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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/textproc/xapian Xapian-core 1.4.10 (2019-02-12):

branches:  trunk
changeset: 319388:c8049c109f1d
user:      schmonz <>
date:      Tue Feb 12 19:21:18 2019 +0000

Xapian-core 1.4.10 (2019-02-12):


* DatabaseClosedError: New exception class thrown instead of DatabaseError when
  an operation is attempted which can't be completed because it involves a
  database which close() was previously called on.  DatabaseClosedError is a
  subclass of DatabaseError so existing code catching DatabaseError will still
  work as before.  Fixes #772, reported by Germ?n M. Bravo.  Patch from
  Vaibhav Kansagara.

* DatabaseNotFoundError: New exception class thrown instead of
  DatabaseOpeningError when the problem is the problem is "file not found" or
  similar.  DatabaseNotFoundError is a subclass of DatabaseOpeningError so
  existing code catching DatabaseOpeningError will still work as before.  Fixes
  #773, reported by Germ?n M. Bravo.  Patch from Vaibhav Kansagara.

* Query: Make &=, |= and ^= on Query objects opportunistically append to
  an existing query with a matching query operator which has a reference
  count of 1.  This provides an easy way to incrementally build flatter query

* Query: Support `query &= ~query2` better - this now is handled exactly
  equivalent to `query = query & ~query2` and gives `query AND_NOT query2`
  instead of `query AND (<alldocuments> AND_NOT query2)`.

* QueryParser: Now uses &=, |= and ^= to produce flatter query trees.  This
  fixes problems with running out of stack space when handling Query object
  trees built by abusing QueryParser to parse very large machine-generated

* Stopper: Fix incorrect accents in Hungarian stopword list.  Patch from David


* Test MSet::snippet() with small and zero lengths.  Fixes #759.  Patch from
  Vaibhav Kansagara.

* Fix testcase stubdb4 annotations - this testcase doesn't need a backend.

* Add PATH annotation for testcases needing get_database_path() to avoid having
  to repeatedly list the backends where this is supported in testcase

* TEST_EXCEPTION helper macro now checks that the exact specified exception
  type is thrown.  Previously it would allow a subclass of the specified
  exception type, but in testcases we really want to be able to test for an
  exact type.  Issue noted by Vaibhav Kansagara on IRC.


* Map OP_VALUE_GE/OP_VALUE_LE on an empty slot to EmptyPostList.  We already do
  this for OP_VALUE_RANGE, and it's a little more efficient than creating a
  postlist object which checks the empty value slot.

glass backend:

* We no longer flush all pending positional changes when a postlist, termlist
  or all-terms is opened on a modified WritableDatabase.  Doing so was
  incurring a significant performance cost, and the first of these happens
  internally when `replace_document(term, doc)` is used, which is the usual way
  to support non-numeric unique ids.  We now only flush pending positional
  changes when committing.  Reported and diagnosed by Germ?n M. Bravo.

remote backend:

* Use poll() where available instead of select().  poll() is specified by
  POSIX.1-2001 so should be widely available by now, and it allows watching any
  fd (select() is limited to watching fds < FD_SETSIZE).  For any platforms
  which still lack poll() we now workaround this select() limitation when a
  high numbered fd needs to be watched (for example, by trying a non-blocking
  read or write and on EAGAIN sleeping for a bit before retrying).

* Stop watching fds for "exceptional conditions" - none of these are relevant
  to our usage.

* Remove 0.1s timeout in ready_to_read().  The comment says this is to avoid a
  busy loop, but that's out of date - the matcher first checks which remotes
  are ready to read and then does a second pass to handle those which weren't
  with a blocking read.

build system:

* Stop probing for header sys/errno.h which is no longer used - it was only
  needed for Compaq C++, support for which was dropped in 1.4.8.


* docs/valueranges.html: Update to document RangeProcessor instead of
  ValueRangeProcessor - the latter is deprecated and will be gone in the next
  release series.

* Document RangeProcessor::operator()() returns OP_INVALID to signal it doesn't
  recognise a range.

* Update some URLs for pages which have moved.

* Use https for URLs where available.

* HACKING: Update "empty()" section for changes in C++11.


* Suppress clang warnings for self-assignment tests.  Some testcases trigger
  this new-ish clang warning while testing that self-assignment works, which
  seems a useful thing to be testing - at least one of these is a regression

* Add std::move to fix clang -Wreturn-std-move warning (which is enabled by

* Add casts to fix ubsan warnings.  These cases aren't undefined behaviour, but
  are reported by ubsan extra checks implicit-integer-truncation and/or
  implicit-conversion which it is useful to be able to enable to catch
  potential bugs.

* Fix check for when to use _byteswap_ulong() - in practice this would only
  have caused a problem if a platform provided _byteswap_ushort() but not
  _byteswap_ulong(), but we're not aware of any which do.

* Fix return values of do_bswap() helpers to match parameter types (previously
  we always returned int and only supported swapping types up to 32 bits, so
  this probably doesn't result in any behavioural changes).

* Only include <intrin.h> if we'll use it instead of always including it when
  it exists.  Including <intrin.h> can result in warnings about duplicate
  declarations of builtin functions under mingw.

* Remove call to close()/closesocket() when the argument is always -1 (since
  the change to use getaddrinfo() in 1.3.3).


 textproc/xapian/Makefile.common   |   4 ++--
 textproc/xapian/PLIST             |   8 +++++++-
 textproc/xapian/distinfo          |  10 +++++-----
 textproc/xapian/distinfo-bindings |  10 +++++-----
 4 files changed, 19 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)

diffs (81 lines):

diff -r 4b3cbdfbb947 -r c8049c109f1d textproc/xapian/Makefile.common
--- a/textproc/xapian/Makefile.common   Tue Feb 12 18:40:16 2019 +0000
+++ b/textproc/xapian/Makefile.common   Tue Feb 12 19:21:18 2019 +0000
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile.common,v 1.6 2018/11/05 05:42:46 schmonz Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile.common,v 1.7 2019/02/12 19:21:18 schmonz Exp $
 # used by textproc/csharp-xapian/Makefile
 # used by textproc/lua-xapian/Makefile
 # used by textproc/p5-Xapian/Makefile
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
 # used by textproc/xapian/Makefile
 # used by textproc/xapian-omega/Makefile
-VERSION=               1.4.9
+VERSION=               1.4.10
 CATEGORIES=            textproc
 EXTRACT_SUFX=          .tar.xz
diff -r 4b3cbdfbb947 -r c8049c109f1d textproc/xapian/PLIST
--- a/textproc/xapian/PLIST     Tue Feb 12 18:40:16 2019 +0000
+++ b/textproc/xapian/PLIST     Tue Feb 12 19:21:18 2019 +0000
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.14 2018/10/28 03:43:17 schmonz Exp $
+@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.15 2019/02/12 19:21:18 schmonz Exp $
@@ -100,6 +100,9 @@
@@ -115,6 +118,9 @@
diff -r 4b3cbdfbb947 -r c8049c109f1d textproc/xapian/distinfo
--- a/textproc/xapian/distinfo  Tue Feb 12 18:40:16 2019 +0000
+++ b/textproc/xapian/distinfo  Tue Feb 12 19:21:18 2019 +0000
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.32 2018/11/05 05:42:46 schmonz Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.33 2019/02/12 19:21:18 schmonz Exp $
-SHA1 (xapian-core-1.4.9.tar.xz) = 118a47b76b1002303f6761ba395eb42cb36f3b0e
-RMD160 (xapian-core-1.4.9.tar.xz) = 891d756046a46851b98d14c05a09f516092b0a01
-SHA512 (xapian-core-1.4.9.tar.xz) = 1af23815ff9358d6407723d1a7d3dc00df8f45f4808ccaa4c57f38197763fdc2d62cb7b080fab737408db42ced85707021eac881d80767248ea22aff8a2e4aa3
-Size (xapian-core-1.4.9.tar.xz) = 2880024 bytes
+SHA1 (xapian-core-1.4.10.tar.xz) = 520ef92a5dc84f32b6dccf8c7b7d7b5bef7759de
+RMD160 (xapian-core-1.4.10.tar.xz) = cdabad3c339148b93d3175e21e014dda3e59e605
+SHA512 (xapian-core-1.4.10.tar.xz) = fa716d6f8c04edb297d99dad4d7835f7874837ab3c39d7017e43708cde6992c596e579418be17b79772e002bd23b94169812523a1abd9519b1dd3df474f027d9
+Size (xapian-core-1.4.10.tar.xz) = 2973780 bytes
 SHA1 (patch-common_safesyssocket.h) = 032d441853914d510bc285bb682a98c4ee264d52
diff -r 4b3cbdfbb947 -r c8049c109f1d textproc/xapian/distinfo-bindings
--- a/textproc/xapian/distinfo-bindings Tue Feb 12 18:40:16 2019 +0000
+++ b/textproc/xapian/distinfo-bindings Tue Feb 12 19:21:18 2019 +0000
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo-bindings,v 1.9 2018/11/05 05:42:46 schmonz Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo-bindings,v 1.10 2019/02/12 19:21:18 schmonz Exp $
-SHA1 (xapian-bindings-1.4.9.tar.xz) = 645b819fe8d6e297344893f1c96a0102f98b6a43
-RMD160 (xapian-bindings-1.4.9.tar.xz) = 3c308afbf4715e2b240581199ba7032d3e6e79f3
-SHA512 (xapian-bindings-1.4.9.tar.xz) = cddc6cedfd571d565619ade0a4c9bfee8d688ca3d06d77368c8d673d3c9d1296b652122836debc84a4d54724c2bf0639a009396bf587ed4b8901a6bfe508851d
-Size (xapian-bindings-1.4.9.tar.xz) = 1123628 bytes
+SHA1 (xapian-bindings-1.4.10.tar.xz) = ee90b9d2acfa8de6f0a083a03bab71e503d98887
+RMD160 (xapian-bindings-1.4.10.tar.xz) = b3e37ef94858705ffec9e397d38a080d61ffe0b0
+SHA512 (xapian-bindings-1.4.10.tar.xz) = e993c33820f7606e17ee6ff5a13bdcb91beceec6a8443298ff06a3160052e96caff3aca30908c68a8a695429ec51189a86404b69c5525e5770741637cc63bbc1
+Size (xapian-bindings-1.4.10.tar.xz) = 1125168 bytes
 SHA1 (patch-configure) = d1c3edf1efcd105aef23bf9245650971f8df6ced
 SHA1 ( = 7f1c5077f0d46dfdf33c2b65f144bb08d5031330
 SHA1 ( = 993b137b319d7d28c2b3a70d2e46e1a38d380578

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