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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/editors/vim-share Update to nice, round patchset 800.

branches:  trunk
changeset: 318356:a1ebd54be527
user:      morr <>
date:      Thu Jan 24 11:17:37 2019 +0000

Update to nice, round patchset 800.

8.1.0552  saved last search pattern may not be restored
8.1.0553  it is not easy to edit a script that was sourced
8.1.0554  popup menu overlaps with preview window
8.1.0555  crash when last search pat is set but not last substitute pat
8.1.0556  saving/restoring search patterns share saved last_idx
8.1.0557  Termdebug: gdb may use X.Y for breakpoint number
8.1.0558  some MS-Windows instructions are outdated
8.1.0559  command line completion not sufficiently tested
8.1.0560  cannot use address type "other" with with user command
8.1.0561  MSCV error format has changed
8.1.0562  parsing of 'diffopt' is slightly wrong
8.1.0563  setting v:errors to a string give confusing error
8.1.0564  setting v:errors to wrong type still possible
8.1.0565  asan complains about reading before allocated block
8.1.0566  SGR not enabled for mintty because $TERM is "xterm"
8.1.0567  error for NUL byte in ScreenLines goes unnoticed
8.1.0568  error message for NUL byte in ScreenLines breaks Travis CI
8.1.0569  execute() always resets display column to zero
8.1.0570  'commentstring' not used when adding fold marker
8.1.0571  non-silent execute() resets display column to zero
8.1.0572  stopping a job does not work properly on OpenBSD
8.1.0573  cannot redefine user command without ! in same script
8.1.0574  'commentstring' not used when adding fold marker in C
8.1.0575  Termdebug: clearing multi-breakpoint does not work
8.1.0576  indent script tests pick up installed scripts
8.1.0577  tabpage right-click menu never shows "Close tab"
8.1.0578  cannot disable arabic, rightleft and farsi in configure
8.1.0579  cannot attach properties to text
8.1.0580  invalid memory access when using text properties
8.1.0581  double free without the text properties feature
8.1.0582  text properties are not enabled
8.1.0583  using illogical name for get_dict_number()/get_dict_string()
8.1.0584  with search CTRL-L does not pick up composing characters
8.1.0585  undo test may fail on MS-Windows
8.1.0586  :digraph output is not easy to read
8.1.0587  GvimExt: realloc() failing is not handled properly
8.1.0588  cannot define a sign with space in the text
8.1.0589  compilation error in gvimext.cpp
8.1.0590  when a job ends the closed channels are not handled
8.1.0591  channel sort test is flaky
8.1.0592  the libvterm tests are not run as part of Vim tests
8.1.0593  illegal memory access in libvterm test
8.1.0594  libvterm tests fail to run on Mac
8.1.0595  libvterm tests are not run with coverage
8.1.0596  not all parts of printf() are tested
8.1.0597  cannot run test_libvterm from the top directory
8.1.0598  indent tests may use the wrong Vim binary
8.1.0599  without the +eval feature the indent tests don't work
8.1.0600  channel test is flaky
8.1.0601  a few compiler warnings
8.1.0602  DirChanged is also triggered when directory didn't change
8.1.0603  the :stop command is not tested
8.1.0604  autocommand test fails on MS-Windows
8.1.0605  running make in the top directory echoes a comment
8.1.0606  'cryptmethod' defaults to a very old method
8.1.0607  proto files are not in sync with the source code
8.1.0608  coverals is not updating
8.1.0609  MS-Windows: unused variable, depending on the Ruby version
8.1.0610  MS-Windows ctags file list differs from Unix
8.1.0611  crash when using terminal with long composing characters
8.1.0612  cannot use two global runtime dirs with configure
8.1.0613  when executing an insecure function the secure flag is stuck
8.1.0614  placing signs can be complicated
8.1.0615  get_tv function names are not consistent
8.1.0616  NSIS installer is outdated
8.1.0617  NSIS installer gets two files from the wrong directory
8.1.0618  term_getjob() does not return v:null as documented
8.1.0619  :echomsg and :echoerr do not handle List and Dict
8.1.0620  overuling CONF_ARGS from the environment no longer works
8.1.0621  terminal debugger does not handle unexpected debugger exit
8.1.0622  adding quickfix items marks items as valid errors
8.1.0623  iterating through window frames is repeated
8.1.0624  overuling CONF_ARGS from the environment still does not work
8.1.0625  MS-Windows: terminal test fails in white console
8.1.0626  MS-Windows: no resize to fit parent when using --windowid
8.1.0627  Python cannot handle function name of script-local function
8.1.0628  Compiler warning on MS-Windows.
8.1.0629  "gn" selects the wrong text with a multi-line match
8.1.0630  "wincmd p" does not work after using an autocmd window
8.1.0631  test for :stop fails on Arch
8.1.0632  using sign group names is inefficient
8.1.0633  crash when out of memory while opening a terminal window
8.1.0634  text properties cannot cross line boundaries
8.1.0635  Coverity complains about null pointer use
8.1.0636  line2byte() gives wrong values with text properties
8.1.0637  nsis file no longer used
8.1.0638  text property highlighting is off by one column
8.1.0639  text properties test fails on MS-Windows
8.1.0640  get E14 while typing command :tab with 'incsearch' set
8.1.0641  no check for out-of-memory when converting regexp
8.1.0642  swapinfo() leaks memory
8.1.0643  computing byte offset wrong
8.1.0644  finding next sign ID is inefficient
8.1.0645  Coverity warns for possible use of NULL pointer
8.1.0646  cannot build with Ruby 2.6.0
8.1.0647  MS-Windows: balloon_show() does not handle wide characters
8.1.0648  custom operators can't act upon a forced motion
8.1.0649  setjmp() variables defined globally are used in one file
8.1.0650  command line argument -q [errorfile] is not tested
8.1.0651  :args \"foo works like :args without argument
8.1.0652  freeing memory for balloon eval too early
8.1.0653  arglist test fails on MS-windows
8.1.0654  when deleting a line text property flags are not adjusted
8.1.0655  when appending a line text property flags are not added
8.1.0656  trying to reconnect to X server may cause problems
8.1.0657  get error for using regexp recursively
8.1.0658  deleting signs and completion for :sign is insufficient
8.1.0659  (after 8.1.0658) build failure without the sign feature
8.1.0660  sign_unplace() may leak memory
8.1.0661  clipboard regexp might be used recursively
8.1.0662  needlessly searching for tilde in string
8.1.0663  text property display wrong when 'number' is set
8.1.0664  configure "fail-if-missing" does not apply to enable-gui
8.1.0665  text property display wrong when 'spell' is set
8.1.0666  (after 8.1.0665) text property test fails
8.1.0667  (after 8.1.0665) textprop test leaves file behind
8.1.0668  no test for overstrike mode in the command line
8.1.0669  the ex_sign() function is too long
8.1.0670  macro for popup menu width is unused
8.1.0671  cursor in the wrong column after auto-formatting
8.1.0672  the Lua interface doesn't know about v:null
8.1.0673  functionality for signs is spread out over several files
8.1.0674  leaking memory when updating a single line
8.1.0675  text property column in screen columns is not practical
8.1.0676  textprop screendump test fails
8.1.0677  look-behind match may use the wrong line number
8.1.0678  text properties as not adjusted for inserted text
8.1.0679  sign functions do not take buffer argument as documented
8.1.0680  not easy to see what features are unavailable
8.1.0681  text properties as not adjusted for deleted text
8.1.0682  text properties not adjusted when backspacing replaced text
8.1.0683  spell highlighting does not always end
8.1.0684  warnings from 64-bit compiler
8.1.0685  get_buf_tv() is named inconsistently
8.1.0686  when 'y' is in 'cpoptions' yanking for clipboard changes redo
8.1.0687  sentence text object in Visual mode is not tested
8.1.0688  text properties are not restored by undo
8.1.0689  undo with text properties not tested
8.1.0690  setline() and setbufline() do not clear text properties
8.1.0691  text properties are not adjusted for :substitute
8.1.0692  if a buffer was deleted a channel can't write to it
8.1.0693  channel test fails sometimes
8.1.0694  when using text props may free memory that is not allocated
8.1.0695  internal error when using :popup
8.1.0696  when test_edit fails 'insertmode' may not be reset
8.1.0697  ":sign place" requires the buffer argument
8.1.0698  clearing the window is used too often
8.1.0699  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.1.0700  using "gt" sometimes does not redraw a tab
8.1.0701  sign message not translated and inconsistent spacing
8.1.0702  ":sign place" only uses the current buffer
8.1.0703  compiler warnings with 64-bit compiler
8.1.0704  building with Ruby 2.6 gives compiler warnings
8.1.0705  :colorscheme isn't tested enough
8.1.0706  tabline is not always redrawn
8.1.0707  text property columns are not adjusted for changed indent
8.1.0708  third argument for redrawWinline() is always FALSE
8.1.0709  windows are updated for every added/deleted sign
8.1.0710  when using timers may wait for job exit quite long
8.1.0711  test files still use function!
8.1.0712  MS-Windows build instructions are a bit outdated
8.1.0713  images for NSIS take up too much space
8.1.0714  unessesary #if lines in GTK code
8.1.0715  superfluous call to redraw_win_later()
8.1.0716  get warning message when 'completefunc' returns nothing
8.1.0717  there is no function for the ":sign jump" command
8.1.0718  a couple compiler warnings
8.1.0719  too many #ifdefs
8.1.0720  cannot easily change the current quickfx list index
8.1.0721  conceal mode is not sufficiently tested
8.1.0722  cannot build without the virtualedit feature
8.1.0723  cannot easily run specific test when in src/testdir
8.1.0724  build for MinGW fails
8.1.0725  conceal mode is not completely tested
8.1.0726  redrawing specifically for conceal feature
8.1.0727  compiler warning for sprintf() argument
8.1.0728  cannot avoid breaking after a single space.
8.1.0729  there is a SourcePre autocommand event but not a SourcePost
8.1.0730  compiler warning for get_buf_arg() unused
8.1.0731  JS encoding does not handle negative infinity
8.1.0732  cannot build without the eval feature
8.1.0733  too many #ifdefs for the multi-byte feature
8.1.0734  the hlsearch state is not stored in a session file
8.1.0735  cannot handle binary data
8.1.0736  code for Blob not sufficiently tested
8.1.0737  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.1.0738  using freed memory, for loop over blob leaks memory
8.1.0739  text objects in not sufficiently tested
8.1.0740  Tcl test fails
8.1.0741  viminfo with Blob is not tested
8.1.0742  not all Blob operations are tested
8.1.0743  giving error messages is not flexible
8.1.0744  compiler warnings for signed/unsigned strings
8.1.0745  compiler warnings for signed/unsigned string
8.1.0746  highlighting not updated with conceal and 'cursorline'
8.1.0747  map() with a bad expression doesn't give an error
8.1.0748  using sprintf() instead of semsg()
8.1.0749  error message contains garbage
8.1.0750  when the last sign is deleted the signcolumn may remain
8.1.0751  some regexp errors are not tested
8.1.0752  one more compiler warning for signed/unsigned string
8.1.0753  printf format not checked for semsg()
8.1.0754  preferred column is lost when setting 'cursorcolumn'
8.1.0755  error message for get() on a Blob with invalid index
8.1.0756  copy() does not make a copy of a Blob
8.1.0757  not enough documentation for Blobs
8.1.0758  font number is always one instead of the actual
8.1.0759  showing two characters for tab is limited
8.1.0760  no proper test for using 'termencoding'
8.1.0761  default value for brief_wait is wrong
8.1.0762  compiler warning
8.1.0763  nobody is using the Sun Workshop support
8.1.0764  list of distributed files is outdated
8.1.0765  string format of a Blob can't be parsed back
8.1.0766  various problems when using Vim on VMS
8.1.0767  when deleting lines at the bottom signs are misplaced
8.1.0768  updating completions may cause the popup menu to flicker
8.1.0769  :stop is covered in two tests
8.1.0770  inconsistent use of ELAPSED_FUNC
8.1.0771  some shell filetype patterns end in a star
8.1.0772  the sign_define_by_name() function is too long
8.1.0773  not all crypt code is tested
8.1.0774  VMS build is missing the blob file
8.1.0775  matching too many files as zsh
8.1.0776  Travis does not build a version without GUI on Linux
8.1.0777  Win32: using pipes for channel does not work well
8.1.0778  terminal test fails on MS-Windows
8.1.0779  argument for message functions is inconsistent
8.1.0780  terminal test fails on Mac
8.1.0781  build error when using if_xcmdsrv.c
8.1.0782  Win32: cursor blinks when Vim is not active
8.1.0783  compiler warning for signed/unsigned
8.1.0784  messy indent in if statement
8.1.0785  depending on the configuration some functions are unused
8.1.0786  ml_get error when updating the status line
8.1.0787  compiler warning for unused function
8.1.0788  cannot build with tiny features
8.1.0789  sourcing a session sets v:errmsg
8.1.0790  code for creating tabpages in session is too complex
8.1.0791  a few compiler warnings on VMS
8.1.0792  bad display if opening cmdline window from Insert completion
8.1.0793  incorrect error messages for functions that take a Blob
8.1.0794  white space before " -Ntabmove" causes problems
8.1.0795  cannot build without popup menu
8.1.0796  MS-Windows 7: problem with named pipe on channel
8.1.0797  error E898 is used twice
8.1.0798  changing a blob while iterating over it works strangely
8.1.0799  calling deleted function; test doesn't work on Mac
8.1.0800  may use a lot of memory when a function refers itself


 editors/vim-share/PLIST      |   5 ++++-
 editors/vim-share/distinfo   |  10 +++++-----
 editors/vim-share/ |   4 ++--
 3 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

diffs (64 lines):

diff -r b242751ecc19 -r a1ebd54be527 editors/vim-share/PLIST
--- a/editors/vim-share/PLIST   Thu Jan 24 11:10:42 2019 +0000
+++ b/editors/vim-share/PLIST   Thu Jan 24 11:17:37 2019 +0000
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.43 2018/11/29 08:55:10 morr Exp $
+@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.44 2019/01/24 11:17:37 morr Exp $
@@ -233,6 +233,7 @@
@@ -298,6 +299,7 @@
@@ -305,6 +307,7 @@
diff -r b242751ecc19 -r a1ebd54be527 editors/vim-share/distinfo
--- a/editors/vim-share/distinfo        Thu Jan 24 11:10:42 2019 +0000
+++ b/editors/vim-share/distinfo        Thu Jan 24 11:17:37 2019 +0000
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.178 2018/11/29 08:55:10 morr Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.179 2019/01/24 11:17:37 morr Exp $
-SHA1 (vim-8.1.0551.tar.gz) = 2921958997dfeb73d15f58c0ddf4c7293b521a97
-RMD160 (vim-8.1.0551.tar.gz) = ee49310f614a666bd0a44ef94d8a82793a241fe7
-SHA512 (vim-8.1.0551.tar.gz) = a05cfb3d7d640d551a4c3c1622110cd2aed01fe20f2b3e4e78161346eb957c4a56e64d8d8e43bea7dfd0af4160faa78f2f48d4d2bd77e694706ce2cdfe7632e6
-Size (vim-8.1.0551.tar.gz) = 13883213 bytes
+SHA1 (vim-8.1.0800.tar.gz) = df42357e47579c86c1c286d7c6d109825e362252
+RMD160 (vim-8.1.0800.tar.gz) = 499b434885ab43d217dbce39ee1ce48e928d15a6
+SHA512 (vim-8.1.0800.tar.gz) = 700bd818aa92560f110f39eb5c4ad3f03a470356130b48baaac799cdd7b39c141b3eb5206b05dd642996041b2ff2893e90a3ae644f2e193288430b36b1430b56
+Size (vim-8.1.0800.tar.gz) = 14063039 bytes
 SHA1 (patch-Makefile) = 52d05da11e8b0c2ab90310e178032124033887f4
 SHA1 (patch-auto_configure) = 6517ff23cb337f2fb3874f818d5a50861942aca9
 SHA1 (patch-configure) = 4514af45a71309dabfecb8aae019fdc2e36e45b6
diff -r b242751ecc19 -r a1ebd54be527 editors/vim-share/
--- a/editors/vim-share/      Thu Jan 24 11:10:42 2019 +0000
+++ b/editors/vim-share/      Thu Jan 24 11:17:37 2019 +0000
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
-# $NetBSD:,v 1.120 2018/11/29 08:55:10 morr Exp $
+# $NetBSD:,v 1.121 2019/01/24 11:17:37 morr Exp $
 VIM_VERSION=           8.1
-VIM_PATCHLEVEL=                0551
+VIM_PATCHLEVEL=                0800
 # Changelog: see
 VIM_SUBDIR=            vim81

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