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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/misc/dialog dialog: update to 1.3.20190211.

branches:  trunk
changeset: 319588:5d9985d4413d
user:      wiz <>
date:      Fri Feb 15 19:53:00 2019 +0000

dialog: update to 1.3.20190211.

Provided by Thomas Dickey in private email.

        + modify to work with ncurses' threaded-library, which does not allow
          assignment to LINES/COLS (report by Marcus Roeckrath).
        + correct clearing after text in progressbox from 2018/06/21 changes
          for resizing (reports by David Boyd, Alan Somers).
        + improved configure macros CF_GNU_SOURCE, CF_POSIX_C_SOURCE,
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + convert ja.po to UTF-8 for consistency (suggested by Stanislav
        + repair mis-encoded hi.po (report/analysis by Stanislav Brabec).

        + improved configure macros CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS, CF_LD_RPATH_OPT,
          CF_WITH_VERSIONED_SYMS from ncurses
        + add ast.po, from

        + improve file-offset computation in textbox.c (Werner Fink).
        + fix an overlooked case with real_auto_size() to maximize when
          height or width is given as -1.
        + build-fixes for configure options "--disable-Xdialog2" and
        + add traces for each widget to show its parameters.
        + modify color scheme for mixedgauge to use the dialog window colors,
          like the captions.
        + fix a too-small malloc in the mixedgauge widget.
        + fix a use-after-free in dlg_remove_callback().
        + improve handling of SIGWINCH for several widgets (Debian #865840).
          + menubox, the point of the Debian report was that it would be nice
            to increase the window size if the terminal size increases.  Did
            that as a special case less problematic than decreasing the
            terminal size.  Added samples/menubox11 to demonstrate by
            comparison with menubox10 a problem with debconf which puts extra
            newlines in the caption that interfere with autowrap.
          + progressbox and derived prgbox, programbox, now handle resizing.
          + yesno, window was cleared
        + add dlg_ttysize() to support new options, allowing scripts to obtain
          some text-formatting details without initializing the terminal.
        + add options --print-text-only, and --print-text-size for scripts that
          adjust the widget size according to how the captions are formatted.
        + improve
          + add, to demonstrate the functions
          + quote/escape string parameters passed to dialog.
          + ensure all "integer" parameters are really integers.
          + use actual screensize for list captions rather than assuming 24
        + when trimming blanks, treat unconverted tabs the same as spaces.
        + correct parameter to test when trimming blanks from the script,
          e.g., with "--trim" (report by Jarno Suni).
        + improve documentation of the various whitespace-filtering options,
          to show which take precedence (Debian #867536, cf: Debian #102942).
        + modify msgbox.c, yesno.c to bind SCROLLKEY_BINDINGS before
          TRAVERSE_BINDINGS so that up/down arrow will by default scroll the
          message up/down rather than be aliases for tab-traversal (report by
          Fredrik Kers).
        + modify dump_one_binding() to show when a binding is overridden.
        + improve format of trace-file, making comment-syntax consistent,
          as well as showing argv-splitting as a series of comments.
        + modify dlg_string_to_argv() to change the quoting behavior to be
          more consistent with shell behavior (patch by Denilson Sa Maia).
        + modify dlg_getc() to return ESC when a timeout expires, notifying
          callers that a quit occurred rather than exiting the application
          (suggested by Rodrigo Freitas).
        + modify handle_inputs() to ensure cursor-visibility is restored when
          there is no input character available (report by Guillaume Vareille).
        + improve comment in manual page regarding which widgets can use the
          "--help-button" (prompted by discussion with Csanyi Pal).
        + add a check for valid object pointer in tailbox's main loop since
          the getc-callback may have been freed within ui_getc.c (report by
        + improved configure macros for ncurses: CF_GNU_SOURCE, CF_SHARED_OPTS,
        + improved configure script checks for groff vs man2html:
        + build-fix from lynx for AM_WITH_NLS configure macro
        + update config.guess, config.sub

        + update ftp url in test-packages.
        + modify test-packages to use recommended compiler/linker flags.
        + improved configure macros AM_WITH_NLS, CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS,
        + update config.guess, config.sub


 misc/dialog/Makefile |   6 +++---
 misc/dialog/distinfo |  10 +++++-----
 2 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

diffs (31 lines):

diff -r e35bbed01fcf -r 5d9985d4413d misc/dialog/Makefile
--- a/misc/dialog/Makefile      Fri Feb 15 19:51:51 2019 +0000
+++ b/misc/dialog/Makefile      Fri Feb 15 19:53:00 2019 +0000
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.84 2017/05/17 10:39:43 wiz Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.85 2019/02/15 19:53:00 wiz Exp $
-DISTNAME=      dialog-1.3-20170509
+DISTNAME=      dialog-1.3-20190211
 PKGNAME=       ${DISTNAME:C/-2/.2/}
 CATEGORIES=    misc
diff -r e35bbed01fcf -r 5d9985d4413d misc/dialog/distinfo
--- a/misc/dialog/distinfo      Fri Feb 15 19:51:51 2019 +0000
+++ b/misc/dialog/distinfo      Fri Feb 15 19:53:00 2019 +0000
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.53 2017/05/17 10:39:43 wiz Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.54 2019/02/15 19:53:00 wiz Exp $
-SHA1 (dialog-1.3-20170509.tgz) = b576b64d0a780186b26a606bd5fb132eeda0825f
-RMD160 (dialog-1.3-20170509.tgz) = b03c51a97abf5654a8547e16b6852a988fa8777b
-SHA512 (dialog-1.3-20170509.tgz) = dd3fe2041a15dd344ea39a1ba111d3b26daca1cda91a4e82f1223385a49cdf3de15f11129366a20c5a24b16b5301f215543850a390d70d0559f98247bbd49a56
-Size (dialog-1.3-20170509.tgz) = 509135 bytes
+SHA1 (dialog-1.3-20190211.tgz) = f355cc10949a19e5f5838bf226d581ee9a552344
+RMD160 (dialog-1.3-20190211.tgz) = 51b451fca64b28e78f12dd456c52af5774cc8c30
+SHA512 (dialog-1.3-20190211.tgz) = 247639190c97c1baa6aa2cc75bc17593a0e33fcfcfd6dbc4a1903b55709f8f102c965de03f0620c48463f018525eb77f9b62b39db8331b811a227bbf39b254c4
+Size (dialog-1.3-20190211.tgz) = 534749 bytes

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