value for RRDfile at zero '0'
-issue#2503: The Cacti Statistics Device Template is not include in release
-issue#2509: When checking for correct Unicode, minimum MySQL version is
-issue#2513: When a plugin INFO file is malformed or missing elements,
plugin_load_info_file() should fill missing elements with defaults
-issue#2519: When editing a data query, graph template picker shows poor
-issue#2518: Unexpected errors when filtering Data Sources with invalid 'rows'
-issue#2522: When upgrading from pre-1.0.0, colors were not upgraded properly
by Givo29
-issue#2525: Tree branches that includes sites which have valid devices do not
appear on Graph Tree
-issue#2527: When importing a package, if Cacti version is below the version
which that exported, a clear message should be shown
-issue#2531: When updating color template items, the table name used is
incorrect by Givo29
-issue#2535: Ensure Graph ListView uses same UI logic as Graph Management
-issue#2537: Incorrect title showing when changes are made to Tree
-issue#2543: Poor performance showing a device's graphs on a tree
-issue#2547: RRD values are not being properly trimmed
-issue#2551: When checking MySQL configuration values, consider ON/OFF to be
equal to 1/0
-issue#2553: When upgrading from 1.0.0 or below, renaming automation columns
can cause issues
-issue#2555: Missing configuration defaults prevent installations/upgrades
without showing reason
-issue#2563: When sorting Data Sources, missing index causes unnecessary delays
-issue#2564: Filtering for Orphan Data Sources is unreliable
-issue#2565: Pages with 500+ selectable items in a single able can suffer from
poor performance
-issue#2568: When querying for diagnostic data, devices on remote pollers
should proxy the request
-issue#2571: External Links do not properly validate user permissions
-issue#2575: Poller errors occur if a file exists that the website cannot read
-issue#2576: Spikekill API does not work when called from plugins
-issue#2578: When importing packages, missing/new resources are not created
-issue#2581: When viewing poller cache, Device SNMP community is not properly
-issue#2583: When JSON module is not installed, Installer does not correctly
show missing message
-issue#2584: When user/group permissions are reset, this is not reflected
immediately to the end user
-feature#2505: Improve performance of Data Source Statistics
-feature#2515: Allow more than one SNMP port to be specified when adding
devices via CLI
-feature: Update phpseclib to version 2.0.15
-feature: Adjust the max table rows based upon value of 'max_input_vars'

-issue#599: Aggregate graph templates assume AVG consolidation function
-issue#2312: Retrieving Device Information appears to fail on Safari
-issue#2317: Unabe to add new records to 'poller_time' table
-issue#2327: Memory exhausted whilst running poller replication
-issue#2334: Some browsers report JavaScript errors when switching to console
-issue#2337: When running an upgrade, the path of the log file is reset
-issue#2339: Certain characters in recipient address can cause email to fail
-issue#2343: Export hooks no longer work due to missing default keyword
-issue#2346: When listing plugin permissions, "Legacy 1.x Plugins" can appear
in the wrong cell
-issue#2347: Allow sort output to inject returned data into a specific object
-issue#2350: Unable to Select Data Source for HRULES and COMMENTS that include
nth Percentile and Bandwidth
-issue#2352: SNMP description field can sometimes contain mangled data
-issue#2354: When reindexing in Automation, titles are not updated for Graph
and Data Source
-issue#2355: Data Sources are sometimes duplicated when Custom Data is specified
-issue#2357: When indexes are incorrect, poller should log more information
-issue#2359: When upgrading, "Install/Upgrade" privilege may have been
previously lost
-issue#2360: When retrieving database / table / column information, schema name
is not always applied
-issue#2362: No way to default an interface speed when ifSpeed and ifHighSpeed
come back as zero
-issue#2365: When editing Aggregate Graphs, orphaned items were not always
-issue#2372: Data Query reindexing leads gaps in Graphs
-issue#2376: Manually adding a device discovered by Automation causes errors to
be logged
-issue#2380: Devices may experience constant reindexing
-issue#2384: When authentication method is set to None, change to Builtin as
None has been removed
-issue#2393: When reindexing a device, Graph Automation creates duplicate
graphs every time
-issue#2416: SELinux wants APPEND not WRITE permission for Fedora/EPEL (RHEL,
-issue#2419: Host state time was not correctly calculated
-issue#2426: Reinstate missing plugin hooks for 'custom_logout_message' and
-issue#2431: Default value for 'Mail Method' (settings_how) is incorrect
resulting in errors
-issue#2432: Undefined variable warnings when updating RRD data
-issue#2451: Drag and drop does not always function correctly
-feature: Update JavaScript library c3.js to version 0.6.12
-feature: Update phpseclib to version 2.0.14
-feature: Update PHPMailer to version 6.0.7
-feature: Update JavaScript library d3.js to version 5.9.1

-issue#2259: Unable to View Aggregate Graphs
-issue#2267: Remove unnecessary includes in aggregate template code
-issue#2270: Realtime Graphs consuming too much memory
-issue#2272: Site Tree Branches not showing Graphs
-issue#2273: Error when saving changes to Data Collectors
-issue#2279: SQL Errors in add_graphs.php
-issue#2280: SQL Errors in snmpagent cache table inserts
-issue#2281: Database audit cli giving incorrect results
-issue#2285: Allow HRULEs for bandwith and ptile
-issue#2292: Allow Realtime to use 1 second data collection
-issue#2298: Ambiguous Toggle Switches in Sunrise Theme
-issue#2303: Problem with "Notify Primary Admin of Issues" function
-issue#2304: Installation progress stays at 0%
-issue#2305: BOOST PROGERR: ERRNO:'8'
-issue#2311: Unable to update PHP location during installation due to incorrect
CLI environment
-issue#2319: Primary admin account not always given access to a plugin when
that plugin is enabled
-issue#2321: Date separator not being used properly for graphs
-issue#2322: Modifying plugin realm registration files and description not
-issue: Installer does not identify when shell_exec()/exec() are disabled
-issue: Removing a Device or Graph Template can not be seen till next login
-issue: Visual issues with custom data when using paper-plane theme
-issue: Undefined function errors attempting to sync device templates
-issue: Plugin dependency handling inconsistant
-issue: Editing a report shows incorrect graphs from dropdown

-feature: Add a Timeout setting for Remote Agent calls
-feature: Add Graphs and Data Sources hyperlinks on Device page
-feature: Add One Minute Sampling to the default Data Source Profiles
-feature: Add support for DDERIVE and DCOUNTER to Cacti
-feature: Add Timezone support for Remote Data Collectors
-feature: Allow Adding Aggregate Graphs to a Report
-feature: Allow ASCII filepath paths to not be found on settings save
-feature: Allow drill down from Graphs to Data Queries or Templates
-feature: Allow Import/Export to be hookable
-feature: Allow snmpagent to be disabled for very large installs
-feature: Allow Top tabs to be Glyphs or Text or both
-feature: Big Spanish translation update plus massive QA fixes
-feature: Change password page provides visible confirmation of password rules
-feature: Do not allow second data source to be added to an SNMP Get data
-feature: Don't allow removal of Data Sources from Data Template once its in use
-feature: Inform the primary Cacti administrator of problems by Email
-feature: Make all user settings dynamic and allow resetting to default.
-feature: Make Graph and Data Source suggested naming more efficient
-feature: Make it easy to find Data Query based graphs that have lost indexes
-feature: Make Top Tabs use Ajax Callback
-feature: Make tree editing responive
-feature: New Install/Upgrade user permission to limit access to being able to
-feature: Provide option to debug width errors where output exceeds column width
-feature: Removed the Authentication Method of 'None'
-feature: Tree automation is now defaulted to on for new install
-feature: Update JavaScript library c3.js to version 0.6.8
-feature: Update JavaScript library Chart.js to 2.7.3
-feature: Update JavaScript library d3.js to version 5.7.0
-feature: Update JavaScript library jquery.js to 3.3.1
-feature: Update JavaScript library jquery-migrate.js to 3.0.1
-feature: Update JavaScript library jquery.tablesorter.js to version 2.30.7
-feature: Update JavaScript library jstree.js to 3.3.7
-feature: Update JavaScript library screenfull.js to 3.3.3
-feature: Update phpmailer to version 6.0.6
-feature: Update phpseclib to version 2.0.13
-feature#289: Allow external nologin access for Realtime Graphs
-feature#553: When display a host, include Aggregated Graphs as well as
standard graphs
-feature#614: Allow users to duplicate Data Input Methods
-feature#973: When creating a new user authenticated via LDAP, attempt to
retrieve users email and full name
-feature#122: Support a Site Branch Type
-feature#1060: Design Enhancement for Large scale Cacti Implementations
-feature#1142: Add Site dropdown to the Graphs and Data Source pages
-feature#1184: Improve Data Input Methods editability and message handling
-feature#1200: Aggregate Graphs can now include COMMENT
-feature#1282: Email notification for Automation Network discovery process
-feature#1347: Update automation logging to work better
-feature#1395: Ensure messages have each new line keep the same prefix in
-feature#1399: Allow 'requires' to include version against a plugin
-feature#1400: User settings are now dynamic and can be reset (removed) to
return to global settings
-feature#1422: Automatically select the next unused data input field when
clicking add on data input method
-feature#1505: When displaying a graph, provide breadcrumb link to edit device
-feature#1527: Update Fontawesome from 4.7 to 5.0.10
-feature#1580: Support Drag & Drop for Builtin Report Items
-feature#1581: Allow Mass Adding of Graphs to Reports
-feature#1584: Allow theme selection when installing
-feature#1588: Check that PHP can run a test file
-feature#1593: Allow External links to auto refresh
-feature#1597: Ensure synchronised files have same attributes as originals
-feature#1610: On Unix, redirect error messages to log files when running
external scripts
-feature#1628: Allow the User to define an initial Automation Network for
discovery when installing
-feature#1670: Improve Graph Management to show type of source for a graph
-feature#1671: When duplicating a Graph Template, properly duplicate Data Query
Graph Template Mappings
-feature#1677: Default Tree nodes sorting to be inherited
-feature#1691: On Graph context menu, add a 'Copy graph' option to copy graph
-feature#1692: Separate option for logging Input Validation issues
-feature#1703: On Graph context menu, text is now multi-lingual
-feature#1708: Allow the User to override global Automation email recipients at
the Automation Network level
-feature#1709: Suppress warning from RRDTool when attempting to make updates in
the past
-feature#1711: Add support for SSL connections to MySQL
-feature#1731: Prevent loss of changes by warning user about unsaved items
-feature#1734: When displaying a graph, provide more information when error
image is displayed (see also #1428)
-feature#1763: Enable automatic refresh for Time Graph View
-feature#1806: Control low level debug routines via config.php (Develoepr Use)
-feature#1819: Provide CLI program to enable graphs to be removed by scripts
-feature#1969: Graph previews can now be linked using a host's external id
-feature#2006: Introduce new Data Source Profile to handle decade long graphs
-feature#2173: Introduce Device and Graph Template Caching to Speed UI
-feature#2228: Add Device ID to Device search field
-issue: Fix issue with display_custom_error_message() causing problem with
system error message handling
-issue: Graph List View was not fully responsive
-issue: Move Graph removal function to Graph API
-issue: On the Data Sources page, if there is no filtered Device and a Data
Source is edited, device association is lost
-issue: Typo in Dutch translations when an error occurred while downgrading
-issue: Unable to display user profile tabs
-issue: Verify all Fields not working due to Cacti 1.x upgrade error
-issue#186: Cacti does not support jQueryUI 1.12.x
-issue#187: Remove the use of jQuery Migrate plugin
-issue#948: Do not create a new datasource when adding a new Graph for the same
-issue#454: Cacti Re-Index does not resolve index changes properly during
-issue#983: Import Template Preview is misleading
-issue#1097: When copying template user, newly created user should always be
enabled to allow logging in
-issue#1097: When copying template user, it should be disable to prevent
logging in as template user directly
-issue#1174: When display a tree, disable drag and drop unless in edit mode
-issue#1298: Display fatal error to prevent issues caused when system log is
not writable
-issue#1350: When switching an Automation Tree Rule's leaf type, remove invalid
Automation Rule Items
-issue#1383: CSRF Timeout does not obey session timeout
-issue#1408: Update SQL / Backtrace to use new clean_up_lines() function
-issue#1414: DSSTATS reports incorrectly that a data source does not exist
-issue#1420: Fix issues found by Debian package builds
-issue#1421: Fix issue when SQL had all bad modes, missing variable warning was
-issue#1426: Fix issue where remote poller was not using unique filenames when
attempting to verify files
-issue#1437: Plugin install hover message sometimes shows line breaks rather
than formatted text
-issue#1454: When using oid_regexp_parse, filter indexes to those that match
-issue#1473: Recovery Date overwritten by subsequent checks
-issue#1494: Unable to Deep Link/Bookmark Trees
-issue#1503: Undefined function clearstatscache in DSSTATS
-issue#1507: When saving graph settings from the graph page, the graph template
id should not be included
-issue#1510: New Graphs Undefined Variable $graph_template_name
-issue#1521: Force boost to be enabled when there are Remote Data Collectors
-issue#1528: Saving a device can result in WARNINGS related to string vs array
-issue#1529: Allow Aggregate Graphs to Sum Bandwidth and Percentile COMMENTS
-issue#1543: Graph Preview appends header=false too many times
-issue#1553: Poller does not set rrd_step_counter correctly if no steps taken
-issue#1559: CLI Output Issues due to over escaping
-issue#1560: Warning that escapeshellarg() is escaping a null
-issue#1567: Technical support - add notification if Cacti and Spine version is
-issue#1574: User templates are not correctly being applied
-issue#1589: Installer now checks that the temporary folder is writable
-issue#1590: User Admin generates SQL error if user is not part of any groups
-issue#1601: Aggregate Graphs can not include some classes of COMMENT
-issue#1602: PHP ERROR: Call to undefined function
-issue#1604: Failed to connect to remote collector
-issue#1606: Boost debug log not functional
-issue#1607: Boost next run time occurs in the past
-issue#1608: Possible boost race conditions
-issue#1609: Remote pollers update 'stats_poller' on main poller
-issue#1617: Editing a data query results in missing $header variable
-issue#1621: Realtime Popup can cause automatic logout
-issue#1626: httpd-error.log have message about Fontconfig
-issue#1634: Default snmp quick print setting resulting in false poller ASSERTS
on some php releases
-issue#1651: Check temporary folder has write access during import
-issue#1655: Correct Cacti to handle new MySQL 8.0 reserved word `system`
-issue#1658: Devices drop down should be filtered by Site
-issue#1660: Reports based upon Tree don't maintain graph order
-issue#1665: Must change password not working for local users when main realm
is not local
-issue#1669: Console log header grammar issue
-issue#1674: Threads and Processes values not migrated to Poller table during
-issue#1676: Allow automation discovery to add the same sysname on different
-issue#1682: Slow Select Statement lib/api_automation.php
-issue#1689: Technical Support's RRDTool version should show detected RRD
-issue#1690: Report a warning if the default collation is not utf8mb4_unicode_ci
-issue#1700: Mail sent without auth causes errors to appear in logs
-issue#1710: RRDtool create command causes first update to fail
-issue#1721: Console Side Bar not correct on first login
-issue#1723: die() messages should include PHP_EOF for better logging
-issue#1726: Poor page performance editing a Graphs Graph Items
-issue#1746: Poller with no hosts does not exit until timeout is reached
-issue#1761: Graph Management page shows bogus template names
-issue#1783: Browser Back button still does not working
-issue#1796: Import: Fixed handling of references to objects not included in
-issue#1799: Default User log sort should be date descending
-issue#1810: Correct SQL errors with authentication set to no authentication
-issue#1839: Dummy cosmetic bug on down device selection option
-issue#1841: Data Source Stats table not properly migrated from pre 1.x Cacti
-issue#1849: SNMPAgent not sending traps
-issue#1852: Reports Preview/Mails show no graphs
-issue#1889: Insecure $ENV{ENV} which running setgid
-issue#1901: Upgrade from 0.8.8h fails on external_links statement
-issue#1921: Data Query XML field method 'rewrite_index' does not correctly
query for value
-issue#1926: Deselecting items should present warning or disable GO button
-issue#1948: Device Template should warn about need to re-sync
-issue#1953: set_default_action() should warn if more than one action provided
-issue#1973: SpikeKill Menu does not display properly
-issue#1976: Default admin permissions do not allow everything
-issue#1982: Certain hooks should occur within api functions rather than UI
-issue#2002: api_plugin_db_table_create should support non-string defaults
-issue#2012: For kernel 3.2+, "Linux - Memory - Free" should grep for
"MemAvailable:", not "MemFree:"
-issue#2085: CLOG Regex Parser does not verify registered function exists
-issue#2126: api_device.php generates undefined function
-issue#2127: Unable to save error when duplicating graph
-issue#2135: api_tree_lock() and api_tree_unlock() forcing redirection
-issue#2143: export.php Illegal string offset 'method'
-issue#2144: Device Management "Status" column does not sort properly
-issue#2152: When editing a device, should show disable/enable option
-issue#2153: Utilities page issues the wrong hook for tabs
-issue#2163: LDAP functions are not consistent
-issue#2164: Login page does not remember selected realm
-issue#2171: datepicker and timepick translation not available
-issue#2178: Header/Footer included more than once
-issue#2182: Graph View missing 'html_graph_template_multiselect()' function
-issue#2184: html_host_filter() does not handle host_id consequently
-issue#2186: Boost generates invalid SQL during on demand update
-issue#2188: SNMP timeout errors are being duplicated
-issue#2191: i18n_themes is not properly primed in global_arrays.php
-issue#2202: Can't create more than one graph with add_graphs.php from one
-issue#2207: Removing Graph Template does not Remove Data Query Associations
-issue#2217: cmd.php not handling quoted snmp values properly
-issue#2240: SNMP system Data Input Methods should not be modified on import
-issue#2241: Spike removal not functional due to Debian packaging
-security#1072: Prevent exploitation of Data Input Methods to escalate
privileges (CVE-2009-4112)
-security#1882: Bypass output validation in select cases
-security#2212: Stored XSS in "Website Hostname" field
-security#2213: Stored XSS in "Website Hostname" field - Devices
-security#2214: Stored XSS in "Vertical Label" field - Graph
-security#2215: Stored XSS in "Name" field - Color

-issue#1501: cmd.php poller not stripping alpha from snmp get values
-issue#1515: Special characters not rendered properly in settings
-issue#1530: Inconsistent behaviour handling blank Field Name/Value when
editing data query suggested values
-issue#1537: Numeric validation not ignoring blank elements

-issue#274: Allow Realtime Graph Popup Mode
-issue#1405: When Data Query columns are wide, they cause rendering issues
-issue#1414: DSSTATS reports incorrectly that a data source does not exist
-issue#1419: Filtering log results in errors in the log
-issue#1420: PHP NOTICE editing cdef and vdef items
-issue#1421: CLI upgrade_database.php PHP Warning on execution
-issue#1426: Remote poller erroring attempting to verify files
-issue#1432: Delete confirmation does not disappear
-issue#1443: Partial Save warnings under Settings -> Mail/Reporting/DNS
-issue#1447: CLI audit_database.php not detecting database name, and failed to
create audit tables when run fresh
-issue#1453: CLI add_graph.php not allowing title to be set
-issue#1456: Increase minimum php version maintaining support for RHEL6
-issue#1457: Path-Based Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) issues
-issue#1458: Error in logs when creating new graphs
-issue#1459: Automation filter not applied correctly
-issue#1461: Setting output_format on input type causes no values to be returned
-issue#1464: Poller stuck in infinitely loop causing excess logging
-issue#1466: No scrollbars in mobile browsers
-issue#1468: Increase max length of host.snmp_sysObjectID column
-issue#1471: Undefined function found in global_languages.php
-issue#1472: Change Device Options - Style needs updating
-issue#1474: Check possibility for creation of temporary tables on install
-issue#1487: Undefined constant in ldap.php
-issue#1483: Create New Graphs - Paw Styling Issue
-issue#1493: Can't create tree branches with '#' sign
-feature#1489: Add ability to use parts of OID as value via regex
-feature: Updated Chinese Simplified translations
-feature: Updated Dutch translations
-feature: JavaScript library Chart.js updated 2.7.2
-feature: Allow snmp formatting functions to detect UTF-8 output

-issue#934: Template names missing in graph management list
-issue#1211: CDEF and VDEF Item Edit do not use correct procedures
-issue#1250: Language support does not support localization properly
-issue#1331: Log Rotation should occur at midnight on system
-issue#1334: Console->Users->(Edit) Permissions checkmark descriptions missing
-issue#1336: Debian test suite reports php error
-issue#1338: Allow automation to be run in debug mode from GUI
-issue#1339: First graph of second page does not render
-issue#1340: Unable to open Time Graph View in new tab
-issue#1348: Toggle context menu of Zoom
-issue#1351: Errorimage does not render on systems without GD ttf support
-issue#1353: New installation without config.php silently throws errors
-issue#1355: Single tree can have the order of the tree changed
-issue#1357: Data Profile disable fields shown temporarily as editable
-issue#1359: Settings page generates error for removed plugin tab
-issue#1362: DSStats Avg/Peak function broken due to change in RRDtool
-issue#1365: Plugin Management enforce folder name
-issue#1366: Improve error/info message display
-issue#1380: Potential failure when updating script type
-issue#1384: When installing/enabling plugins, current user and admin should
get permissions
-issue#1386: form_selectable_cell() ignores width if no style_or_class is passed
-issue#1389: Poller is including plugins that are not installed
-issue#1390: Plugin uninstall should prompt user before removal
-issue#1396: Prevent installation/uninstallation of a plugin if dependency is
-issue#1397: Distinguish between plugin tabs and core tabs in settings
-issue#1371: Allow dynamic setting of from name when emailing
-issue: Data Query Cache filter layout more consistent
-issue: Minor plugin permissions format change
-issue: Implementation of error handling causes errors creating New Graphs
-issue: Deprecated DDStats setting removed
-issue: Graph context menu items are now context aware
-issue: Validate spine path before allowing enabling of spine
-issue: Errored settings fields now highlighted correctly on error
-issue: Add the Default Device to the Default Tree at install time
-issue: Secpass password verification error message unuseful
-feature: Searching of SNMP Index in View Data Query Cache now works
-feature: Presets now have default device Template
-feature: JavaScript library c3.js updated (v0.4.21) / jstree.js (3.3.5)
-feature: PHPSecLib updated 2.0.10
-feature: Updated Dutch translations

-issue#114: *all_max_peak* percentile calculations incorrect
-issue#430: Pressing Back often fails to work as expected
-issue#564: Fail to move items in graph template as desired
-issue#981: Hyperlinks for Data Profile stats
-issue#993: Realtime not working on remote pollers for certain data query
-issue#1244: Errors importing templates with deprecated hashes
-issue#1251: Allow zoom out through mouse mmiddle button
-issue#1281: Max OIDs setting is for bulkget and not bulkwalk operations
-issue#1286: Correct CHUNKED_ENCODING error when retrieving graph with some
-issue#1306: Graphs are not always refreshed properly
-issue#1309: Provide meaningful authentication errors in graph_json.php and
-issue#1310: Return button fails on change password page
-issue#1315: Realtime not working on local data collector
-issue#1316: CDEF Item Value dialog does not update creating items
-issue#1319: Front end + remote poller - connection timeout issue
-issue#1321: Use RRDtool pipelining functions within DSSTATS
-issue#1323: Enhance form layout for readability
-issue#1329: Spelling errors in automation_networks.php
-issue: Validate regular expressions if specified in add_graphs.php
-issue: Ensure compression levels are consistent when importing package

-issue#1040: PHP version 7.2 - ERROR PHP WARNING: sizeof()
-issue#1195: Improved Javascript error message handling
-issue#1245: Unable to reorder graph name suggested values
-issue#1256: Error reporting of custom errors not displayed correctly
-issue#1257: Boost excessively logging updates
-issue#1258: cacti.sql updated to match expected schema
-issue#1260: Tab images fail to render due to TrueType support in PHP GD Module
-issue#1261: Automatic logout timeout does not apply to web basic authenication
-issue#1263: CLI utility to validate database schema
-issue#1266: Inconsistent usage graphWrapper CSS causes odd graph zoom behavior
-issue#1268: Regex filters not working properly
-issue#1274: Host CPU script checks value existance to avoid error
-issue#1275: SNMP v3 authPriv fails to work
-issue#1287: JSON calls return validation error in HTML format
-issue#1289: Script Server should output parameter array rather than parameters
-issue#1292: Chrome to aggressively caches Javascript files
-issue#1293: Correctly identify if command 'snmpbulkwalk' is available
-issue#1296: CactiErrorHandler does not ignore PHP suppressed errors
-issue#1300: Automation discovery : New devices added by automation discovery
have empty SNMP community field
-issue#1302: Automatic logout should not be enforced on login page
-issue#1304: mib_cache.php file contains unsafe transactions for binary logging
-feature: CLI utilily to generate and verify file hashes for installed Cacti
-feature: Logging links back to appropriate areas for troubleshooting
-feature: Logging lists filenames in reverse order

-issue#1253: Automatically generated RRDtool DEF names in Cacti 1.1.32 break
existing Graph Templates

-issue#969: Undefined index: color_id / task_item when viewing graphs
-issue#1166: Fix typo of 'locale' in global_languages.php
-issue#1222: Graphs with large number of items causes RRDTool to error
-issue#1230: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_max_tree_sequence()
-issue#1238: SNMP functions fail to handle "Invalid object identifier" error
-issue#1239: Browser console error in layout.js
-issue#1240: Page layout issues caused by library update
-issue#1246: Make SNMP Error return more info
-issue: Missing or corrupted theme files can corrupt user settings
-issue: Theme may not change until next login
-issue: Tree edit Tree/Device/Graph drag areas incorrect
-issue: Make callback error handling compatible with jQuery 3.x
-issue: Ensure the snmp_error is cleared before every call
-issue: Indicate unknown error when RRDTool returns no error message
-feature: Update Javascript library:, d3.js, jquery.js,
jquery.tablednd.js, jquery.timepicker.js

-issue#629: Site reload after delete the last letter in the searchbar
-issue#1022: Discovery network stuck in "running" state does not return results
-issue#1164: Version compare function fails on major/minor only versions
-issue#1166: Invalid New User default language selection
-issue#1175: Automatic logout inconsistent redirect
-issue#1179: Warn during installation if installing moving to older version
-issue#1183: Automatically detect missing Theme and use alternate
-issue#1185: Layout with Graphs having large number of data columns
-issue#1189: Allow ability to sort tree list by name asc/desc
-issue#1190: Enabling, Disabling, Uninstalling plugin, you should page refresh
-issue#1191: Tree sequences were not set or checked
-issue#1197: Add more collection intervals to Data Source Profiles
-issue#1206: Display issue with internationalization number format
-issue#1210: CDEF and VDEF Items can not be properly edited
-issue#1212: Navigation breadcrumbs fail to handle External links correctly
-issue#1213: PHPMailer trying TLS despite SMTPSecure setting
-issue#1215: Show version when installation prompts for license
-issue#1217: Add ability to view/edit Input/Query when editing Data Template
-issue: Named colors fail to import on install or upgrade
-issue: Drag and Drop issues on multiple pages could corrupt sequencing
-feature: Enhance filter to permit more glyphs for table headers
-feature: Add a page refresh dropdown to the Automation Networks
-feature: Enhanced SNMP v3 input forms
-feature: Allow Trees to be rearranged using Drag and Drop
-feature: Trap GUI callback errors and present error message

-issue#1155: Non-secure mail setting not functional due to changes in phpmailer
-issue#1157: Resolve issue with branch permission api
-issue#1158: Change CLOG to use regex replacement so line details are not
-issue#1161: Graph View regex's are not preserved during automatic page refresh
-issue#1162: Error messages are not display when editing a user
-issue#1166: Default language was not correctly set when editing a user
-issue: basename function undefined during upgrade to 1.0.x
-issue: Storage API and translations required for Change password function
-issue: ALTER IGNORE still throws an error when attempting to drop the primary
-issue: Data Source profile form API generates error when system is half
-issue: Resolve issue with importing packages
-feature: Update package versions for Cacti version 1.1.29

-issue#871: Allow Nth Percentile and Bandwidth Summation to respect 'Base
Value' in template
-issue#965: Duplicate error message and incorrect error code when using LDAP
-issue#1084: Graph Tree Branch not properly populating when editing report item
-issue#1104: Datetime formatting in developer debug mode incorrect
-issue#1106: Template Filters has empty row
-issue#1109: URL used in redirection when referrer already has parameters in it
-issue#1110: Add CPU Total to 'SNMP - Get Processor Information'
-issue#1111: PHP NOTICE when using LDAP authenication
-issue#1116: Filters not allowing "None" or "All" when editing report item
-issue#1119: Reduced amount of data fetched for CPU usage to just the data used
-issue#1121: Bandwidth summation not using correct locale
-issue#1122: Fix issue with local login / potential password problems
-issue#1128: Resolve php warning when raising messages
-issue#1130: Fix logging level issue where logs of same level as setting where
not logged
-issue#1131: Make upgrade_database.php use same version compare as /install/
-issue#1133: Fix issues with variable name and debug log
-issue#1141: When viewing graphs from list view, pagination causes list view
filter to be cleared
-issue#1143: ss_host_cpu.php - Division by zero / Invalid Return Value
-issue#1146: Installation now checks URI path matchs with configuration option
-issue: Updated Graph pagenation and filter reset
-issue: Resolve issues with cacti_version_compare() processing
-issue: Zoom context menu stays open after zoom out actions
-issue: Paginator object was not always translated

-issue#958: User Group Tree permissions not calculated fully
-issue#959: Issue viewing email reports due to email client decoding problems
-issue#992: RRDfile naming issues that result from random sorting during export
-issue#1012: Issue where disabled devices will not appear in Tree editor
-issue#1044: Handle invalid exclusion regex properly when viewing the log
-issue#1045: Issue with multiple pages and confirmation dialogs
-issue#1048: Problem importing vdefs from templates
-issue#1053: Remote Data Collector now works with https and self signed
-issue#1055: Errors in data source statistics inserts when invalid output is
-issue#1057: CVE-2017-16641 - Potential vulnerability in RRDtool functions
-issue#1058: ICMP Ping to and IPv6 address fails to gather data for ping latency
-issue#1059: Aggregate item filter should use regular expressions to avoid SQL
errors due to flawed filter logic
-issue#1064: When a Device Template is removed, Automation Templates for that
Device Template remain
-issue#1066: CVE-2017-16660 in remote_agent.php logging function
-issue#1066: CVE-2017-16661 in view log file
-issue#1071: CVE-2017-16785 in global_session.php Reflection XSS
-issue#1074: Boost records get stuck in archive
-issue#1079: Undefined index in lib/snmpagent.php
-issue#1085: Undefined function html_log_input_error
-issue#1086: Rerun data queries in automation process has no effect
-issue#1087: cli/add_device.php --proxy option does not work with non-snmp
-issue#1088: Set timeout for remote data collector context
-issue: Minor performance increase in boost processing
-issue: Poller output not empty not processed correctly on Log tab
-feature: Timeout to the remote agent for realtime graphs
-feature: Updated Dutch translations
-feature: Database update adding additional indexes for increased performance
-feature: Updated PHPMailer to version 5.2.26
-feature: Updated phpseclib to version 2.0.7

-issue#1033: Issues inserting into dsstats table due to legacy data
-issue#1039: Using html_escape still double escapes.  Use strip_tags instead
-issue#1040: Resolving compatibility issue with PHP7.2

-issue#841: --input-fields variable not working with add_graphs.php cli
-issue#986: Resolve minor appearance problem on Modern theme
-issue#989: Resolve issue with data input method commands loosing spaces on
-issue#1000: add_graphs.php not recognizing input fields
-issue#1003: Reversing resolution to Issue#995 due to adverse impact to polling
-issue#1008: Remove developer debug warning about thumbnail validation
-issue#1009: Resolving minor issue with cmd_realtime.php and a changing hostname
-issue#1010: CVE-2017-15194 - Path-Based Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
-issue#1027: Confirm that the PHP date.timezone setting is properly set during
-issue: Fixed database session handling for PHP 7.1
-issue: Fixed some missing i18n
-issue: Fixed typo's
-feature: Updated Dutch translations
-feature: Schema changes; Examined queries without key usage and added/changed
some keys
-feature: Some small improvements

-issue#966: Email still using SMTP security even though set to none
-issue#995: Redirecting exec_background() to dev null breaks some functions
-issue#998: Allow removal of external data template and prevent their creation
-issue: Remove spikes uses wrong variance value from WebGUI
-issue: Changing filters on log page does not reset to first page
-issue: Allow manual creation of external data sources once again
-feature: Updated Dutch translations

-issue#932: Zoom positioning breaks when you scroll the graph page
-issue#970: Remote Data Collector Cache Synchronization missing plugin
-issue#980: Resolve issue where a new tree branches refreshs before you have a
chance to name it
-issue#982: Data Source Profile size information not showing properly
-issue: Long sysDescriptions on automation page cause columns to be hidden
-issue: Resolve visual issues in Classic theme
-feature: Allow Resynchronization of Poller Resource Cache
-feature: Update Spanish Translation

-issue#963: SQL Errors with snmpagent and MariaDB 10.2
-issue#964: SQL Mode optimization failing in 1.1.22

-issue#950: Automation - New graph rule looses name on change
-issue#952: CSV Export not rendering chinese characters correctly (Second
-issue#955: Validation error trying to view graph debug syntax
-issue: MySQL/MariaDB database sql_mode NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO corrupts Cacti
-issue: When creating a data source, the data source profile does not default
to the system default
-feature: Enhance table filters to support new Cycle plugin
-feature: Updated Dutch Translations

-issue#938: Problems upgrading to 1.1.20 with one table alter statement
-issue#952: CSV Export not rendering chinese characters correctly
-issue: Minor alignment issue on tables

-issue#920: Issue with scrollbars after update to 1.1.19 related to #902
-issue#921: Tree Mode no longer expands to accomodate full tree item names
-issue#922: When using LDAP domains some setings are not passed correctly to
the Cacti LDAP library
-issue#923: Warninga in cacti.log are displayed incorrectly
-issue#926: Update Utilities page to provide more information on rebuilding
poller cache
-issue#927: Minor schema change to support XtraDB Cluster
-issue#929: Overlapping frames on certain themes
-issue#931: Aggregate graphs missing from list view
-issue#933: Aggregate graphs page counter off
-issue#935: Support utf8 printable in data query inserts
-issue#936: TimeZone query failure undefined function
-issue: Taking actions on users does not use callbacks
-issue: Undefined constant in lib/snmp.php on RHEL7
-issue: Human readable socket errno's not defined
-issue: Audit of ping methods tcp, udp, and icmp ping. IPv6 will still not work
till php 5.5.4

-issue#810: Scripts in packages don't match distribution
-issue#919: Unable to upgrade to 1.1.18
-issue: Update documentation for minimum PHP 5.4

-issue#902: Correcting some issues with Console and External Links
-issue#903: Upgrade pace.js to v0.7.8
-issue#904: Allow user to hide Graphs from disabled Devices
-issue#906: Create a separate Realm for Realtime Graphs
-issue#907: XSS issue in spikekill.php
-issue#910: Boost last run duration generates an error on new install
-issue#914: Unable to purge Cacti logfile from System Utilities
-issue#915: Non-numeric data in ss_host_disk.php
-issue#916: Resolve display of errors when encountering ldap issues
-issue#918: Minor XSS and create generalized escape function
-issue: Resolve JavaScript errors on Login page
-issue: Resolve JavaScript errors on Permission Denied pages
-issue: Graphs tab would appear in non-classic even if you did not have
-feature: Updated dutch translations

-issue#450: List View to Preview shows no results
-issue#486: Export Device table results to CSV
-issue#544: Allow Log Rotation to be other than Daily
-issue#673: Downtime/Recovery time/date is set incorrectly
-issue#819: Customized timespans for graphs
-issue#888: Rebuilding Poller Cache when External data sources are present
results in false positive warnings in the log
-issue#891: Database.php unable to connect to MySQL when using port different
than 3306
-issue#893: Warning messages when duplicating CDEF objects
-issue#897: Due to browser use of special key, deprecate ctrl-shift-x for
clearing filter
-issue#898: Issue with tcp and udp ping due to file description allocation
-issue: Unable use ipv6 ip addresses for snmp ping in the Cacti GUI
-issue: Update language of the Rebuild Poller Cache menu pick
-issue: Broken design for input controls with Sunrise theme
-issue: Timespan switching not switching to Custom in Preview Mode
-issue: Log rotation would not occur under certain conditions.  Provide more
control over log functions
-issue: Purge log file always purged the cacti.log, not the selected log
-issue: Unable to view graphs for errored data sources from Cacti log

-issue#865: Escape Data Query arguments to prevent issues with special
-issue#872: Can't add device items to graphs generated with no device and no
-issue#875: When modifying Realm permissions, realms that are listed multiple
times don't stay in sync
-issue#877: Improving resolution to issue#847 and one additional vulnerability
-issue#878: Ambiguous language in purge log function
-issue#879: SQL Error when adding a report item to a report
-issue#880: Device drop down is limited to 20 devices and lacks a scroll bar
-issue#885: Graph generated with no device and no graph template forgets device
-issue#886: Unable to export templates other than Device templates
-issue: Address additional corner cases around get_order_string usage
-issue: Data Queries sharing a Data Source can result in poller output table
not empty errors
-issue: Fix Sunrise theme to properly theme multiselect widgets
-issue: Increase height of multiselects so that more options are visible
-issue: When a graph is locked, anchor tags are still functional
-issue: Autocomplete does not populate none-value when the selected value is
not set

-issue: PHP Fatal Exception on upgrade from 1.1.11 or earlier
-feature: Added test to detect install upgrade code problems

-issue#849: Unable to select host in Graph Item pick
-issue#850: Reporting not allowing Non-templated Graphs
-issue#858: Pagination on SNMP Options wrong
-issue#860: Network Discovery Subnet Range character limit too small
-issue#861: The search filter does not support Cyrillic
-issue#862: Automation - When editing Graph Rules, unable to Change Data Query
-issue#863: Typo error in auth_login.php for LDAP authentication
-issue#867: Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in auth_profile.php
-issue: Link's not showing in Automation Graph and Tree rules on Sunshine theme
-issue: Make Templates Export responsive
-issue: Don't wrap menu glyphs and menuitems
-issue: The function get_order_string() can fail when encountering reserved
word columns
-issue: Data Query Delete is not using callback
-feature: Resize Graphs on Graph page to be responsive
-feature: Make import text a hidden field as it is likely seldom used

-issue#605: Remove Spikes feature not fully functional
-issue#814: Allow 'Save' feature from New Graphs
-issue#837: Using the add_device.php CLI script, you can not 'default' the
device threads to other than 1
-issue#838: CVE-2017-10970: XSS Issue in link.php
-issue#839: The Database column name 'rows' is a reserved word in MariaDB 10.2+
-issue#845: External links tabs should appear at the end of the tab view
-issue#846: Web crawl of Cacti site shows errors in the log
-issue#847: CVE-2017-10970: XSS Issue in lib/html_form.php.
-issue#853: Go and Clear buttons do not work in all cases on Graph Rules pages
-issue: Up/Down arrow titles labeled incorrectly on Tree Management page
-issue: Make the default Export Type a Device Template
-issue: Fix SNMPagent MIB cache issues
-issue: Realtime cache cleanup now only removes rrd and png
-issue: When redirected from reports, you can receive a validation error
-feature: updated Dutch language

-issue#822: Aggregate Graph Items are incorrectly editable
-issue#823: Allow Filters to be hidden
-issue#834: Add spacing on graphs pages
-issue: Uninstalled plugins can not install
-issue: Location of filter functions in host.php prevent full responsive filter
-feature: Implement first phase of responsive search filters

-issue#642: RRA not written or WARNING: Poller Output Table not Empty
-issue#779: PHP running out of memory due to date format issues
-issue#791: SeLinux causing problems due to recent enhancement of the Cacti log
-issue#818: Unable to unselect all SpikeKill templates under settings
-issue#831: Unable to add devices from automation devices that don't have a
-issue: incorrect version of pace: fix progess bar
-issue: date_format(): fix date separator character
-issue: host.php: fix itemCount en rowCount when result = null
-issue: clog: fix scandir for systems with limited permissions to log directory
-issue: clog: fix listing of logfiles
-issue: Stop New Graphs filter interface from taking too much space
-issue: Pagination of clog is not done via ajax
-issue: Unable to dry run spikekill's from Graphs page
-issue: Default sort order does not highlight on Aggregate Template page
-issue: Correct display issue with Graph Templates when editing Device
-issue: External Data Sources show as having poller interval on Data Source page
-issue: Allow Selecting 'External' as the Data Source Profile when creating
non-templated Data Source
-issue: Remove Field Order on Data Input output data as it's not required
-issue: Data Templates not using Ajax callbacks to switch Data Sources
-issue: Visual issue when creating non-templated Aggregate Graphs
-feature: new skin: Sunrise
-feature: Provide Non Compatible explanation when a plugin is not compatible
-feature: Updated Dutch translations
-feature: Allow Graph Templates with multiple flag to be created repeatedly
from Graphs New interface
-feature: Allow plugins to exclude files and directories from their remote
poller synchronization process
-feature: Add Device Description to View Poller Cache UI

-issue#779: Resolve random Apache segfault due to recursion
-issue#786: Unable to create second RRA for a Data Source Profile with
collection rate less than 5 minutes
-issue#789: Unable to Clear Filter due to JavaScript name space collision
-issue#791: cacti 1.1.9 and clog_webapi.php permission issue
-issue#794: SQL Error when creating graphs manually
-issue#798: Cosmetic issue when checking checkboxes in Cacti
-issue#800: Unchecked loop in lib/html_utility.php causing race condition
-issue#802: Issue updating device hostname with SNMP data queries
-issue#803: Issues with utf8mb4 introduced via optimization
-issue: If the device is down and snmp_sysUpTimeInstance is 0, time in state
can be wrong
-feature: Updated Dutch translations

-issue#788: Fails on PHP Fatal error if LDAP auth enabled

-issue#529: Issue on Graph New page with checkbox unselected
-issue#552: Minor selectable row checkbox issue
-issue#577: Dragging multiple items causes the tree to refresh too early
-issue#617: Correct poller timeouts when no devices are associated with active
data collector
-issue#706: Classic external link template images missing
-issue#726: Undefined variable in upgrade script
-issue#728: Resolve issues with jQueryUI empty dialogs
-issue#731: Add class to radio button labels to correct display issue
-issue#736: Sequence numbers not visible when editing templates using modern
-issue#739: Graph Titles missing on aggregate graphs
-issue#740: Spacer manipulation broken after update to responsive forms
-issue#741: Errors in dsstats with very large RRDfiles with more than 60 data
-issue#748: Search results are not cleared on Aggregates
-issue#754: Default Language for user and system are not set on new installation
-issue#755: RRDtool Graph Watermark is incorrect
-issue#756: Resolving some translation issues
-issue#763: Template Export not functional
-issue#765: Validation error when viewing Utility View
-issue#771: Editing a report renders no options after creation
-issue#780: Preview always shows thumbnails in reports interface
-issue: Hide Aggregate system cdefs when editing graphs and graph templates
-issue: Updating Utility View zoom was not updating table data
-feature#723: Convert Data Source dropdown to autocomplete when editing
standalone graphs
-feature#735: Allow color selection in graphs and templates to be autocomplete
-feature#753: Preliminary support for RRDtool 1.7.
-feature: Add function to obtain the current execution user
-feature: Implement Site timezones as autocomplete for performance
-feature: For themes other than classic, make color id selection autocomplete
-feature: CLOG timestamp is now formatted as defined in settings
-feature: CLOG can show loginformation from rotated logfiles

-issue#470: Enhance Cacti's SNMP function and Data Query XML, add
-issue#653: Devices with empty sysNames are not added to discovered devices
-issue#655: Data source not displaying device name
-issue#658: Scheduled Reports (type "tree") not working
-issue#662: Sending test Email should optionally bypass ping
-issue#667: In Classic theme initial view of Tree view broken
-issue#669: Invalid SQL Messages when upgrading to Cacti 1.0.5
-issue#670: Validation error when you do "Change Graph Template" in Cacti
-issue#672: Cacti unable to enable snmp notification receiver mibs
-issue#680: Sort order in Time Graph View
-issue#687: Cacti DB access not compatible with PHP 7
-issue#696: Multiple issues with snmpagent notification UI
-issue#699: Add custom error handler for ping functions
-issue#704: Fix GUI issues for Graphs not belonging to a device
-issue#707: Back button not working
-issue#708: Issues finding lib/snmp.php in host disk functions
-issue#712: Change Graph Template dropdown invalid
-issue#717: Allow ajax callbacks when adding non-templated graph items
-issue: Reports were not using Cacti's permission system for checking access
-issue: User Admin page reported wrong permissions at Tree level missing some
i18n as well
-issue: Short data_name can cause data collection issues
-feature: Updated Dutch language
-feature: Updating PHPMailer to 5.2.23
-feature: Support input-output Data Query types
-feature: Introduce new get_cacti_version() to reduce database calls on pages

-issue#620: The table poller_data_template_field_mappings can get out of sync
when manipulating data templates
-issue#622: Can not connect to MySQL over a socket
-issue#628: Cacti upgrade process is complex and error pront for developers
-issue#635: Error when saving change to data template
-issue#637: When displaying tree graphs, use the same layout as preview mode
-issue#646: When a plugin is disabled during page operations, warnings can
-issue#651: Unable to view cacti log (because of allowed memory size exhausted)
-issue#657: Error in log when host is down, using icmp and using cmd.php on
-issue: List for creating a Graph type shows already added Graph Templates
-issue: Fix and undefined variable on data source page when first creating a
manual data source
-issue: Remove tabindex and other non-required manual aria controls from pages
-issue: Table type and column type in poller_output table wrong
-issue: FILTER_VALIDATE_MAC not defined on PHP less than 5.5
-issue: When changing your language Cacti would not do a full page refresh
-feature#106: Paginated CLOG and log administration
-feature: Dutch translations
-feature: Responsive Graphs page
-feature: Convert forms from table based to div based for responsive design
-feature: Better support for phones and tablets
-feature: Simplified installation code to facilitate easier release cycle
-feature: Updating Tablesorter to v2.28.9, adding widgets and pager

-issue#580: Data collection warnings when using cmd.php
-issue#592: Incorrectly formatted HTML
-issue#606: Replace <path_php_binary> in data input methods
-issue#607: Allow draw_menu to specify multiple actions for the same URL
-issue#608: Spaces adjacent to double quotes are eliminated during data input
method import
-issue#609: Honor the column setting in graph tree view mode
-issue#610: Change Graph Template action not available
-issue#611: Cacti Installation Wizard - Spine page incorrect on Windows
-issue#612: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function row() on a string
-issue#613: Network Automation, now requires a site or your are unable to save
-issue#615: Data Input field length too short for longer scripts
-issue#619: Export logging option in settings no longer used

-issue#524: Reporting not working when Tree branch is device
-issue#560: Add 'Duplicate' and 'Convert to Graph Template' back to Graph
Management page for Advanced mode
-issue#573: Missing Graph Template dropdown items
-issue#575: Very large hex strings result in scientific notation that RRDtool
-issue#579: Problems logging in using nginx web server
-issue#581: session_start() warnings when manually sending reports
-issue#584: Issues reporting memory recommendation on utilities page
-issue#586: Overrunning pollers can cause system load spikes
-issue#587: Data Collector setting under Network Discovery is not being used
-issue#588: Devices with blank sysDescr are added to the first Device Template
in error
-issue#589: Automation discovery does not allow site association
-issue#590: Unable to create a plugin based menu
-issue#591: Row selection in Device Automation Templates not sane with
drag-n-drop enabled
-issue#601: Resolving some translation issues
-issue#604: Unexpected backtrace on regular expression filters
-issue#605: Remove Spikes non-numeric data causes warnings
-issue: Ping email does not use a from email address
-issue: Automation does not recognize default size or poller
-issue: Unable to drag-n-drop on automation templates pages when enabled
-issue: Fixed number of hosts in poller stats for first poller
-issue: Fixed screenwidth issue in tab PHP-Info of Utilities module
-issue: Recovery poller could get stuck in some situations
-issue: Fix JavaScript errors when managing Aggregate Graphs
-feature: Reorganize defaults to place more on device defaults page
-feature: Update jQuery tableDnD to version 0.9
-feature: More tolerant of empty PHP_SELF found with some web servers

-issue#515: Unable to import color CSV file
-issue#519: In non-classic themes its not possible to remove Cacti log or
reporting tabs
-issue#520: SQL error in graph automation
-issue#521: Cacti allows removal of Data Query Graph Template associations when
they are in use
-issue#525: LAST GPRINT type not rendered correctly due to lack of escaping
-issue#530: Undefined function get_vdef in lib/rrd.php
-issue#531: Issues with TextAlign and Tick graph items
-issue#532: Unreliable scroll height causes issues in Chrome
-issue#533: User settings not cleared after saving profile
-issue#534: Automation issue with AS clause
-issue#538: Unable to rename tree folder
-issue#541: Issues with mobile graph viewing
-issue#555: DSStats SQL insert errors due to data collection issues
-issue#563: Division by zero in removespikes.php
-issue: Fixed rendering issues with HRULE's on graphs
-issue: Update jsTree to 3.3.4 version
-feature: Improved responsiveness UI tables, filters, and menus

-issue#492: Error while adding non data query (cg) graphs
-issue#494: CLI error while importing template
-issue#499: SQL error in graph automation resulting in no graphs on tree
-issue#500: Generic SNMP device package damaged - Unix Ping Host
-issue#505: Log rotation does not work in some cases
-issue#506: Undefined index: cactiStatsDeviceFailedPolls
-issue#507: Nextwork discovery 'export' produces no results
-issue#509: Minor bug with device ownership selection
-feature: Add new legend type that includes Current/Average/Minimum/Maximum
-feature: Update d3.js to latest version 4.7.4

-issue#457: Continued LDAP issues with initial user creation
-issue#461: The function escapeshell arg not appropriate on Windows
-issue#462: LDAP authorization issues: group membership check broken for 'Group
Member Type' = 'Username'
-issue#464: Change default batch spike removal limits for standard deviation
and variance
-issue#465: Less than sign inside items and labels of graph break graph
-issue#466: Call to member function row() on a non-object in lib/snmpagent.php
-issue#467: Reduce the number of queries in log function
-issue#472: Schema changes to improve performance
-issue#485: When editing a device, the ping status was not always returned
-issue: Back button issues due to syntax problems in JavaScript
-issue: Zoom periodically would loose it's crosshairs after zooming
-issue: Zoom would zoom out into the future even when disabled
-issue: Fixing lite corruption in graph_templates_item table
-feature: Make SpikeKill options more consistent
-feature#459: Add variable date time option to report mail subject
-feature#460: Add external_id to host variables
-feature#469: Change re-index method of Data Query from Device edit
-feature: Support generalized date format approach in the GUI
-feature: Use localStorage over a Cookie for Zoom setting storage
-feature: Fully implement 'Remove Orphans' from Package import process

-issue#337: Generic SNMP OID Graph Template damanged
-issue#338: Extremely slow new graph/DS creation
-issue#353: Broadcast & Multicast Packet counters missing
-issue#376: Structured RRD path permission issues
-issue#389: Manual template based graph creation not working
-issue#407: The RRDfile does not exist message is misleading
-issue#410: Select character data was interpreted as hex by cacti_snmp_walk()
-issue#422: additional issues with LDAP authentication
-issue#424: Automation does not discover devices w/o resolvable hostnames
-issue#427: undefined index TotalVisibleMemorySize on FreeBSD
-issue#432: SpikeKill menu wonky on Paw Theme
-issue#434: password_verify not compatible in php5.4-
-issue#435: urlPath missing from paw theme links
-issue#436: Restricted user does not see graphs in tree view
-issue#443: Allow remote_agent.php through a NAT
-issue#446: No local admin when using multiple LDAP configuration
-issue#447: Creating another non data query graph from same template reuses
first data source
-issue#449: exec_poll_php does not flush pipes when using script server
-issue#450: Graph list view - No Graphs Found
-issue: Improve email test exception errors and change default timeout to 10
-issue: When on links page, breadcrumbs would become corrupted
-issue: When upgrading from any version of Cacti to 1.0.5, SQL's relative to
poller_reindex might appear
-issue: Color page performance poor
-issue: The Device dropdown on the Graph View page was unreliable
-issue: Aggregate and non-Device Graphs in list view had not Device or Title
-issue: Re-engineer back button design to accomocate ajax and native navigation
-issue: Make Graph Template filter wider
-issue: Resolve some visual issues in Classic theme
-feature: Add page refresh API to make page refreshing in Ajax easier to
-feature: Update fontawesome to version 4.7
-feature: Use fontawesome glyphs for menu items
-feature: Support multiple column sort in table library
-feature: Add glyphs to main Cacti console menu

-issue#386: Allow special characters in graph title
-issue#414: Install Wizard check path for spine
-issue#415: SNMP session handling broken
-issue#418: LDAP create user from template not working

-issue#296: Poller warning for Non-SNMP device
-issue#319: Add default 'High Collection Rate' data source profile to new
installs to demonstrate concept of multiple rates
-issue#330: Import templates to non-default Data Profile
-issue#337: Error when try create new graph - SNMP - Generic OID
-issue#342: Infinite loop in poller_automation.php with invalid schedule
-issue#343: Device discovery cannot handle dots in device name
-issue#344: Unable to upgrade to latest Cacti on FreeBSD
-issue#353: Legacy broadcast & multicast packet counters missing in
-issue#354: Place on tree dashes / ordering is not correct
-issue#355: Replace table rows with count when using InnoDB tables
-issue#357: If recovery mode runs longer than a polling interval, a second is
-issue#358: Sending test e-mail results in warning
-issue#360: Issue importing cacti.sql with some charsets
-issue#364: Moving graph item causes page render issue
-issue#365: ss_host_disk.php and ss_host_cpu.php should use return
-issue#367: Upgrade chart.js to version 2.5
-issue#368: Issue with device automation ip vs. ip_address
-issue#369: Interface bits/second total Bandwidth wrong CDEF
-issue#375: Drag and Drop of Devices and Graphs allows dropping onto self
-issue#380: Ignores a non-standard SNMP port
-issue#382: When using php5.5+ new users unable to change their password
-issue#384: graph_view.php backtrace errors
-issue#385: Unable to place an aggregate grapn on a subtree
-issue#390: Display graphs from this aggregate icon next to graph not displaying
-issue#392: cdef.php missing sql where for system cdef's
-issue#398: checkbox is not honored when creating tree
-issue#399: External link configuration: Order buttons don't work
-issue#400: SNMP Engine ID (v3) field too short
-issue#401: Graphs -> Apply Automation Rules fails
-issue#404: Success even when test mail fails
-issue#406: HRULE text format special characters not escaped
-issue#408: Suppress SNMP units suffix from cacti_snmp_get() output
-issue: Improve is_ipaddress functions
-issue: Drag & drop showing when disabled on page automation_templates.php
-issue: Output messages displayed incorrectly in automation_templates.php and
-issue: Importing template from old Cacti would not show data templates
-issue: Handle snmp error exceptions better
-issue: Update Apache .htaccess files to support multiple version
-issue: When executing a full sync, if the table structured has changed,
recreate the remote table
-issue: Multiple domains not working as expected
-feature#197: Add external_id to Cacti for linking Cacti to other monitoring
-feature#332: Support copy user groups
-feature: Log proper IP address if logging in behind a NAT
-feature: New qquery parsing rules: VALUE/TEST, VALUE/TABLE, VALUE/HEX2IP

-feature: Javascript: make menu movement smooth and use localStorage
-feature: Added cacti_snmp_get_raw() for plugin developers
-issue#288: Function cacti_snmp_get bad handling of wierd value into snmp_value
-issue#298: Graph generation issue with SNMP - Bits/Sec + Total Bandwith
-issue#301: Unresolvable DNS hostname causing backtraces
-issue#302: spikekill memory leak
-issue#303: Error when creating tree items with "&" in the name
-issue#307: Aggregate graph gives CMDPHP errors
-issue#308: UI resize issue
-issue#309: Show "Save Successful" notification permanently
-issue#311: Graph thumbnail settings in profile setting does not work
-issue#320: Users can not change their own password
-issue#324: Aggregate template graph template JavaScript error
-issue#352: Add configurable auto-logout and page-reload options
-issue#329: Customize the favicon
-issue#334: primary key on poller output boost table not efficient/not being
used correctly
-issue: Fixed issues with Dark theme
-issue: Fixed issues with Paw theme
-issue: Fix timespan calculation
-issue: Added misplaced join condition when generating RRDtool graphs
-issue: Fix the selection of timestan based on local_graph_id and rra_id
-issue: Correct error in discovery not adding devices
-issue: Action message did not always display
-issue: fix regex to use Domains like
-issue: Properly align Order columns.
-issue: address renaming issues with tree items.
-issue: Add device snmp --version is ambiguous
-issue: SNMP Availability failed to report down devices - This only was
occuring for cmd.php collector.
-issue: i18n remove embedded HTML syntax
-issue: Wrap menu items to avoid scrolling

-issue#297: Upgrade 0.8.8h to 1.0.0 fails to create poller_output_boost table
-issue: Added missing template import hash for 1.0.2

-issue#279: Correct Boost Status display issue
-issue#275: Permission View issue and Device Dropdown when in Classic Theme
-issue#270: Major Mib Cache corruption.  Rebuild your MIB Cache after upgrading
-issue: Resolve Cacti logo on Graphs page in Classic Theme

-feature: SpikeKill allows filling range to last known good value
-issue#261: Add IPv4 and IPv6 Specific Counters to interfaces.xml
-issue#257: Poller Output Table not Empty WARNING messages in cacti.log
-issue#256: New Graph - Add Graph Items Fails (Data Sources shows None)
-issue#255: Errors Creating new Graphs - Undefined Index Errors
-issue#254: Unable to Properly add Data Source
-issue#251: Remote Data Collector stuck on upgrade page
-issue#247: Devices missing from tree device list
-issue#245: Drag and Drop in Tree Edit Erratic
-issue#243: SMTP Ping Failure with not SNMP Authentication
-issue#241: Authentication Method: None not functional
-issue#240: SQL error when install plugin
-issue#238: Duplicate color id's cause error during Upgrade
-issue#231: SNMPv3 - PHP ERROR WARNING: Fatal error: Unknown user name in file
-issue: Resolving visual issues with row counts.
-issue: When deleting Graphs prevent the removal of Data Sources that are still
in use
-issue: Improve SNMP agent performance through SQL optimizations

-feature: Support for remote data collectors
-feature: Support Internationalization (i18n) for the main Cacti site, and
supported plugins
-feature: Data Source Profiles replace RRA settings allowing a single system to
have multiple polling intervals
-feature: Redesigned Tree page including Drag & Drop functionality
-feature: New Graph Permissions system designed to make permissions simple to
-feature: Add Themes 'Classic', 'Modern', 'Dark', and 'Paw'
-feature: Debug Data Sources by comparing them to the Data Template
-feature: New special Data Source type to detect the poller interval
-feature: Bulk inserts in PHP poller to address latency issues
-feature: Optimize data collection through in memory caching giving a 50%
reduction in polling times when dealing with large sites
-feature: Support RRDtool VDEFs
-feature: Support new Graph Items: AREA:STACK, GPRINT:AVERAGE, GPRINT:LAST,
-feature: Support RRDtool features: Right Axis Support, Dynamic Labels, Tab
Width, Legend Position, Legend Direction
-feature; Resizeable table columns
-feature: Deprecated Single Pane Tree View
-feature: Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
-feature: Support User Group Permissions
-feature: Show number of in use Graphs, Data Sources, and Devices for a given
-feature: Support bulk re-sync of graphs to assigned Graph Template
-feature: Bulk Device Settings changes
-feature: CDEFs, Colors, GPrint Presets consolidated to Presets menu
-feature: Authentication cookies for 'remember me' functionality
-feature: Automatic logout after session inactivity
-feature: Replace Boost server in favor of RRDtool Proxy
-feature: Graph Details include CSV output, zoom, debug, and download links
-feature: Graph Export moved to a plugin
-feature: User change password functionality
-feature: Automation added to core functionality through the merge of the
Discovery and AutoM8 plugins
-feature: Change interface graphs from 32 bit to 64 bit with ease
-feature: Plugins now have hooks in device templates and automation
-feature: Allow users to preview template imports to determine if there will be
issues from importing
-feature: Automatic removal of orphaned graph items when importing newer
versions of graph templates
-feature: Support for MySQL 5.7
-feature: Support for PHP 7.0
-feature: Merge Aggregate Plugin - Aggregate graph creation
-feature: Merge AutoM8 Plugin - Automation of graph creation
-feature: Merge Boost Plugin - Faster polling, result caching, on-demand
RRDtool file updates
-feature: Merge CLog Plugin - View Cacti logs
-feature: Merge Discovery Plugin - Device discovery
-feature: Merge Domains Plugin - Support for domain (ADS/LDAP) specific user
-feature: Merge DSStats Plugin - Cache Data Source values for easy retrieval
-feature: Merge Logrotate Plugin - Rotate Cacti logs
-feature: Merge Realtime Plugin - Realtime graph viewing
-feature: Merge Reporting (Nectar) Plugin - Reporting
-feature: Merge RRDclean Plugin - RRD file cleanup and management
-feature: Merge Secpass Plugin - User password policy enforcement
-feature: Merge Settings Plugin - Shared settings for plugins
-feature: Merge SNMP Agent Plugin - SNMP Agent for Cacti providing system
-feature: Merge SpikeKill Plugin - Remove unwanted spikes from graphs
-feature: Merge SSL Plugin - Force https
-feature: Merge SuperLinks Plugin - Add external links within Cacti
-feature: Merge UGroup Plugin - User groups with permissions
-feature: Merge Watermark Plugin - Watermark your Cacti graphs
-bug: Fixed issue where old graph templates (0.8.6-), could import bogus data
causing issues with Data Input Methods
-bug#0000168: Duplicate data sources should be avoided when creating new graphs
-bug#0000851: Review an imported template
-bug#0001155: When viewing graph tree do not show empty nodes
-bug#0001337: Form to filter for graphs in host view mode
-bug#0001552: Date ranges not shown on graphs in the view with Daily, Weekly,
Monthly & Yearly graphs
-bug#0001573: RRA templates/grouping
-bug#0001577: Override session handling and store session in Database
-bug#0001790: Allow for XML delimiter in fields of a script query
-bug#0001820: Unable to use a Data Input Method Output Field in more than one
Data Source Item
-bug#0001827: Changing the graph template messes up the graph item fields
-bug#0001836: Add mysql error message to log
-bug#0001877: Cookies path is not properly set
-bug#0001966: Expand Devices in tree view not honored
-bug#0001970: Data query index order cache should be populated on re-index
-bug#0001981: Cacti is not full UTF-8
-bug#0001986: CLI allow add_graphs.php to have multiples --snmp-field and
--snmp-value options
-bug#0001996: Allow using data input field in graph title
-bug#0002096: Enumerated SNMP values not parsed correctly
-bug#0002112: CLI add configurable parameters for device_add.php
-bug#0002133: Restrict User to only manage specific device(s)
-bug#0002135: Regular expression support for filter
-bug#0002137: Data query oid_suffix parameter does not function
-bug#0002159: Database creation file not fully compliant with strict SQL mode
-bug#0002162: Unable to authenticate user with password containing UTF-8
-bug#0002196: Incorrect script server instance number in log
-bug#0002225: Make -Cc SNMP option configurable
-bug#0002255: Script should only query local mounts
-bug#0002336: Implement php-snmp class library
-bug#0002340: Data query script execution should be escaped
-bug#0002350: SNMP Data Query index_order ignored
-bug#0002351: Ping does not work with non-English locale
-bug#0002361: Spine does not log unknowns the same way cmd.php
-bug#0002362: Poller cmd.php makes wrong hex-string to decimal conversion
-bug#0002370: Cacti prints wrong date formats, does not honor a systems locale
-bug#0002403: Typo in DELETE statement leading to poor graphing performance
-bug#0002412: Graph Template duplication causes \t to be converted to TAB char
-bug#0002418: Data Source Items named 'ds' break UI ability to add more items
-bug#0002419: SNMP enum results not parsed correctly by cmd.php poller
-bug#0002452: CVE-2014-4000 PHP Object Injection Vulnerabilities
-bug#0002454: OS Command Injection
-bug#0002468: Changing graph format to anything but PNG causes no output
-bug#0002476: Add support for SNMP v3 EngineID
-bug#0002483: Cisco ASA using Re-index method of verify all causes recache
event every time
-bug#0002484: Incorrect SQL request in cli script repair_database.php
-bug#0002521: Unable to create two devices via CLI with the same IP-Address
-bug#0002522: Zero padded hex strings are parsed incorrectly
-bug#0002535: Graph Template Changes not updating RRDtool command
-bug#0002636: Creating Data Template with "U" for min and max saves field
data_input_field_id as 0 for first item
-bug#0002697: CVE-2016-2313 allows remote authenticated users who use web
authentication to bypass intended access
-bug#0002698: When the host is down the wrong data type are used for some
columns in the host table
-bug#0002723: Renaming a disabled device still attempts to connect and get SNMP
host information
-bug#0002724: Multipage graphs the menu can disappear
-bug#0002725: Changing graph template does not mark correct interfaces disabled
on data query generated list


 net/cacti/INSTALL                                    |     6 +-
 net/cacti/MESSAGE                                    |    11 +-
 net/cacti/Makefile                                   |    37 +-
 net/cacti/PLIST                                      |  2125 +++++++++++++++--
 net/cacti/distinfo                                   |    19 +-
 net/cacti/files/cacti-poller                         |     5 +-
 net/cacti/patches/patch-include_global.php           |    18 +-
 net/cacti/patches/patch-include_global__settings.php |    30 +-
 net/cacti/patches/patch-lib_installer.php            |    13 +
 net/cacti/patches/patch-lib_rrd.php                  |    13 +
 net/cacti/patches/patch-poller__maintenance.php      |    13 +
 11 files changed, 1901 insertions(+), 389 deletions(-)

diffs (truncated from 2608 to 300 lines):

diff -r 460a764f0638 -r 39cc78a8b2cf net/cacti/INSTALL
--- a/net/cacti/INSTALL Fri Apr 26 14:39:34 2019 +0000
+++ b/net/cacti/INSTALL Fri Apr 26 14:52:16 2019 +0000
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
-# $NetBSD: INSTALL,v 1.1 2014/01/16 21:10:00 tron Exp $
+# $NetBSD: INSTALL,v 1.2 2019/04/26 14:52:16 gavan Exp $
 case ${STAGE} in
        ${TOUCH} @CACTI_LOGDIR@/cacti.log
-       ${CHOWN} cacti:cacti @CACTI_LOGDIR@/cacti.log
-       ${CHMOD} 640 @CACTI_LOGDIR@/cacti.log
+       ${CHOWN} cacti:www @CACTI_LOGDIR@/cacti.log
+       ${CHMOD} 660 @CACTI_LOGDIR@/cacti.log
diff -r 460a764f0638 -r 39cc78a8b2cf net/cacti/MESSAGE
--- a/net/cacti/MESSAGE Fri Apr 26 14:39:34 2019 +0000
+++ b/net/cacti/MESSAGE Fri Apr 26 14:52:16 2019 +0000
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-$NetBSD: MESSAGE,v 1.5 2016/06/02 14:18:23 hauke Exp $
+$NetBSD: MESSAGE,v 1.6 2019/04/26 14:52:16 gavan Exp $
 cacti is now installed.
@@ -13,16 +13,21 @@
        mysql> CREATE DATABASE cacti;
        mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON cacti.* TO 'cactiuser'@'localhost'
            -> IDENTIFIED BY 'cactiuser';
+       mysql> GRANT SELECT ON mysql.time_zone_name TO 'cactiuser'@'localhost';
         mysql> FLUSH PRIVILEGES;
         mysql> USE cacti;
         mysql> SOURCE ${CACTIDIR}/cacti.sql;
+- If you haven't already imported your MySQL timezone data, you need to do this:
+       mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo | mysql -u root -p mysql
 - Install & Configure an Apache webserver.
 - If you have not already done so, add these lines to enable php extensions
   required by cacti in ${PKG_SYSCONFBASE}/etc/php.ini
@@ -37,7 +42,7 @@
   and make sure ${PREFIX}/bin is in PATH.
-Please read the included README (${CACTIDIR}/docs/README) file,
+Please read the included documentation (${CACTIDIR}/docs/...),
 for more information about configuring and starting cacti.
 If you have updated from a version older than 0.8.8h, note that the
diff -r 460a764f0638 -r 39cc78a8b2cf net/cacti/Makefile
--- a/net/cacti/Makefile        Fri Apr 26 14:39:34 2019 +0000
+++ b/net/cacti/Makefile        Fri Apr 26 14:52:16 2019 +0000
@@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.38 2018/11/14 22:22:09 kleink Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.39 2019/04/26 14:52:16 gavan Exp $
-DISTNAME=      cacti-0.8.8h
+DISTNAME=      cacti-1.2.3
@@ -14,13 +13,14 @@
 USE_TOOLS+=            pax
 NO_BUILD=              yes
-DEPENDS+=              ${PHP_PKG_PREFIX}-mysql-[0-9]*:../../databases/php-mysql
+DEPENDS+=              ${PHP_PKG_PREFIX}-pdo_mysql-[0-9]*:../../databases/php-pdo_mysql
 DEPENDS+=              ${PHP_PKG_PREFIX}-snmp-[0-9]*:../../net/php-snmp
 DEPENDS+=              ${PHP_PKG_PREFIX}-sockets-[0-9]*:../../net/php-sockets
+DEPENDS+=              ${PHP_PKG_PREFIX}-gmp-[0-9]*:../../devel/php-gmp
+DEPENDS+=              ${PHP_PKG_PREFIX}-ldap-[0-9]*:../../databases/php-ldap
+DEPENDS+=              ${PHP_PKG_PREFIX}-gettext-[0-9]*:../../devel/php-gettext
 DEPENDS+=              ${APACHE_PKG_PREFIX}-${PHP_PKG_PREFIX}-[0-9]*:../../www/ap-php
 .include "../../mk/"
 .include "../../lang/php/"
 .include "../../mk/"
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
 EGDIR=                 ${PREFIX}/share/examples/cacti
 CONF_FILES+=           ${EGDIR}/httpd-cacti.conf ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/httpd-cacti.conf
@@ -62,19 +62,34 @@
 SUBST_CLASSES+=                paths
 SUBST_STAGE.paths=     pre-configure
-SUBST_FILES.paths=     ${WRKDIR}/httpd-cacti.conf install/index.php
+SUBST_FILES.paths=     ${WRKDIR}/httpd-cacti.conf install/functions.php
 SUBST_FILES.paths+=    include/global.php include/global_settings.php
+SUBST_FILES.paths+=    lib/installer.php
 SUBST_FILES.paths+=    ${WRKDIR}/cacti-poller
+SUBST_CLASSES+=                perl-xml
+SUBST_STAGE.perl-xml=  pre-configure
+SUBST_FILES.perl-xml=  resource/script_queries/*.xml
+SUBST_SED.perl-xml=    -e 's,>perl,>${PERL5},'
 SUBST_CLASSES+=                docs      pre-configure      docs/txt/manual.txt docs/html/*.html      docs/*.html                -e 's,/var/www/html/cacti,${CACTIDIR},g'
+OWN_DIRS_PERMS+=       ${CACTIDIR}/cache/boost ${CACTI_USER} ${APACHE_GROUP} 775
+OWN_DIRS_PERMS+=       ${CACTIDIR}/cache/mibcache ${CACTI_USER} ${APACHE_GROUP} 775
+OWN_DIRS_PERMS+=       ${CACTIDIR}/cache/realtime ${CACTI_USER} ${APACHE_GROUP} 775
+OWN_DIRS_PERMS+=       ${CACTIDIR}/cache/spikekill ${CACTI_USER} ${APACHE_GROUP} 775
+OWN_DIRS_PERMS+=       ${CACTIDIR}/resource/snmp_queries ${CACTI_USER} ${APACHE_GROUP} 775
+OWN_DIRS_PERMS+=       ${CACTIDIR}/resource/script_server ${CACTI_USER} ${APACHE_GROUP} 775
+OWN_DIRS_PERMS+=       ${CACTIDIR}/resource/script_queries ${CACTI_USER} ${APACHE_GROUP} 775
 REQD_FILES_PERMS+=     ${CACTIDIR}/log/.htaccess ${CACTI_LOGDIR}/.htaccess \
                        ${CACTI_USER} ${CACTI_GROUP} 644
 REQD_FILES_PERMS+=     ${CACTIDIR}/rra/.htaccess ${CACTI_RRADIR}/.htaccess \
diff -r 460a764f0638 -r 39cc78a8b2cf net/cacti/PLIST
--- a/net/cacti/PLIST   Fri Apr 26 14:39:34 2019 +0000
+++ b/net/cacti/PLIST   Fri Apr 26 14:52:16 2019 +0000
@@ -1,149 +1,475 @@
-@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.8 2016/06/02 09:36:33 hauke Exp $
+@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.9 2019/04/26 14:52:16 gavan Exp $

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