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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/editors/vim-share Update to newest patchset 1004.

branches:  trunk
changeset: 320787:3658f4bb12f8
user:      morr <>
date:      Sun Mar 10 18:45:45 2019 +0000

Update to newest patchset 1004.

8.1.0801  MinGW: no hint that tests fail because of small terminal
8.1.0802  negative index doesn't work for Blob
8.1.0803  session file has problem with single quote in file name
8.1.0804  crash when setting v:errmsg to empty list
8.1.0805  too many #ifdefs
8.1.0806  too many #ifdefs
8.1.0807  session test fails on MS-Windows
8.1.0808  MS-Windows: build error with GUI
8.1.0809  too many #ifdefs
8.1.0810  too many #ifdefs
8.1.0811  too many #ifdefs
8.1.0812  Unicode 16 feature is not useful
8.1.0813  FileChangedShell not sufficiently tested
8.1.0814  :mksession cannot handle a very long 'runtimepath'
8.1.0815  dialog for file changed outside of Vim not tested
8.1.0816  test for 'runtimepath' in session fails on MS-Windows
8.1.0817  ":=" command is not tested
8.1.0818  MS-Windows: cannot send large data with ch_sendraw()
8.1.0819  a failed assert with a long string is hard to read
8.1.0820  test for sending large data over channel sometimes fails
8.1.0821  xxd "usage" output and other arguments not tested
8.1.0822  peeking and flushing output slows down execution
8.1.0823  not sufficient testing of xxd
8.1.0824  SunOS/Solaris has a problem with ttys
8.1.0825  code for autocommands is mixed with file I/O code
8.1.0826  too many #ifdefs
8.1.0827  missing dependency in Makefile
8.1.0828  still using FEAT_VIRTUALEDIT
8.1.0829  when 'hidden' is set session creates extra buffers
8.1.0830  test leaves directory behind on MS-Windows
8.1.0831  xxd test fails if man page has dos fileformat
8.1.0832  confirm() is not tested
8.1.0833  memory leak when jumps output is filtered
8.1.0834  GUI may wait too long before dealing with messages
8.1.0835  GUI build fails on MS-Windows
8.1.0836  user completion test can fail on MS-Windows
8.1.0837  timer interrupting cursorhold and mapping not tested
8.1.0838  compiler warning for type conversion
8.1.0839  when using VTP wrong colors after a color scheme change
8.1.0840  getchar(0) never returns a character in the terminal
8.1.0841  travis config to get Lua on MacOS is too complicated
8.1.0842  getchar_zero test fails on MS-Windows
8.1.0843  memory leak when running "make test_cd"
8.1.0844  when timer fails test will hang forever
8.1.0845  having job_status() free the job causes problems
8.1.0846  not easy to recognize the system Vim runs on
8.1.0847  may use terminal after it was cleaned up
8.1.0848  cannot build with Ruby 1.8
8.1.0849  cursorline highlight is not always updated
8.1.0850  test for 'backupskip' is not correct
8.1.0851  feedkeys() with "L" does not work properly
8.1.0852  findfile() and finddir() are not properly tested
8.1.0853  options test fails on Mac
8.1.0854  xxd does not work with more than 32 bit addresses
8.1.0855  cannot build xxd with MSVC 10
8.1.0856  when scrolling a window the cursorline is not always updated
8.1.0857  indent functionality is not separated
8.1.0858  'indentkeys' and 'cinkeys' defaults are different
8.1.0859  "%v" in 'errorformat' does handle multi-byte characters
8.1.0860  debug lines left in the code
8.1.0861  building with MinGW and static libc doesn't work
8.1.0862  no verbose version of character classes
8.1.0863  cannot see what signal caused a job to end
8.1.0864  cannot have a local value for 'scrolloff' and 'sidescrolloff'
8.1.0865  when 'listchars' only contains "nbsp:X" it does not work
8.1.0866  build file dependencies are outdated
8.1.0867  cannot build Python interface with Python 2.4
8.1.0868  crash if triggering garbage collector after a function call
8.1.0869  Travis CI script is too complicated
8.1.0870  Vim doesn't use the new ConPTY support in Windows 10
8.1.0871  build error when building with Ruby 2.6.0
8.1.0872  confusing condition
8.1.0873  list if distributed files does not include matchit autoload
8.1.0874  using old style comments in new file
8.1.0875  not all errors of marks and findfile()/finddir() are tested
8.1.0876  completion match not displayed when popup menu is not shown
8.1.0877  new buffer used every time the quickfix window is opened
8.1.0878  test for has('bsd') fails on some BSD systems
8.1.0879  MS-Windows: temp name encoding can be wrong
8.1.0880  MS-Windows: inconsistent selection of winpty/conpty
8.1.0881  can execute shell commands in rvim through interfaces
8.1.0882  checking for FEAT_MBYTE which doesn't exist anymore
8.1.0883  missing some changes for Ex commands
8.1.0884  double check for bsd systems
8.1.0885  test for restricted hangs on MS-Windows GUI
8.1.0886  compiler warning for NULL pointer and condition always true
8.1.0887  the 'l' flag in :subsitute is sticky
8.1.0888  the a: dict is not immutable as documented
8.1.0889  MS-Windows: a channel write may hang
8.1.0890  pty allocation wrong if using file for out channel
8.1.0891  substitute command inssuficiently tested
8.1.0892  failure when closing a window when location list is in use
8.1.0893  terminal test is a bit flaky
8.1.0894  MS-Windows: resolve() does not return a reparse point
8.1.0895  MS-Windows: dealing with temp name encoding not quite right
8.1.0896  tests for restricted mode not run for MS-Windows GUI
8.1.0897  can modify a:000 when using a reference
8.1.0898  a messed up rgb.txt can crash Vim
8.1.0899  no need to check restricted mode for setwinvar()
8.1.0900  ConPTY many crash with 32-bit build
8.1.0901  index in getjumplist() may be wrong
8.1.0902  incomplete set of assignment operators
8.1.0903  struct uses more bytes than needed
8.1.0904  USE_LONG_FNAME never defined
8.1.0905  complicated regexp causes a crash
8.1.0906  using clumsy way to get console window handle
8.1.0907  CI tests on AppVeyor are failing
8.1.0908  can't handle large value for %{nr}v in regexp
8.1.0909  MS-Windows: using ConPTY even though it is not stable
8.1.0910  crash with tricky search pattern
8.1.0911  tag line with Ex command cannot have extra fields
8.1.0912  MS-Windows: warning for signed/unsigned
8.1.0913  CI crashes when running out of memory
8.1.0914  code related to findfile() is spread out
8.1.0915  fsync() may not work properly on Mac
8.1.0916  with Python 3.7 "find_module" is not made available
8.1.0917  double free when running out of memory
8.1.0918  MS-Windows: startup messages are not converted
8.1.0919  compiler warnings
8.1.0920  in Terminal-Normal mode job output messes up the window
8.1.0921  terminal test sometimes fails; using memory after free
8.1.0922  terminal scrollback test is flaky
8.1.0923  terminal dump diff swap does not update file names
8.1.0924  terminal scrollback test still flaky
8.1.0925  terminal scrollback test still still flaky
8.1.0926  no test for :wnext, :wNext and :wprevious
8.1.0927  USE_CR is never defined
8.1.0928  stray log function call
8.1.0929  no error when requesting ConPTY but it's not available
8.1.0930  typo in Makefile
8.1.0931  vtp_working included in GUI build but unused
8.1.0932  Farsi support is outdated and unused
8.1.0933  When using VTP scroll region isn't used properly
8.1.0934  invalid memory access in search pattern
8.1.0935  old regexp engine may use invalid buffer
8.1.0936  may leak memory when using 'vartabstop'
8.1.0937  invalid memory access in search pattern
8.1.0938  background color is wrong in MS-Windows console
8.1.0939  no completion for sign group names
8.1.0940  MS-Windows console resizing not handled properly
8.1.0941  macros for MS-Windows are inconsistent
8.1.0942  options window still checks for the multi_byte feature
8.1.0943  still a trace of Farsi support
8.1.0944  format of nbdbg() arguments is not checked
8.1.0945  internal error when using pattern with NL in the range
8.1.0946  Coveralls is not very useful
8.1.0947  using MSWIN before it is defined
8.1.0948  when built without +eval "Vim --clean" produces errors
8.1.0949  MS-windows defines GUI macros different than other systems
8.1.0950  using :python sets 'pyxversion' even when not executed
8.1.0951  using WIN64 even though it is never defined
8.1.0952  compilation warnings when building the MS-Windows installer
8.1.0953  a very long file is truncated at 2^31 lines
8.1.0954  arguments of semsg() and siemsg() are not checked
8.1.0955  matchit autoload directory not in installer
8.1.0956  using context:0 in 'diffopt' does not work well
8.1.0957  Mac: fsync fails on network share
8.1.0958  compiling weird regexp pattern is very slow
8.1.0959  sorting large numbers is not tested
8.1.0960  when using ConPTY garbage collection has undefined behavior
8.1.0961  Mac: fsync may fail sometimes
8.1.0962  building with MinGW and static libs doesn't work
8.1.0963  illegal memory access when using 'incsearch'
8.1.0964  cannot see in CI why a screenshot test failed
8.1.0965  search test fails
8.1.0966  one terminal test is flaky
8.1.0967  stray dependency in test Makefile
8.1.0968  crash when using search pattern \%Ufffffc23
8.1.0969  message written during startup is truncated
8.1.0970  text properties test fails when 'encoding' is not utf-8
8.1.0971  failure for selecting quoted text object moves cursor
8.1.0972  cannot switch from terminal window to next tabpage
8.1.0973  pattern with syntax error gives threee error messages
8.1.0974  cannot switch from terminal window to previous tabpage
8.1.0975  using STRNCPY() wrongly. Warning for uninitialized variable
8.1.0976  dosinstall still has buffer overflow problems
8.1.0977  blob not tested with Ruby
8.1.0978  blob not tested with Perl
8.1.0979  compiler warning for unused functions
8.1.0980  extend() insufficiently tested
8.1.0981  pasting in terminal insufficiently tested
8.1.0982  update_cursor() called twice in :shell
8.1.0983  checking __CYGWIN32__ unnecessarily
8.1.0984  unnecessary #ifdefs
8.1.0985  crash with large number in regexp
8.1.0986  rename() is not propertly tested
8.1.0987  unnecessary condition in #ifdef
8.1.0988  deleting location list buffer breaks location list window
8.1.0989  various small code ugliness
8.1.0990  floating point exception with "%= 0" and "/= 0"
8.1.0991  cannot build with a mix of features
8.1.0992  a :normal command resets the reg_executing() result
8.1.0993  ch_read() may return garbage if terminating NL is missing
8.1.0994  relative cursor position is not calculated correctly
8.1.0995  a getchar() call resets the reg_executing() result
8.1.0996  a few screendump tests fail because of scrolling
8.1.0997  using GUI colors in vim.exe when 'termguicolors' is off
8.1.0998  getcurpos() unexpectedly changes "curswant"
8.1.0999  use register one too often and not properly tested
8.1.1000  indenting is off
8.1.1001  Visual area not correct when using 'cursorline'
8.1.1002  "gf" does not always work when URL has a port number
8.1.1003  playing back recorded key sequence mistakes key code
8.1.1004  function "luaV_setref()" not covered with tests


 editors/vim-share/PLIST      |   6 +++++-
 editors/vim-share/distinfo   |  10 +++++-----
 editors/vim-share/ |   4 ++--
 3 files changed, 12 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

diffs (72 lines):

diff -r 52f062b04699 -r 3658f4bb12f8 editors/vim-share/PLIST
--- a/editors/vim-share/PLIST   Sun Mar 10 15:28:51 2019 +0000
+++ b/editors/vim-share/PLIST   Sun Mar 10 18:45:45 2019 +0000
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.44 2019/01/24 11:17:37 morr Exp $
+@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.45 2019/03/10 18:45:45 morr Exp $
@@ -286,6 +286,7 @@
@@ -406,6 +407,7 @@
@@ -668,6 +670,7 @@
@@ -736,6 +739,7 @@
diff -r 52f062b04699 -r 3658f4bb12f8 editors/vim-share/distinfo
--- a/editors/vim-share/distinfo        Sun Mar 10 15:28:51 2019 +0000
+++ b/editors/vim-share/distinfo        Sun Mar 10 18:45:45 2019 +0000
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.179 2019/01/24 11:17:37 morr Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.180 2019/03/10 18:45:45 morr Exp $
-SHA1 (vim-8.1.0800.tar.gz) = df42357e47579c86c1c286d7c6d109825e362252
-RMD160 (vim-8.1.0800.tar.gz) = 499b434885ab43d217dbce39ee1ce48e928d15a6
-SHA512 (vim-8.1.0800.tar.gz) = 700bd818aa92560f110f39eb5c4ad3f03a470356130b48baaac799cdd7b39c141b3eb5206b05dd642996041b2ff2893e90a3ae644f2e193288430b36b1430b56
-Size (vim-8.1.0800.tar.gz) = 14063039 bytes
+SHA1 (vim-8.1.1004.tar.gz) = 1246e08c9448cbf9e8fc3ba5a8ab5e548e058901
+RMD160 (vim-8.1.1004.tar.gz) = cab4a8cb2eb6990a4a9735d112db40df2d93c3cf
+SHA512 (vim-8.1.1004.tar.gz) = 71c7b5f01b3a9d0f7e35e892f4c251d80f69e22bce4aa4752f9f170c61e9dc4f75a097d6346608c656840cbf764e234ac04f6a6f64be1bfa293ed57671ed463d
+Size (vim-8.1.1004.tar.gz) = 14065382 bytes
 SHA1 (patch-Makefile) = 52d05da11e8b0c2ab90310e178032124033887f4
 SHA1 (patch-auto_configure) = 6517ff23cb337f2fb3874f818d5a50861942aca9
 SHA1 (patch-configure) = 4514af45a71309dabfecb8aae019fdc2e36e45b6
diff -r 52f062b04699 -r 3658f4bb12f8 editors/vim-share/
--- a/editors/vim-share/      Sun Mar 10 15:28:51 2019 +0000
+++ b/editors/vim-share/      Sun Mar 10 18:45:45 2019 +0000
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
-# $NetBSD:,v 1.121 2019/01/24 11:17:37 morr Exp $
+# $NetBSD:,v 1.122 2019/03/10 18:45:45 morr Exp $
 VIM_VERSION=           8.1
-VIM_PATCHLEVEL=                0800
+VIM_PATCHLEVEL=                1004
 # Changelog: see
 VIM_SUBDIR=            vim81

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