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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/devel/doxygen doxygen: update to 1.8.15.

branches:  trunk
changeset: 318895:8e23f3f85e29
user:      wiz <>
date:      Thu Jan 31 14:15:55 2019 +0000

doxygen: update to 1.8.15.

>From Michael Baeuerle via pkgsrc-wip.

- Master site updated
- Patch "patch-src_xmlgen.cpp" removed (merged upstream)
- Option "latex" reenabled
  Dependencies updated/added
- Dependency graphviz no longer has option "pangocairo"
  Handling of that build option removed from Makefile
- Set c++11 in USE_LANGUAGES
  C++11 is now used by doxygen (see changelog below)
- Test target added

HTML-Menus are now working without JavaScript again (HTML_DYNAMIC_MENUS = NO).

Changelog for Release 1.8.15 (release date 2017-12-27):
Bug 851 - A function cannot be documented as related to two classes.
Bug 1041 - <a href> doesn't allow <img> as visible part?
Bug 1601 - Missing warning of undocumented member in member group
Bug 2274 - Tooltips are not shown in dot-generated graphsand,
Bug 2354 - caller graph can be improved by having caller on left & callee on
Bug 2478 - Handling of unnamed parameters (C/C++) unclear
Bug 2655 - cond/endcond cannot be used in aliases
Bug 2859 - Unnamed parameters parsed incorrectly
Bug 3206 - Fortran: Does not recognize backslash at end of documentation line
Bug 3361 - Merging of consecutive repeated commands creates poorly-structured
Bug 3677 - <![CDATA[ is not handled inside C# comments
Bug 3691 - C# keywords 'get' and 'set' are highlighted as reserved words in C++
           documentation source browser.
Bug 3892 - @var in php is not documented
Bug 3958 - \cond after @string literal containing backslash fails in C#
Bug 4013 - Automatic links don't work correctly with operator< and operator<=
Bug 4064 - Support for C# nullable type
Bug 4244 - Fortran: tagfile.tag:789: warning: Unknown compound attribute `type'
Bug 4316 - Can't use pound sign in alias command, escaped or unescaped
Bug 4458 - @todo in @param leads to strange confusing message
Bug 4529 - HTML tags <u> and </u> not supported,
Bug 4725 - single quote in HTML section of PHP breaks doxygen
Bug 4771 - Not warning of undocumented function parameters
Bug 4878 - Value from enumeration followed with semicolon is not present in java
Bug 4954 - JavaDoc @linkplain is not recognized
Bug 5032 - Line numbers for examples
Bug 5068 - The 'Examples:' section; bad/missing style and incorrect spelling
Bug 5213 - Generated Doxyfile differs from result of doxygen -u,
Bug 5327 - <img> on a \page does not copy the image to the html output folder
Bug 5366 - Error with inserting images to PDF with Markdown
Bug 5442 - Misparsed comments leading to missing call graph
Bug 5539 - Error message when using memberof in a C macro
Bug 5547 - "remove" is treated as a keyword (green) in the source browser for
Bug 5677 - Negative sign in -Foo::Bar ruins hyperlink in generated output
Bug 5725 - Field with name "internal" confuses documentation builder.
Bug 5765 - \todo at end of C# XML comment breaks following todo's
Bug 5783 - Navigation incorrect with escaped symbols
Bug 5784 - Doxygen not creating call graphs for C# methods if namespace contains
           the classname
Bug 5818 - Main page absent in TOC of CHM, if PROJECT_NAME is empty
Bug 5853 - Can't suppress @author, @date and @copyright information in the
           detailed file description
Bug 5901 - Macros (@test, @todo, etc) used with PHP namespaces causes illegal
           command warning
Bug 5929 - \internal stops all parsing if used inside a section
Bug 6025 - Make maxLineLen of latex output configurable
Bug 6041 - PHP: New array syntax not supported when parsing initial value
Bug 6104 - EXTERNAL_GROUPS lose hierarchy
Bug 6118 - Title in rtf file is incorrect when overridden by user in extension
Bug 6153 - Build of PDF with LaTEX breaks
Bug 6160 - Python List as Default Parameter not parsed correctly
Bug 6175 - plantuml:an unwanted newline is generated after @startuml
Bug 6197 - Czech/Slovak language documentation with tables from LaTeX to PDF is
           not possible
Bug 6208 - Annotated function parameter generates <dt> warning in todo list
Bug 6213 - rtf generation
Bug 6214 - LaTeX output for \tparam block fails to compile when it contains a
           \code block,
Bug 6224 - .tex file is wrong when generating a function whose name includes an
Bug 6269 - Disabled controls when `HAVE_DOT` is already set to `YES`
Bug 6270 - Bad handling of Python class members when a class declaration line
           contains a comment
Bug 6295 - doxygen has problem with operator&=()
Bug 6305 - XHTML pages are broken several waysand
Bug 6308 - When generating xhtml, async attribute on script tags need a value
Bug 6310 - Table markdown produces invalid xhtml code
Bug 6311 - Blank rows on class page when using external tag file
Bug 6312 - markdown plantuml use of graphviz fail if plantuml work i code file
Bug 6316 - unescaped double quote in searchdata.js breaks search box
Bug 6322 - incorrect parsing of markdown table
Bug 6323 - error: Could not open file .../doc/html/functions_ .html for writing
Bug 6324 - C#: Incorrect parsing of property definitions containing "//" symbols
           in one line with "}
Bug 6325 - Segmentation fault when generating graphical class hierarchy
Bug 6339 - Examples of TCL files fail to display
Bug 6340 - Missed warning opportunity: duplicated arguments
Bug 6345 - c# see langword broken
Bug 6346 - Doxygen crash when using \code{.markdown}...\endcode in VHDL source
Bug 6350 - Broken extension test in FileDef::generateSourceFile()
Bug 6352 - "unexpected token TK_EOF as the argument of ref" when target starts
           with a digit
Bug 6362 - Adjacent xrefitems always added to first list present on page
Bug 6363 - Backslashes in default values confuse the parser (and cause params
           to be ignored)
Bug 6368 - LaTeX: Class scrbook Error: undefined old font command `\tt'
Bug 6370 - Invalid 3-byte UTF8 found in input of graph
Bug 6373 - Collapsed treeview arrow displays as emoji in Microsoft Edge
Bug 6378 - @cond does not stop at @endcond Fortran
Bug 6517 - Emoji support,
Bug 6524 - Markdown formats missing in doxygen outputs.
Bug 6533 - PHP: Namespaced typehints in deprecated methods not handled correctly
Bug 6547 - Call graph missing due to ALIASES,
Bug 6566 - INHERIT_DOCS not working for python
Bug 6580 - xrefitems not listed if the page is referenced multiple times
Bug 6589 - anchor after test command in a namespace produces duplicate tests
Bug 6594 - using ingroup and anchor causes tests to disappear
Bug 6597 - SIGSEGV presumably caused by C++ "using" declaration
Bug 6601 - tparam HTML gobbles up lines after the tparam comment
Bug 6612 - Issue with handling of emoji
Bug 6632 - References to Objective C protocols by name broken in 1.8.12
Bug 6657 - "QGDict::hashAsciiKey: Invalid null key" when using anonymous
Bug 6690 - Regression in handling of shorthand signed/unsigned types in function
           parameters (with bisect and test case)
Bug 6691 - Multiple issues with emoji matching
Bug 6692 - XML TOC generation is not backwards-compatible with 1.8.14
'self' keyword in PHP documentation
Added: support RTL for DocXRefItem in html - Removed: support RTL form Return
   section in html, for consistency with parameter sections
Fixed: list item bullets overlap floating elements in html - Fixed: fragment
   lines overlap floating elements in html
Fixed: text-align of rtl toc
Fixed: last line underline overlap border in html fragment
A few more language updates
Add VHDL strings to Translator class and add german translations.
Add commands to handle referenced by relation and references relation,
Add formula (images) to RTF output
Add function annotations support
Add possibility for adding doxygen configuration items to, all, tests during
Add support for std::shared_ptr
Add support of dict/set in annotations and default values
Add variadic arguments support to @link and @ref, aka '...' arguments, fixes
Add variadic function arguments '...' regression tests
Add variadic template function regression tests
Added *.ice files as a recognized file type. Added a Slice-optimized output
Added French translation
Added missing #include for util.h to portable.cpp
Added not for usage of [TOC] together with Markdown headers
Added some VHDL code coloring
Added some missing default types for argument matching
Added substitution variant for character substitution
Added support for RTL(right to left) languages like Arabic and Persian in HTML
Added test case for \ref, and fixed representation of operator->*()
Adding debug options to vhdl parser generator
Adjustment of xhtml1-transitional.dtd
Automatic detection of UCS-2 based on BOM corrected
Better HTML output for VHDL Ports
Bold text terminated by plus sign
Bug fix for plantuml
Bump minimal deployment target for OSX to 10.9 to avoid deprecation warning
   while linking
C++11 features used in Doxygen
Cannot Generate Layout File using -l
Cannot properly jump from brief to detailed function description
Change german translation of trClassDocumentation() for VHDL output.
Changed implementation, added test case
Changed mail address and removed obsolete files
Changed refiltering to forced use of insideTabbing
Changed state guard instead of adding pattern check+reject
Close last code line properly.
Combined lrRank and rank parameters for computeMd5Signature
Consistency between 'generate' and 'update' startup option
Consistency between preprocessor and handling of \cond and \if
Consistency for "group" commands
Consistency in headings and layout for template parameters (tparam)
Consistency of Index name in LaTeX output
Consistency of environment variables between config and code,
Consistent warning messages
Correct list of not used translator functions
Correct typing error in test 5
Correct typing error in test 51
Correct typing error in warning message.
Corrected description of XML output for emoji characters
Corrected warning in case of a not supported output format with \image command.
Correcting "Definition at line @0 of file @1."
Correcting labels for citations,
Correcting tag example and uniform calling all examples
Correcting tag in printdocvisitor
Correcting warning messages and echoing unknown command
Correction for `doxygen -g`
Correction in example of FILE_VERSION_FILTER
Correction in title of FAQ
Correction internal documentation
Correction of some coloring of code comments in VHDL, adding data type
Create command for escaped equal sign
Create test possibilities for xhtml and pdf output,
Debug output commentcnv independent of QUIET setting
Difference between standard and used Doxyfile
Difference between standard and used Doxyfile (list)
Disabled Appveyor documentation build due to unreliability of MikTeX download
Disabled debug print
Documentation correction
Documentation correction CLANG option usage
Documentation correction include command with options
Documentation corrections
Documentation internet addresses
Documentation update regarding right font usage in architecture chapter
Does not generate TOC for markdown
Don't link to non existing / not accessible namespaces , in CSharp, in the
   source code
Doxygen creates empty image titles for Docbook output
Doxygen manual doesn't have lines around markdown tables / cells.
Doxygen manual is not XHTML compliant
Drop down lists in menu bar missing
Enable comma as separator in configuration lists
Enable in page table of contents for LaTeX
Enable in page table of contents for XML and add maximum level to in page table
   of contents,
Enable possibility of CLANG for Cygwin,
Enable possibility to run single tests
Ensure all language files are reset
Expand sqlite3gen's breadth, depth, and quality
Extending \cite command with '-' and '?' characters.
Extending tests with extra possibilities
Fix French lang build
Fix HTTPS links
Fix VHDL Latex documentation having two chapters with the same name.
Fix Windows build failure
Fix annotation with default value parsing
Fix building with Visual Studio 2013
Fix for 'Definition at line' points to end of multiple-lined definition for
   Python #6706
Fix for module quicklinks
Fix for unbounded memory usage due to a bug in \ref const matching #6689
Fix potential hangup when merging scopes
Fix regression due to move of markdown processing
Fix scanner.l for Slice,,
Fix/New: add variadic function args '...' support to @link
Fix/New: add variadic function args '...' support to @ref
Fixed bug in URL
Fixed compile errors in clang and gcc
Fixed compiler warning for nested /* in scanner.l
Fixed differently by changing root cause for introducing the space
Fixed documentation to point to GitHub issue tracker
Fixed incorrect XHTML output for test 021
Fixed logic error
Fixed merge problem
Fixed one remained compile error in clang
Fixed problems with emoji handling and added a test case for it
Fixed some more small memory leaks
Fixed two small memory leaks
Fixing coverity messages
Fixing coverity messages (Namespace tag)
Fixing problem with possible not initialized variable (endless loop in VS 2017
Fortran code coloring improvements (REAL and comment lines)
Fortran improvements
Fortran improvements (2)
Fortran scanner abort message
French translation for VHDL additions
Further simplified the fix
Generating doxygen documentation on Windows (with MikTex)
Handling Fortran functions in call graphs
Heading in rtf. #6522
Ignore build* directories and not just build
Implementation Fortran ENUM / ENUMERATION
Implementation of standard generator for docbook output,
Improved robustness of the emoji feature
Improvement LaTeX outputandand
Improvement regarding width and title for docbook
Improvements in handling special characters in Latex
Include "empty" directories in the documentation if they contain a `.dox` file
   (or similar) documenting the directory itself.
Include header for CompilationDatabase
Include height item in XML output
Inconsistency in respect to tgroup in docbook
Incorrect tag sequence for xhtml with class diagram possible
Incorrect closing tags for in page table of contents (XHTML)
Incorrect closing tags for in page table of contents (docbook)
Incorrect number of start / end paragraph tags for xhtml with htmlonly
Incorrect number of start / end paragraph tags for xhtml with image command
Incorrect number tag sequence for xhtml with htmlinclude command possible
Incorrect tag sequence for xhtml with latexinclude command possible
Incorrect tag sequence possible for images possible in case of xhtml
Index bugfix
Index list cannot contain special characters in ids for XHTML
Inline images
Invalid warnings regarding todos when source file name contains a '-'
Issue #6631 Code blocks incorrectly formatted in Latex
Issue 6411: CSS for Markdown tables do not use HTML_COLORSTYLE_HUE,
   HTML_COLORSTYLE_SAT config variables
Issue 6469: Java method calls are ignored in generating call/caller graph with
Issue 6494: asterisks before args and kwargs are ignored in python
Issue_6456 Using # in links causes errors in PDF generation
Issue_6585: Unexpected anchor tags in tag-files
Keyword register (in code) is deprecated since C++11,
LaTeX with verbatim part inside a table
Large CALL / CALLER graphs cannot be processed in LaTeX
Make conanfile creation more readable
Make it possible to list namespace members in file scope for XML output.
Making VHDL error messages more doxygen like
Making the 'tex' part of \makeindex available to the user
Markdown list wrong displayed
Minor documentation fix
Minor fixes to local toc logic after feedback
Minor restructuring
Misc. typos,
Missing opening round bracket in case of an exception
More typos
Moved #include "config.h" back to the original place
Moved duplicated code into dedicated function skipLanguageSpecificKeyword
Moved local toc data into a separate type for better encapsulation
Multiple `\xreflist` in one page with same key,
Multiple addindex commands in HTML with same name
Namespace with name docstrings_linebreak
Not showing external project in HTML hierarchy class pages
Numbers in comment disappear
Numbers overlap the titles in TOC of PDF
Order resources not only on filename but also dirname
PATCH -- updates reference link with no closing
Path for external commands on windows
Possibility to have a \image command inside a <A> tag
Possible fix for the build
Prevent <center> and <div> inside brief descriptions to avoid broken XHTML
Prevent empty list
Prevent empty member list table (XHTML)
Prevent empty page list table (XHTML)
Prevent possible 'QGDict::hashAsciiKey: Invalid null key' warning
Prevent potential race condition
Print emoji text in case of unknown emoji
Problem with TEST_FLAGS when using CMake for Visual Studio
Problem with \cond in normal comment of test 015
Problem with code inside a Doxy table in LaTeX
Problems and some enhancements for LaTeX tables
RTF layout regarding References and Referenced by
RTF lists more levels and removing extra paragraphs
Readded missing "Span" case to DocStyleChange::styleString
Redundant whitespace removal breaks some C++ links [with test case and Git
   bisect] (Origin: bugzilla #791942)
Refactored code a bit
Refactored code a bit (use const references and made global functions members)
Reference text in reference list seen as emoji
Remove debug statement
Remove debug statements
Remove default assignment from Translator::trVhdlType() declaration
Remove double line with documented argument from addContentsItem in ftvhelp.cpp
Remove non-english translations
Remove obsolete definitions from scanner
Remove obsolete line from
Remove old obsolete docbook generator
Remove some dead code
Renamed (start/end)SimpleSect to (start/end)Examples.
Renamed command and moved duplicated code into a macro
Renamed option and test case numbers
Replace ''printf' with appropriate warn 'message'
Replace calls to trTypeString with trVhdlType in single mode, which is the
Replaced replace(QRegExp(..)) by substitute
Replaced replace(QRegExp..) by substitute
Resolve inconsistency in formula repositories.
Restructured code to avoid the need for global state
Return VHDL specific text in trClassHierarchyDescription()
Section label with minus sign not recognized properly.
Small clarification for REFERENCED_BY_RELATION
Small correction installation / build procedure
Small corrections in distributed man pages
Small documentation corrections
Small problems when displaying python code
Small problems when having code in LaTeX output,
Sorting of index in case of LaTex
Spanish translation for VHDL additions
Spelling of the word Javadoc
Synchronize chapter names of doxygen's own documentation.
Syntax highlighting / code coloring in RTF
Tag sequence incorrect for svg image (XHTML)
Test renumbering,
Tooltip was twice 'HTML escaped',
Translators updated to version 1.8.15.
Truncated split bar in HTML output between treeview and normal text area
Typos [view],,
Unbalanced start of lists resulting in not creatable pdf of rtf document
Update Dutch translation for new Slice implementation
Update Dutch translation in respect to new VHDL entries.
Updated Hungarian translation
Upgrade to jQuery 1.7.2 to get rid of security scan violations.
Usage of '{', '}' and ',' in ALIAS
Use QCStringList::split i.s.o. QStringList::split
Version bump for next release
Warning running xmllint for xhtml
Wrong counting of lines during VHDL code output
Wrong determination of begin / end tag of formula in markdown.
Wrong link generated for inherited members when tag files are used.
Wrong separator in index for a.o. Python, C#
Wrong spelling of word doxygen
XHTML image tag mandatory alt attribute
XHTML incorrect attribute values for align and valign
XHTML problem with class index table
XHTML problem with multiple use of node numbers in id attribute
XHTML problem with name attribute with VHDL name attribute
XML output: avoid warnings with scoped enum values in anonymous namespaces.
[ImgBot] Optimize images
added PHP7 support for the search engine on HTML output.
addindex supports also DocBook and RTF
correct typo in comment
declares XMLCodeGenerator in xmlgen.h
doxyparse bugfixes and minor improvements
fix build with qt 5.11, deprecated qt5_use_modules macro was removed, patch
   by Christophe Giboudeaux
perlmod syntax correction
redundant input_filter runs significantly reduce performance when
   FILTER_SOURCE_FILES and INLINE_SOURCES are both enabled #6395
sqlite3: fix missing external_file view schema col
sqlite3: require sqlite >= 3.9.0


 devel/doxygen/Makefile                     |    42 +-
 devel/doxygen/PLIST                        |  2459 +++++++++++++++------------
 devel/doxygen/distinfo                     |    11 +-
 devel/doxygen/                   |    21 +-
 devel/doxygen/patches/patch-ac             |     2 +-
 devel/doxygen/patches/patch-ah             |     2 +-
 devel/doxygen/patches/patch-src_xmlgen.cpp |    15 -
 7 files changed, 1376 insertions(+), 1176 deletions(-)

diffs (truncated from 2676 to 300 lines):

diff -r 695df7785eb5 -r 8e23f3f85e29 devel/doxygen/Makefile
--- a/devel/doxygen/Makefile    Thu Jan 31 13:39:24 2019 +0000
+++ b/devel/doxygen/Makefile    Thu Jan 31 14:15:55 2019 +0000
@@ -1,11 +1,9 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.134 2018/08/22 09:43:29 wiz Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.135 2019/01/31 14:15:55 wiz Exp $
-DISTNAME=      doxygen-1.8.13.src
+DISTNAME=      doxygen-1.8.15.src
 PKGNAME=       ${DISTNAME:S/.src//}
 CATEGORIES=    devel
@@ -20,16 +18,16 @@
 FLEX_REQD=             2.5.35
 USE_TOOLS+=            gmake gs:run perl:run bison flex
 USE_CMAKE=             yes
-USE_LANGUAGES=         c c++
+USE_LANGUAGES=         c c++11
 MAKE_FLAGS+=           MAN1DIR=${PKGMANDIR}/man1
+CMAKE_ARGS+=           -DDOC_INSTALL_DIR:STRING=share/doc/doxygen
+TEST_TARGET=           tests
 # Case Insensitive or Case Sensitive File System
 PLIST_VARS+=           ci cs
-# pangocairo: basic ps/pdf support via PKG_BUILD_OPTIONS.graphviz
-PLIST_VARS+=           pangocairo nopangocairo
 SUBST_CLASSES+=                perlbin
 SUBST_STAGE.perlbin=   pre-configure
 SUBST_MESSAGE.perlbin= Fixing hardcoded path to the Perl interpreter
@@ -39,10 +37,20 @@
 SUBST_CLASSES+=                epstopdf
 SUBST_STAGE.epstopdf=  pre-configure
 SUBST_MESSAGE.epstopdf=        Fixing path to epstopdf
-SUBST_FILES.epstopdf=  src/diagram.cpp src/docparser.cpp src/dot.cpp \
-                       src/msc.cpp
+SUBST_FILES.epstopdf=  src/diagram.cpp src/docparser.cpp src/msc.cpp
 SUBST_SED.epstopdf=    -e 's,"epstopdf","${PREFIX}/bin/epstopdf",g'
+# Fixing $PWD / $(PWD) / $(HOME) for documentation
+# The dollar sign should be inserted literally in the documentation
+# doxygen always inserted the path => Completely remove dollar sign
+SUBST_CLASSES+=                changelog
+SUBST_STAGE.changelog= pre-configure
+SUBST_MESSAGE.changelog=Fixing dollar sign for documentation
+SUBST_FILES.changelog= doc/changelog.doc
+SUBST_SED.changelog=   -e 's,$$PWD,PWD,g'
+SUBST_SED.changelog+=  -e 's,$$(PWD,(PWD,g'
+SUBST_SED.changelog+=  -e 's,$$(HOME,(HOME,g'
 .include "../../mk/"
 .if ${OPSYS} == "Darwin"
@@ -55,15 +63,15 @@
 LDFLAGS+=              ${BUILDLINK_LDADD.iconv}
+       ${RM} -f ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/${PKGMANDIR}/man1/doxyindexer.1
+       ${RM} -f ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/${PKGMANDIR}/man1/doxysearch.1
+       ${RM} -f ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/${PKGMANDIR}/man1/doxywizard.1
 .include ""
 .include "../../converters/libiconv/"
 BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.graphviz+=       graphviz>=2.12nb1
 .include "../../graphics/graphviz/"
-.if !empty(PKG_BUILD_OPTIONS.graphviz:Mpangocairo)
-PLIST.pangocairo=      yes
-PLIST.nopangocairo=    yes
 .include "../../lang/python/"
 .include "../../mk/"
diff -r 695df7785eb5 -r 8e23f3f85e29 devel/doxygen/PLIST
--- a/devel/doxygen/PLIST       Thu Jan 31 13:39:24 2019 +0000
+++ b/devel/doxygen/PLIST       Thu Jan 31 14:15:55 2019 +0000
@@ -1,1138 +1,9 @@
-@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.42 2018/01/01 22:29:23 rillig Exp $
+@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.43 2019/01/31 14:15:55 wiz Exp $

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